Halloween Safety Tips for Drivers and Goblins

Halloween Safety Tips
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Spooky Halloween Tips for Drivers

  • Drive extra slowly in residential areas
  • Reduce/eliminate your distractions and pay close attention
  • Enter and exit driveways slowly
  • Do not pass vehicles that have stopped in the roadway; they could be dropping off children
  • Pay extra attention at crosswalks, intersections and the side of the road
  • Keep scanning all around you as you drive and be aware of your surroundings
  • Do you really have to be driving? If not, then don’t
  • Remember your turn signals (as usual, but it’s important)
  • Keep in mind children wearing costumes may not be able to see properly
  • Check behind your vehicle before reversing and honk before reversing out of a driveway (preferably you reverse into a driveway so you don’t need to reverse out)
  • Plan an alternate route around residential areas, if possible
  • Leave lots of extra time
  • If you’re late, don’t stress. Better late than never.
  • Have a safe and happy Halloween!
Halloween Safety Tips for Drivers
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Halloween safety Tips for Kids, Parents and Goblins

  • Make sure your kids are dressed in reflective gear, give them a few glow sticks or flash lights; if nothing else attach some reflective tape to their costume
  • Teach them not to dart across the road, cross only at the corners and look left & right (always look left first); better yet, go with them and use the opportunity to teach them about how to be a safe pedestrian
  • Remind them not to rely on their ears alone; they must look as well; many new vehicles are very quiet (especially hybrids)
  • Walk facing traffic, especially if there is no sidewalk
  • Consider a community centre for younger children vs. trick or treating
  • Paint or decorate your pumpkin rather than cutting it to avoid having children use sharp objects.
  • Paint your child’s costume rather than giving them a mask or something similar as these can seriously restrict their vision
  • Remind children not to update their Facebook status (or whatever) while walking across the street !

Have fun

Carmen Cohoe

Carmen became a driving instructor in beautiful North Vancouver at the age of 22 due to some crazy people who agreed to hire her. After that, there was never a dull moment teaching many different folks from many different places how to drive using automatic and standard vehicles and a minivan.

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