Q: Is it Illegal to Drive in Bare Feet in British Columbia?


Question: Is it illegal to drive in bare feet?


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Answer: While there is no law in BC against driving in bare feet, whether or not it is a good idea is an entirely different question.


  • In a collision, feet are often one of the first things to be injured, especially in frontal collisions. That crumple area next to where the pedals is located is not exactly a soft and fluffy environment. 
  • In the event of an emergency where you would need to act quickly, think about whether bare feet would be a good idea. What kind of surface will you be exposed to? Will it be rough? Too hot? Too slippery? How long will it take to find your shoes and put them on? Can you afford that much time in the event of an emergency?
  • Feet can become sweaty and potentially slip off pedals. How effective would that be in the event of emergency braking?
  • Rocks could get between the feet and the pedals and cause the driver to use the pedals inefficiently.


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Before deciding the drive in bare feet, consider the purchase of comfortable driving shoes.


RCMP Reference

Ridge Meadows RCMP


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