ICBC Drivers Abstract Online – Quick & Easy Guide (2022)

ICBC driving abstract

Get Your ICBC Drivers Abstract Online

What is an ICBC Drivers Abstract? It’s simply your driving record. It shows:

  • The date your drivers license was first issued
  • Driving tickets you have received in the last 5 years
  • Any driving offenses you’ve received in the last 5 years

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  1. Covid Update For Getting ICBC Abstract
  2. Get Your Abstract Online
  3. Types of Driving Records
  4. Driver’s Abstract
  5. Insurance & Claims History Record
  6. Commercial Record / National Safety Code
  7. Have Your Records Sent to an Employer
  8. Fleet Requests For National Safety Code Records

COVID-19 Update for ICBC Drivers Abstract Online

ICBC is currently only accepting requests for abstracts online. If you need to reset your ICBC keyword, call 1-800-950-1498.

ICBC Abstract

Get Your ICBC Drivers Abstract OnlineOpens in a new tab.

Click here to get your ICBC driving recordsOpens in a new tab.

You can get 3 types of records:

  • Driver’s abstract
  • Insurance and claims history record
  • Commercial vehicle driving record (National Safety Code abstract) for your employer

You will need your drivers license number to request your ICBC abstract. After requesting your records, you’ll receive them by email.

Check your spam or junk folder if you don’t see your email.

ICBC Abstract, Driving Record Types

Driving Record / Driver’s Abstract

You might need your driver’s ICBC abstract if you

  • Move away from BC to another province or country
  • Need to become a member of a car-sharing company
  • Need to become a volunteer for school activities such as field trips
  • *This is a public record of your basic driving history for the last 5 years

Insurance And Claims History Record

You can get your claims history record. It shows:

  • Your insurance coverage history
  • Your claims history for up to the last 20 years

You may need this if you’re moving away from BC. You will likely need it when you go to get insurance in your new place of residence.

Commercial Driving Record / National Safety Code Abstract

You may need a National Safety Code abstract if you’re applying for employment. This is a record of your driving history. In addition, it shows commercial vehicle-related convictions from the last 5 years.

Send your ICBC Abstract To Your Employer

ICBC can mail or email your records to another organization of your choice. Prepare your driver’s license number when you call. Office hours are 8 am – 5 pm

B.C., Canada and the U.S.


Lower Mainland


Fleet Requests For NSC Abstracts

Fleet operators can request NSC abstracts. You can use the National Safety Code Abstract Request formOpens in a new tab.. Send or fax the completed form to:

ICBC Licensing Support Services
Box 3750 910 Government Street
Victoria BC V8W 3Y5

Fax: 250-978-8012

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ICBC Drivers Abstract Online – Qu...
ICBC Drivers Abstract Online – Quick & Easy Guide (2022)


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