ICBC’s Learner and New Driver Restrictions

BC Restrictions for New & Learner Drivers

Class 7L Learner Restrictions 

Your Supervisor

  • Supervisor (sober and awake – debatable) 25 years or older with class 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 license sitting in the front passenger seat 
  • Definition of a “Supervisor” (a) is at least 25 years of age or is a licensed driver training instructor engaged in providing practical driver training in accordance with Division 27,
    (b) holds a valid and subsisting driver’s licence, other than a learner’s licence or a Class 7 licence, of a class that permits him or her to operate a motor vehicle of that category, and
    (c) occupies
    (i) the seat beside the operator, or
    (ii) the seat or area immediately behind and to the right of the operator, in the case of a motor vehicle of the category designated for the class of licence issued in which there is no seat beside the operator.Maximum 2 passengers in total

Permitted Driving Times

  • Allowed to drive between 5 am and midnight only

Other Restrictions

  • Display the official L sign
  • Zero alcohol
  • Zero hands-free and hand-held cell phone use, and other electronic devices

Length of ‘L’ Phase

  • This stage lasts for at least 12 months, after which time you can take your “N” Road Test.
  • L License is valid for 2 years, but can be renewed by re-taking the knowledge test.


  • Yes, you can drive on the highway/freeway unless it says you can’t on the back of your license.


Maximum 3 People in the Car in Total Including the Driver



Learner drivers can only have 2 passengers in the car; the only people allowed in the car are the driver, the supervisor, and the optional other passenger. 



Class 7N (New Driver) Restrictions


  • Display official N sign
  • Zero alcohol
  • No cell phone use, no hands-free or hand-held devices of any kind while driving.

Passenger Restrictions

  • Passenger Restrictions: you are only allowed 1 passenger, unless they are immediate family members. You may drive with as many family members as your vehicle has seatbelts for. You may also drive with as many people as you have seatbelts for if you have a supervisor 25 or older with a valid class 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 driver’s licence.

Supervisor Definition

  • Definition of a “Supervisor” (a) is at least 25 years of age or is a licensed driver training instructor engaged in providing practical driver training in accordance with Division 27,
    (b) holds a valid and subsisting driver’s licence, other than a learner’s licence or a Class 7 licence, of a class that permits him or her to operate a motor vehicle of that category, and
    (c) occupies
    (i) the seat beside the operator, or
    (ii) the seat or area immediately behind and to the right of the operator, in the case of a motor vehicle of the category designated for the class of licence issued in which there is no seat beside the operator.”Immediate Family Member” means a spouse, parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, sibling, step-parent, step-grandparent, step-child, step-grandchild, step-brother, step-sister, foster parent, foster grandparent, foster child, foster grandchild, foster brother or foster sister;

Spouse Definition

  • The definition under section 30.01 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations defines a spouse as a person who was married to another person at the relevant time or who was living for at least 2 years immediately before the relevant time in a marriage-like relationship, including a marriage-like relationship between persons of the same gender.

Length of Time in N stage

  • N stage lasts for at least 24 months *unless you’ve successfully completed a GLP driver education program, in which case this stage can be reduced to 18 months
  • If your licence is suspended, cancelled, expired, or surrendered, you must wait longer to qualify for a full privileged driver’s licence (once your licence is reinstated, your 24 months will start over from the beginning)

Time of day

  • There are no time restrictions – you may drive whenever you like, even if it’s at 3 AM (be careful with that) as long as you’re following all of the restrictions listed above.


  • Yes, you can drive on the freeway/highway unless it says you can’t on the back of your license!


Driving In the USA and Across Canada


***Both “N” and “L” Drivers are allowed to drive across Canada & in the US, providing they adhere to the same restrictions displayed on the back of their licence. *** 


Your Particular Restrictions?

FYI: Your customized restrictions are printed on the back of your drivers license. (May need a magnifying glass in order to read them)


Read about the graduated licensing program on the ICBC website.


ICBC FAQ’s (Can I drive outside of BC with my L or N)

‘N’ Novice Driver Passenger Restrictions 


New drivers can only have ONE passenger



Immediate family members are exempt from the rule



That means you can fill up your car with immediate family members and you can still have ONE friend (or non-immediate family member)



You can also fill up your car with any kind of people you want IF you have a qualified supervisor with a full license class 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5



You are not allowed to drive with TWO friends. Sorry… You can only have ONE friend. Friends are nice but have been proven to be very distracting for new drivers.



