ICBC Road Test Tips Class 5/7 – The Mini Version

Welcome to ICBC Road Test Tips – The Mini Version

Get your vehicle ready

– No red dashboard lights
– No frayed seat belts, etc.

Avoid automatic fails

a. Anything unsafe
b. Anything illegal

Stop completely

Stop completely at stop signs & for a right turn on
red light

Don’t speed

Do not speed (51 km/hr in a 50 km/hr zone is
Don’t keep up with speeding traffic flow on
the freeway or on any road

Shoulder checks

a. Before pulling in/out of traffic, before lane
change/merge, before turns at intersections,
before opening your door

Don’t stop for no reason

Use your parking brake

Use your parking brake every time you “park”
a. After hill parking, parallel & other parking
b. After backing up in a straight line
c. When you’re doing your hazard perception
while stopped

Know how to park

Know how to parallel park, hill park, reverse stall
park, U-turn in a cul-de-sac, reverse in a straight


If you’re nervous, try to breathe

Adjust driving for conditions

Adjust your driving for the conditions you
actually encounter


Always stop for pedestrians in marked and
unmarked crosswalks


a. Keep two hands on the wheel at all times unless you’re backing in a straight line
b. Use hand over hand, or shuffle
c. Do not grab the wheel from the inside
(hooking) or use your palm to steer (palming)

Turning corners

Make sure they are not wide or that you
aren’t cutting the corners

Make sure you’re familiar with right-of-way

Stop before sidewalks

Back alley/lane or parking lots
a. Speed limit 20 km/hr
b. You must stop completely before the
sidewalk or edge of the road when exiting

Scan intersections

a. Left to right before proceeding, especially if
you’re the first car when the light goes green
b. Scan all train tracks no matter what
c. Scan pedestrian crosswalks and
d. Scan on approach to traffic circles and
e. Make your scans really obvious

Lane changing

a. No lane change over solid white line
b. No lane change over crosswalk
c. Avoid lane change in middle or near

Backing and reversing

Backing details
a. 360 check before backing, every time
b. Look whichever way you are backing when
you are backing
c. Don’t use only mirrors
d. Change out of reverse right away once done
e. Can use back-up camera, but you must still
look back when backing

Know your hand signals

Know your hand signals

Examiners won’t trick you

Pre-trip walk around

Remember pre-trip inspection walk around
a. Visual on all four tires
b. Blind area in front or behind your vehicle

Check out the long version: ICBC Road Test Tips For Classes 5 & 7 [Instructor Gets Deep].

Carmen Cohoe

Carmen became a driving instructor in beautiful North Vancouver at the age of 22 due to some crazy people who agreed to hire her. After that, there was never a dull moment teaching many different folks from many different places how to drive using automatic and standard vehicles and a minivan.

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