What is Roadside Plus with ICBC? Optional Insurance

What is Roadside Plus with ICBC?

ICBC optional insurance packages

​RoadStar and Roadside Plus packages are optional products. They offer insurance coverage locally and while you are traveling. If you have ICBC Roadside Plus insurance package, you can be reimbursed up to $50 for emergency roadside expenses. There is a limit of two claims per policy term.

The protection provided under Roadside Plus applies only to a loss
that occurs in Canada or the U.S. or on a vessel traveling
between Canada and the U.S.

What expenses qualify for ICBC Roadside Plus?

Roadside emergencies that qualify for repayment include:

  • Mechanical breakdowns
  • Locking your keys in your vehicle
  • A flat tire
  • Jump-starting a dead battery

If your vehicle has been towed due to a mechanical breakdown (not a car crash), coverage includes the cost of the tow truck attending, but not the cost of parts or supplies including gasoline, oil, batteries, and tires.

what is roadside plus with ICBC
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ICBC Roadside Plus includes…

  • ​Loss of Use provides transportation if you can’t use your vehicle after a claim of up to $750
  • ​Rental Vehicle coverage protects you when you’re renting a vehicle or using a courtesy car, which includes third Party Liability up to $2 million, Collision with a $300 deductible, and Comprehensive with a $300 deductible
  • Vehicle Travel Protection helps cover unexpected expenses due to a claim while traveling
  • Lock rekeying if your keys are stolen is included, ​up to $1000 with no deductible
  • Emergency Roadside Expense Repayment for vehicle emergencies like breakdowns, locked-in keys, and flat tires
  • Theft Deductible Waiver means there’s no deductible if your vehicle is stolen or shows obvious signs of an attempted theft
  • Destination Assistance reimburses up to $100 to help you get where you’re going immediately after a collision, theft, or vandalism incident

Loss of Use

  • Loss of use coverage has a daily limit of $100 for all vehicles other than motor homes and can’t exceed a total limit of $1,000 in the case of a motor home, and $750 in all other cases

Locks, keys, and remote keyless entry transmitters

ICBC will reimburse…

  • The cost to replace the keys or a remote keyless entry transmitter that has been stolen, and…
  • The cost to re-key or re-code vehicle locks where the keys or a remote keyless entry transmitter has been stolen

ICBC Roadside Plus phone number

​Call ICBC to report your claim.​​

  • Toll-free: 1-800-910-4222
  • Lower Mainland: 604-520-8222​​

When to report a claim online:

You can report vehicle damage or emergency roadside expenses​ online if you are a: 

  • ​Registered owner or lessee of a personal vehicle
  • The principal driver of a personal vehicle​

For glass claims, call at one of the numbers below:

  • Toll-free: 1-800-910-4222
  • Lower Mainland: 604-520-82​22​​

Does ICBC Roadside Plus Cover Towing?

If your vehicle has been towed due to a mechanical breakdown (not a motor vehicle crash), coverage includes the cost of the tow truck attending, but not the cost of parts or supplies including gasoline, oil, batteries and tires.


Steps of your roadside expense claim

Step 1: Report your claim online or by mail

You can report your emergency roadside expense claim online – this is the quickest and easiest way to receive your reimbursement.

You can also download and complete our Emergency Roadside Expense Repayment form and mail it to:

ICBC Emergency Roadside Expense
405-10470 152nd Street
Surrey BC V3R 0Y4

Step 2: Receive reimbursement

Once your claim has been processed, you should receive your reimbursement soon.

You can set up an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to have your claim payments deposited directly to your bank account. Check out this link to set up direct deposit.

Does ICBC cover you in the USA?

ICBC Autoplan insurance covers drivers anywhere in Canada and the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii. But it’s important to check with the place you’re visiting to make sure you’re complying with its registration requirements.

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