You can not drive with one friend + another person who is NOT an immediate family as defined by ICBC above 



From the ICBC DriveSmart Manual

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 10.39.50 PM


 Remember the reason that these restrictions are in place are to keep people safe. New drivers are more likely to have a crash when compared with experienced drivers, even without distractions. 




Electronic Device Use Class 7 & 7L Drivers: DriveSmartBC


  • Matt

    If I have my N and A 25+ family member with a valid license I can have as many people as the vehicle holds safely. Is that the same if the 25+ family member is above the legal alcohol limit?

  • David Sartison

    if you have your L can you have as much family members as you want

    • Michael Tong

      your allow only U and ur class 5 driver

  • Surya

    hello, any one knows, what are the consequences for L driver involved in an crash at parking place with out Supervisor ?


  • Robert Tarcea

    If I were to tow a trailer with my L licence, where would I place the L sign? On the car? On the trailer? Or both?
    Thank you.

    • Hello! The sign needs to be visible to the cars/drivers who are traveling behind you. So put it wherever it is that the people behind you can see it. 😉

  • jenny

    what do u do with people that drives with an L with no superviser in the car

    • Valerie Woolgar Harms

      they have to have a supervisor or they will be pulled over and fined

  • Ana

    I have my N can I register a recreational trailer (rv) that weights 4650lb ?

  • Natalie

    Hello, I have a question. I have just got my L License and My husband who has got the Class5 License is my supervisor. So we want to rent a car to go shopping. My husband could rent one car by using his license but if I want to drive (he would seat by me without more people in the car), is it allowed for me to become the additional driver when renting? Thanks a lot!

    • I have no idea, you’d have to talk to the rental car company.

  • dave w

    can a new driver with an L drive a vehicle insured for business use with the person designated as the principal driver

  • oliver

    Hi, my wife received a ticket months a go for not turning into the inner most lane on a left turn, after receiving her N in October. Now she has just gotten a letter in the mail today saying she is on probation. Is there any way to fight this or appeal it? If she gets any violations will she be prohibited from driving?

    • Sarah

      Hi Oliver..I have had a lot of experience in this area. I’m sorry to say there is no way to fight it and please just get her to do the time and DONT DRIVE! I got a speeding ticket 1month before my N 24 months was done…and 30 days later also got the letter for 3months prohibited driving. I did my time and then had to pay $250 no way around that and $31 for card again.

  • Robert Tarcea

    Hello, I have my L right now and from what I understood, it is legal to tow a trailer with the N. Does this also apply to the L? Can I tow a trailer (I know, no more than 4,600kg) with my Learners licence?

  • Amanda

    I just got my Learners and I was wondering if its really a huge deal if my supervisor is not 25? Will it be a big penalty?

    • You might get fines and points and that might lead to a prohibition of your license.

  • Mobius1

    I am an international student and currently have a 7L. I still have to wait for 8 months before I can take the road test. This waiting period is making me restless. Is there a way to speed up the process of taking the road test? What if I go back to my country during vacation and get a driving license from there or go to another Canadian province or territory where the waiting period is less and return to BC with that license?

    • I think that’s why they call it graduated licensing … it’s supposed to be “gradual” … not fast forward, since new drivers are at high risk of crashing due to inexperience. I would recommend being patient.

  • Surya

    Looking for some good/urgent suggestion:

    I caught in a small car crash(just a small scratch on the oppositions car) on a parking lot near by place, I was all alone driving with L with out supervisor. It was my friends car who also has L with proper insurance(ICBC).On the day of incident other party said they want to claim from ICBC ,so I have given them my Drivers license and insurance details. I have few doubts here in this scenario

    1) what would be the penalty to me any demerits points and fines ?
    2) Does my fried who owned the car get any impact because of this case?
    3) what if I had a supervisor with me at that time ? how would be the case ? does supervisors license gets effect or I only get the total impact? if any or both yes what it would be ?
    4) Is there any other way to get out of this case with minimal risk .

    I am keenly looking for some expert advice here. Thank you in advance and your advice will be appreciated .

