Marine Drive and Kerr, Vancouver Intersection [Warning]

A Complaint About Marine Drive and Kerr Street

Marine Drive and Kerr Street is an interesting intersection. It’s not the safest intersection I’ve ever seen. When you turn left there, it can somehow seem to be extra dangerous. Perhaps it’s the hill, blocking everyone’s vision. Or it just has a bad vibe. Either way, it’s good to be extra careful when turning left at this intersection. For my full guide to intersections, check it out: Intersections in British Columbia, Drivers Guide or jump to How to Turn Left at an Intersection Safely.

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Submitted by a reader

South Bound on Kerr Street
Traffic light at SE Marine Drive
Turning LEFT at Kerr and SE Marine, Only two cars get through at rush hour.
This short span of time has occurred within the last month.
Traffic south bound on Kerr at 4:30pm is backed up the hill and often you wait four or five lights to turn left.
I have travelled this route for 17 years, this has just happened as I say within the last month.
There will be a fatal accident if this is not corrected – too many try to turn when it’s dangerous to do so.

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Firstly, you’re probably aware there was a fatal crash here not too many years ago. It may have been partially due to a medical emergency/medical episode of one of the drivers; I haven’t heard an update.

Either way, it’s not exactly my favorite intersection either. It seems a little ridiculous that we are permitted to turn left here with what appears to be zero visibility. This might be alright if the vehicles coming North on Kerr were driving at a cautious and reasonable speed, but of course, they don’t always do that.

Did something recently change in regard to the traffic signal or how it’s been working? I’m not sure what you mean by ‘This short span of time has occurred within the last month.’

Schools have started up again. With the absence of a turning arrow, it may just be that there is an increase in vehicles traveling North on Kerr? Or are you saying the signal is staying green for a shorter amount of time than it did compare to the previous 17 years? Let me know what you mean.

Do not be shy

If you have a problem with an intersection, you can always contact the city in which the intersection lives. I have had success with this; cities do care and sometimes they don’t know there is a problem unless someone who drives there lets them know.

Left turn arrow broke in Coquitlam

Several years ago I noticed that a left-turn arrow in Coquitlam had completely stopped working only during early morning hours on the weekend. Cars would drive on the sensor, but the arrow would never go green. Ever.

So cars ended up turning left on a red arrow or changing lanes over solid lines to continue straight through and go around another way (Just my observation) I contacted the city of Coquitlam, and staff got back to me right away.

They sent their traffic engineer out to investigate. They promptly called me back and said that there had been a problem with the sensor during certain times of the day, and they corrected the problem.

To my delight, the arrow was working again. The city thanked me and said that they have no idea about these issues until someone lets them know.

I know the city of Vancouver has made some changes to Marine and Kerr over the recent years. However, maybe we need to manifest a turning arrow there.

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