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Ah yes, the very exciting road test. It’s a very popular category around here, and I can understand why. I remember the excitement of my very first one. The second one was even better, because I passed it. The one-month wait between the first and second was absolutely unbearable, and felt like 27 years.


Lots of different types of drivers will need to prepare for this. New drivers of course, but also drivers who are in the process of exiting the graduated licensing program.


In addition, drivers from many different countries and of many different ages are included.


I feel like people become a little obsessed with this test, almost in a way that is not that helpful in the grand scheme of them learning how to drive.


Driving is a lifelong learning process. Roads change. Drivers change. Rules change. Attitudes change. Cars start driving themselves…


This silly ‘test’ is just one more step in the process. It’s not the end of your learning process, like getting an ‘A’ on a final exam.


It’s more like a gateway to another, newer, bolder, braver, beginning. Driving by yourself for the first time is freedom, but it’s kind of like a leap of faith, too, especially for nervous parents.


If you don’t behave yourself, or if you aren’t properly trained, the consequences can be severe and irreversible.


But of course, the test is a huge big thing, and nothing I say will really make people understand that driving skills for real life are much more important – and much more difficult and involved – than driving skills for some lame, pre-planned driving test. But I get it. I became a driving instructor at 22 because I was obsessed with driving. So I for sure get it. But yeah!


I mean, the road test takes about 30-45 min (or whatever) out of your life. You drive nicely. But what about the day after that? And the day after that? And the day after that? Will you still drive the same as you did while on your driving test? Does anyone!?!


Anyway, don’t mind me. Check out our most popular road test articles from the blog. And happy testing!


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