  • Tanya

    hi i have my n and i have no prior offenses/tickets/points, and i got a speeding ticket for violating 146(a), will i lose my license?

    • If you get 3 points the superintendent will automatically review your license on a case by case basis and you might be susceptible to receiving a prohibition but I can not guarantee anything.

  • Homayoun Ghaseminezhad

    Can I take my test at the beginning of the month after 1 year i got my L even though i got my L at the middle of the month (Like can I take my N test at the beginning of the March when I got my L at March 17th)

    • Read the back of your drivers license it tells you which date you can take the exam.

  • Samuel

    Hey there. As long as the supervisor is age 25+ and holds a class 5, can they be asleep/intoxicated while a learner is driving? I know the point of the supervisor is to help the learner driver but as long as they are physically there in the passengers seat would that be ok?

    • Hi…. well personally I don’t think it’s Ok. What do you think??

  • Bob

    Hey there I’m wondering if you are covered by icbc for insurance when you have an L but have no supervisor in the car. The reason I ask is my friend was at home looking after his sister when she had some kind of medical emergency and she wound up taking his parents car to the hospital.

    • Hi, yes your insurance is still good; the driver might be prone to tickets/points/ or penalty for “driving contrary to restriction” – which was what they did – at the discretion of the police if caught. Hope that made sense.

      • Bob

        Yes that makes sense.

        Thank you

  • prahlad javangula

    7N restriction says, allowed on freeway/highway, but not permitted to cross 80KMPH. How can one know, which highway or freeway offers speeds more than 80KMPH, unless one goes through the road.

    • Where does it say that ?? On your license? I guess you don’t know all the roads but If you aren’t allowed more than 80 then you aren’t allowed more than 80! There’s usually a slow Lane or multi lane road in case the limit is higher

      • prahlad javangula

        Thanks. It is written on the back of every Class 7N paper License. It is going to interesting while travelling to US or other provinces where speed limits are more than 80 and if they offer slower speed lane.

        • Oh. I’ve never heard of speed restrictions for new drivers aside from unusual or exceptional circumstances .

  • Milind Shakya

    Hi, I recently got into an accident as an N Driver. It wasn’t my fault and the police officers that reported to the scene said so as well. My license was taken away for 3 months because I had a speeding ticket last year. Is there anyway to fight it because the accident wasn’t my fault? I have a lot of family responsibilities that need me to drive and I cannot have this 3 month suspension.

  • Sabine Clemens

    Can somebody from Ontario, older than 25 years, with the equivalent of a BC class 5 licence serve as a supervisor for a N driver here in BC or does the supervisor has to have a BC class 5 licence?

    • Hi! Oh no they don’t have to be from BC. You’re good! :

      (1.1) A person to whom a Class 7L licence is issued on or after October 6, 2003 must not operate a motor vehicle of a category designated in section 30.01 (2) for that class of driver’s licence unless the person is accompanied by another person who

      (a) is at least 25 years of age or is a licensed driver training instructor engaged in providing practical driver training in accordance with Division 27,

      (b) holds a valid and subsisting driver’s licence, other than a learner’s licence or a Class 7 licence, of a class that permits him or her to operate a motor vehicle of that category, and

      (c) occupies

      (i) the seat beside the operator, or

      (ii) the seat or area immediately behind and to the right of the operator, in the case of a motor vehicle of the category designated for the class of licence issued in which there is no seat beside the operator.–%20M%20–/47_Motor%20Vehicle%20Act%20%5BRSBC%201996%5D%20c.%20318/05_Regulations/29_26_58%20-%20Motor%20Vehicle%20Act%20Regulations/26_58_10.xml

  • FederalAce

    Hey, Can I drive with my friend if they have a “L”?

  • Samantha

    Hi there! This is an excellent blog with some great info. Today I got my first ticket for going 70km in a 50km zone. The ticket states I violated 146 (1), $138 fine, and I believe that it is 3 pts. I have my Class 7N and have had a clean driving record since I obtained my N in October of 2015. I’m terrified of being prohibited from driving. I’m 23 and take care of my grandparents most of the day as my job allows me to work from home but I need my car to take them to their appointments . My grandpa broke 4 ribs a month ago and I was rushing to get to his appointment, which I know is still no excuse. Do you think I will be prohibited for a first offence? I don’t deny speeding but should I perhaps write in to request a reduction in fee considering it is my first mistake? Will the persons responsible for issuing probations and prohibitions see that I have written in explaining my situation?

    • Hi! Usually the superintendent will review you if you get 3 points. I’m not sure but I think they review each case individually. I believe that you would have a chance to write them back, as some kind of reply or dispute… but I’m not sure 100%. Can you take your class 5 road test?? That would be good ? All the best let me know how it goes..

  • Darrien Armstrong

    Hi, what section is the fine/violation of too many passengers in?
    And how much is the fine worth?

  • alex

    i have my N and i want to go to the US,but im not sure if i can take my parents and one friend.

    • Why not ??

      You’re ok in the states as long as you’re following all of the other restrictions too, display N sign etc.

  • See Ess

    I have my N License..I’m wondering if I can apply to a job that requires me to have a “Valid BC drivers license” Does N count or do I need to wait the remaining time of my two years’ safe driving and do the Class 5 Roadtest?

    • It depends on the employer, you may have to just ask them. The N is a valid license. It’s just a matter if if it’ll work for the job. i.e. can you work there and still conform to all the restrictions, passenger restrictions etc. or does the employer require a Class 5. Good luck.

  • Jay

    I have my Novice (N) License and I was wondering If i could drive in other countries? Like South Korea for example. (NOT United States.)

    • Hi! Oh I am not sure about that but I’ll try to find out…. Sorry! I think you have to check with each individual country…

  • JC

    I have my Novice License and I can take my road test on April 25th, at the earliest. I was found at-fault in an accident in September. Last week I received a speeding ticket. My question is, can my class 5 exam be delayed because I was found at fault in the accident?

    • Hi, It won’t be delayed just because of an at-fault crash. But if you get 3 or more points, they’ll review your license and that’s when you may receive a prohibition.. which could extend the whole process.

  • black

    Have a Novice License and got an excessive speeding ticket in June and disputed it and went to court for it Tuesday and they suspended my license for 2weeks and took my card and I have to pay the fine. So after I pay the fine and my 2weeks is up can I go to a licensing office and pay to get my license back ??

    • Hey I’m not sure but that’s what it sounds like…

  • Ivy

    I’m a 10+year new driver and I got a ticket for turning against the sign (2 points) in Oct. Two months later, I received a letter saying that I am now on probation (not prohibition). Am I still eligible to take a class 5 road test? If I pass the test, what would happen to my probation status?

    • Hi, I am not sure. How long is your probation?? Whatever you do try to get the full license ASAP so you don’t have to deal with this type of thing. Just phone ICBC and they can let you know what the deal is.

  • Ben Inkman

    Do I need to have an N on the back of my car if I’m outside of bc? It’s not like anyone would know what it means if they aren’t from bc.

    • Hi yes you are legally required to have the N on when driving anywhere in Canada and the US.

  • Mike

    Ive had my Class 7L license for 8 months now, have completed the ICBC approved driving lessons and have driven ~3000km in this time. Is there any possible way I could write my N test early? I need it for a job I applied for, which requires me to have my N. If not, if I happened to be pulled over by the police and only had my L without a supervisor, what would happen and would I lose my license? Im positive that I would pass the N test if I was allowed.

    • Hi Mike, Unfortunately I don’t think they have an exceptions to the rules so I don’t think you’d be able to take your N test early. If you got pulled over with your L driving alone, it is possible you’d get a ticket worth 3 points and your license might be prohibited. I am not too sure because I don’t have any personal experience with this myself and I know that police can use a lot of discretion to decide how to handle each individual case. Hope that helps.

  • Poid

    I had my drivers license suspended for 3 months . But before that a I have another ticket who I disputed. I lost and now they want give more 5 months of suspension. When I had 3 months I need quite my job. Now I started a new job and I need the car to go to work. I live in B. C. What can I do?

  • Nick Meisner

    I’m driving from Manitoba to BC with a class 5I license (here I can drive with as many people that I have seatbelts for) with 2 friends, if I get pulled over in BC will I get a ticket because I have the equivalent of a “N” license even though in my home province I’m allowed to drive with as many people as I would like in my vehicle?

    • Hi I’m not sure, it’s probably best to ask Manitoba and ICBC. I know if people with their N here, they have to follow their specific rules to BC, even if they drive anywhere else in Canada or the US.

  • Kamal

    sorry not class 5, I meant class 7?

    • Hi you mean you have your “N” ?? Yes that is fine, just read the back of your driver’s license, it says all of your particular restrictions right there (in small printing!)

      • Kamal

        Ya my N and thank u!!

  • Kamal

    If I have my class 5 license, can I drive on the highway alone to surrey and back.

  • Robby Paul Preugschat

    If your L has expired, when I renew it can I try for my N right away?

  • Erin Ramirez

    If you are an N can you drive someone elses 2 children? I am a nanny so i need to figure this out. thanks.

    • Hi! No not unless you have a supervisor . If it’s just you without a supervisor then you are only allowed one passenger who isnt an immediate family member .

  • Kevin Chen

    If you’re an N driver and you plug in your music device to play a playlist BEFORE you begin driving, is that allowed?

  • prahlad javangula

    What are the consequences when caught or met with an accident on a 7L without supervisor ?

    • I don’t know I don’t have experience with that.

  • Munpreet Singh


    I recently got into a car accident while on my N. I entered the intersection on a yellow light as I was unable to stop safely when my vehicle hit a vehicle attempting to turn left. ICBC is still in the middle of determining who is at fault for this. I was not speeding nor did I enter the intersection on a red light. Both myself and the other driver were ok. I am wondering if I could have my license taken away or what the consequences could be if I am found to be at fault or even if it is 50/50. May I add that the police were not present at the time of the accident nor did they appear at the scene, so am I still able to receive a ticket? Does ICBC have any authority over issuing tickets independently? Even though I am on my N, I have a clean record and have never been issued a ticket before. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you

    • Hi, sorry to hear about that. from what I understand, if you were to get a ticket for that collision it would have been right then and there from a police/RCMP who was there and decided to give you one. I don’t think ICBC sends you a ticket after they determine who was at fault (though they might raise your insurance rates). I’ve read a few cases like this and from what i read it seems like the fault is usually shared in some way. If you get 3 points or more (which come from getting tickets) on your license as an N then your record will be sent for review to the superintendent, but if you’ve never gotten a ticket, then I don’t think you have to worry about that. So you just have to worry about rising insurance costs and not getting into anymore trouble, that’s about it. I might be wrong but that’s my understanding of everything. I had a collision too when I had my N and nothing happened to me in terms of having my license taken away. This goes for any regular class 5 driver as well: your license usually doesn’t get taken away for having a collision (except for in extreme cases). But if you’re found more than a certain % at fault then your rates go higher and that can cost a lot. I hope that helps.

      • Munpreet Singh

        Yes, that definitely answers my question! Thank you very much for your advice, hopefully things work out well for me. I’ve just been stressed because I was driving my mother’s car who has had an absolutely clean, accident/ticket free driving record for the past 30 years… I would not want this to affect her negatively in any way. Thank you very much for all that you do… you definitely put others at ease when they are in situations like these!

  • Tyler

    Hi, I have my Class N drivers license and I think I may have gotten a red light ticket yesterday, I have been able to take my test for my full license for about 2 months but haven’t taken it yet because I was out of the province, I just got back last week and already got this ticket, will I still be able to take the road test after I got this ticket? Am I in danger of losing my license again?

  • Jasmit Chaggar

    Hi , i have a learners permit (class 5) , my wife holds a license from India which is valid for up to 6 months in BC , can i drive with her by my side

    • Hi I’m not sure, please phone ICBC and ask… sorry!

  • Oh yeah! So the question is do your fiancee, uncle, or sister in law have that full license and can act as the supervisor and sit in the front ?? Then you’re all good!!

  • Faraz

    I got a ticket on July 12th for having my cell phone on my lap and not displaying my N sign (stolen). The exact same day i payed my ticket due to lack of time for disputing the ticket. Now after 2 months i received a letter saying that i am now prohibited from driving for 3 months because of the ticket. Anyone know what i can do?

    • Ohhh I’m not sure there’s anything you can do other than don’t get anymore tickets once you are permitted to drive again .

  • Rachael

    I’m engaged to my fiancé so can I drive with my fiancé, her sister which is gonna be my sister in law and my uncle all at once ??

    • Carson Cheng

      No, they are a part of your extended family. Even your fiancé is only a friend as you are not actually legally bound yet. Your immediate family would include parents, siblings, children, and a lawfully wedded spouse.

      • Actually here’s the ICBC definition/requirements to be considered as a “Spouse” : “The definition under section 30.01 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations defines a spouse as a person who was married to another person at the relevant time or who was living for at least 2 years immediately before the relevant time in a marriage-like relationship, including a marriage-like relationship between persons of the same gender.”

        • Also no one mentioned whether we’re talking about an L or N. I assume an N! ?

    • Hey I don’t think it will work. Even if your fiancee can be considered a spouse and exempt from the one passenger rule, (Have you been living together for 2 years or more?) then you can still only have one other passenger who isn’t immediately family… And uncles and sister in-law’s aren’t considered immediate family according to the ICBC definition,.

  • Yes as long as the supervisor is 25 or older and has a class 5,4,3,2 or 1 license and sits in the front seat then you can for sure fill up the rest of the seats in the car with whatever type of passengers you like – this is if you have your N, NOT L.

  • Dylan

    So does this mean I could drive two or more of my coworkers if at least one of them is over 25 and holds a valid licence?

    Because it reads to me like as long as there’s someone over 25 with a licence, anything goes.

    • Hi, Yes as long as the supervisor is 25 or older and has a class 5,4,3,2 or 1 license and sits in the front seat then you can for sure fill up the rest of the seats in the car with whatever type of passengers you like – this is if you have your N, NOT L.

  • Janice

    My parents and 2 aunts are coming to visit. My dad is a professional driver in the country where he came from. Can i drive my parents and 2 aunts around even if i am an N driver? The icbc insurance document showed that immediate family includes aunts but the restrictions for N’s immediate family did not mention aunt.

    • Hi , This is from the Motor Vehicle Act which is the Law here :

      “immediate family member” means a spouse, parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, sibling, step-parent, step-grandparent, step-child, step-grandchild, step-brother, step-sister, foster parent, foster grandparent, foster child, foster grandchild, foster brother or foster sister;

      Remember that if you have a supervisor, then you can have as many passengers as you have seat-belts for!

      Accompanying adult conditions and passenger restrictions for Class 7 licence
      30.071 (1) Subject to subsection (2), a person to whom a Class 7 licence is issued on or after October 6, 2003 must not carry more than one passenger while operating a motor vehicle of a category designated in section 30.01 (2) for that class of driver’s licence unless the person is accompanied by another person who

      (a) is at least 25 years of age or is a licensed driver training instructor engaged in providing practical driver training to the person in accordance with Division 27,
      (b) holds a valid and subsisting driver’s licence, other than a learner’s licence or a Class 7 licence, of a class that permits him or her to operate a motor vehicle of that category, and
      (c) occupies
      (i) the seat beside the operator, or
      (ii) the seat or area immediately behind and to the right of the operator, in the case of a motor vehicle of the category designated for the class of licence issued in which there is no seat beside the operator.
      (2) Subsection (1) does not apply to a passenger who is an immediate family member of the person.

  • Chris

    I have an L can my gran who has a UK licence act as my supervisor

    • Accompanying adult conditions and passenger restrictions for Class 7 licence
      30.071 (1) Subject to subsection (2), a person to whom a Class 7 licence is issued on or after October 6, 2003 must not carry more than one passenger while operating a motor vehicle of a category designated in section 30.01 (2) for that class of driver’s licence unless the person is accompanied by another person who

      (a) is at least 25 years of age or is a licensed driver training instructor engaged in providing practical driver training to the person in accordance with Division 27,
      (b) holds a valid and subsisting driver’s licence, other than a learner’s licence or a Class 7 licence, of a class that permits him or her to operate a motor vehicle of that category, and
      (c) occupies
      (i) the seat beside the operator, or
      (ii) the seat or area immediately behind and to the right of the operator, in the case of a motor vehicle of the category designated for the class of licence issued in which there is no seat beside the operator.
      (2) Subsection (1) does not apply to a passenger who is an immediate family member of the person.

  • Ianina Donne

    “No cell phone use, no hands-free or hand-held devices of any kind while driving.” Does this also apply when you’re using your phone to play music on the AUX cord?

    • