ICBC Drivers Abstract Online – How to Get Yours Fast & Easy

ICBC Drivers Abstract Online

What is an ICBC Drivers Abstract? It’s simply your driving record

Kind of like your report card for driving. It shows:

  • For instance, one prominent detail included in your ICBC Driver's Abstract is the crucial note of when you first received your driver's license. This key information is essential as it allows you to track your driving experience over time.
  • Any traffic violations you've had in the last 5 years, such as speeding, skipping red lights or drink driving, which could influence the ICBC Driver Factor Number and your insurance rates.
  • Let's talk about any driving tickets you received in the past five years. These could include speeding tickets or parking violations. These tickets can influence your insurance rates and are considered in driver risk evaluations. This list should include all types of tickets, helping us provide you with an accurate ICBC Drivers Abstract. The information is arranged logically, making it easier to comprehend. Breaking it down further:

Acquiring Your ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) Driving Records

Obtaining your ICBC driving records isn't tricky. First, visit the ICBC website and log in using your personal details. Navigate to the 'Driving Records' section and fill in the required information. Remember, you'll need to enter your name, address and driving licence number. Once submitted, your driving records will be in your inbox, sent as a PDF document.

Broker in mind possible hurdles. For example, you may sometimes struggle with a forgotten password or a locked account. Fortunately, there are password reset options and customer support to help you in such cases. Be sure to separate each step and deal with them individually to avoid confusion.

It's essential to note, obtaining your driving records is crucial. They are not just necessary for keeping track of your driving history, but also critical for things like job applications and insurance purposes. So, don't let the process intimidate you. Remember, it's as crucial as it is manageable.

For your ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) driver’s abstract, start with a visit to the ICBC website. You will need to provide certain information, including your driver’s license number and name, your ICBC keyword (a unique password given to you by ICBC), the date of your license was issued, and the card serial number found on the back of your driver’s license. Once you have entered these details, you'll be required to specify your preferred email address to receive the records. You can choose to receive them on your own email, or directly send them to another email, such as your employer’s. You will receive the email with your records within minutes. To find more about driving in British Columbia , take a look at our comprehensive Driver’s License & Vehicle Guide.

COVID-19 Update for ICBC Drivers Abstract Online

ICBC is currently only accepting requests for abstracts online. If you need to reset your ICBC keyword, call 1-800-950-1498.

Get your driving records ICBC
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Get Your ICBC Drivers Abstract Online

You can get 3 types of records:

  1. Driver’s Abstract: A briefing of your driving history, particularly noting any incidences such as traffic offences or drink driving offences.
  2. Insurance and Claims History Record: A complete record of your insurance claims, documenting any reported accidents or damages.
  3. Commercial Vehicle Driving Record (National Safety Code abstract) for Your Employer: An essential document for anyone engaged in commercial driving, providing a detailed account of your professional driving behavior.

The ICBC Driver Factor Number is a vital gauge that determines your risk level as a driver. To get hold of this number, you'll need your driver's license number. After you've requested your records, they'll be directly sent to your email. So that everything goes smoothly, make sure your driver's license number is at hand.

Upon requesting your ICBC Driving Records, expect these to be dispatched to your inbox. Should they not be received in the main inbox, it would be prudent to explore the spam or junk folder. Please note, this refers specifically to the email carrying your ICBC driver's abstract.

Sample ICBC Drivers Abstract

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Sample ICBC Driver’s Abstract

ICBC Abstract, Driving Record Types

1. Driving Record / Driver’s Abstract

A regular ICBC driver's abstract can provide critical information, including when your license was first issued and detailing any recent tickets or offences committed within the last 5 years. Understanding the details of your ICBC driver's abstract is significant for reasons such as:

  • ...
  • Taking into account these potential situations, a thorough comprehension of your ICBC driver's abstract becomes not just valuable, but vital.

      You might need an ICBC Drivers Abstract if you:

    • This is a public record of your basic driving history for the last 5 years.
    • Are relocating from BC to another province or country, requiring driving records for license transfer.
    • Intend to join a car-sharing company, such as Evo or Modo.
    • Plan to volunteer for school activities such as field trips.
      If any of these situations apply to you, make sure to obtain your ICBC Drivers Abstract promptly.

    2. Insurance And Claims History Record

    You can get your claims history record. It shows:

    • Your insurance coverage history
    • Your claims history for up to the last 20 years

    You may need this ICBC Insurance and Claims History Record if you’re moving away from beautiful British Columbia. You will likely need it when you go to get insurance in your new place of residence.

    3. Commercial Driving Record / National Safety Code Abstract

    You may need a National Safety Code abstract if you’re applying for employment. This is a record of your driving history. In addition, it shows commercial vehicle-related convictions from the last 5 years.

    Send your ICBC Abstract Directly To Your Employer

    ICBC can mail or email your records to another organization of your choice. Prepare your driver’s license number when you call. Office hours are 8 am – 5 pm

    B.C., Canada and the U.S.


    Lower Mainland


    Fleet Requests For NSC Abstracts

    Fleet operators can request NSC abstracts. You can use the National Safety Code Abstract Request form. Send or fax the completed form to:

    ICBC Licensing Support Services
    Box 3750 910 Government Street
    Victoria BC V8W 3Y5

    Fax: 250-978-8012

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