Is It Illegal To Drive In Flip Flops? For Sure Choose Shoes

is it illegal to drive in flip flops

Bare Feet & Flip Flops In Summertime

Is it illegal to drive in flip flops? What about bare feet? It turns out that driving in flip flops or bare feet is not illegal in most places.

However, driving is serious business and driving in flip flops has great potential for disaster. Driving in bare feet or flip flops may lead you needing to read about what to do after a car crash.

They can slip off in an instant – and in that instant someone could be killed. Sorry for being dramatic, but it’s true.

In addition, it’s good to know that you could still be charged with careless driving if your footwear decision causes you to drive erratically.

It’s recommended to drive in proper driving shoes, or keep some in your vehicle.

Flip Flops

Is It Illegal To Drive In Flip Flops? There have been numerous collisions where flip-flops were a cause and/or contributing factor

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Fatal Pedestrian Collision – Flip Flop slipping

bare feet

Is It Illegal To Drive In Flips Flops In British Columbia?

There is no law in BC against driving in bare feet. Whether or not it is a good idea is an entirely different question.

In a collision, feet are often one of the first things to be injured, especially in frontal collisions.

That crumple area next to where the pedals is located is not exactly a soft and fluffy environment. 

In the event of an emergency where you would need to act quickly, think about whether bare feet would be a good idea.

What kind of surface will you be exposed to? Will it be rough? Too hot? Too slippery? How long will it take to find your shoes and put them on? Can you afford that much time in the event of an emergency?

Feet can become sweaty and potentially slip off pedals. How effective would that be in the event of emergency braking?

Rocks could get between the feet and the pedals and cause the driver to use the pedals inefficiently, or worse.

Gas pedal

Is It Illegal To Drive In Flip Flops?

Before deciding the drive in bare feet, consider the purchase of comfortable driving shoes

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2 thoughts on “Is It Illegal To Drive In Flip Flops? For Sure Choose Shoes

  1. Yeah I’m not a fan of driving in winter boots! One more reason to move to Hawaii or someplace warm!!

  2. Altho nor preferable to wearing shoes, bare feet are safer than foot ware without heel support, allowing your foot to slip and slide around while using the pedals. Heavy snow foot ware is also not preferable in the confined space of the foot well.
    Drive Slow & Safe

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