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Left Turn Arrow & Right Lane

Here’s a question about the left turn arrow & right lane right-of-way. This can be confusing for many new drivers. Driver Questions Question: I am turning left on a left-turn green arrow. It has a green light on to a two lane street. I want to immediately be in the right lane because I want… Continue reading Left Turn Arrow & Right Lane


Q: What?-Way-Stop

Q: Almost everywhere in BC where there’s a little black-and-white sign under a stop sign that says “X-way” (the “X” is usually “4”), it means precisely that there are “X” streets entering the intersection, and that all “X” of them have stop signs. I’ve seen this with 3-way stops as well. However, very occasionally (three… Continue reading Q: What?-Way-Stop


Q: Main and Kingsway

Question : Scenario: Going North on Main St, stop at light until green, and when safe, proceed to make a right turn onto Kingsway. Although this particular intersection is an awkward right turn, however there are no restrictions listed on intersection lights(except no left turn). Police had a hard time coming up with a violation… Continue reading Q: Main and Kingsway


Bike lanes & right turns

This can be a confusing subject for many new drivers but it is easier if you keep in mind a few basics: It is illegal to change lanes across a solid white line, so keep this in mind before and after turning right. Road signs can be helpful, watch for them! There will often be… Continue reading Bike lanes & right turns


Turn Right – Red Light

Right Turns Traffic Lights Video Demo   Question: Say I’m coming to a intersection and making a right turn on red. After stopping at the stop line can I slowly start to creep forward? Can I slowly start to turn the car to the right? Or must I stay behind the stop line until I… Continue reading Turn Right – Red Light

Turn Right – Green Light

Who do you yield to?   Technically when you are turning right on a green light, the only people you normally need to yield to are pedestrians and cyclists. (Of course, you may need to yield to someone else – such as a left-turning vehicle, if it has already turned and is subsequently in your… Continue reading Turn Right – Green Light

4 Way Stops – What To Do

Three-way stops/Four-way stops/Five-way stops You can always tell a four-way stop from a two-way stop because the four-way stop has a small tab on the bottom of the sign. Otherwise, you can look at the backs of stop signs in place for other approaching drivers. This takes longer, so always determine what type of intersection… Continue reading 4 Way Stops – What To Do


Reverse Stall Parking 101: Beginner Tutorial For New Drivers

Reverse stall parking, in other words, backing into a parking space – especially when it’s between two very shiny looking objects – is not something most student drivers get excited about. It’s hard enough trying to drive forwards! But, this is of course a necessary skill which can be made much easier by practicing your… Continue reading Reverse Stall Parking 101: Beginner Tutorial For New Drivers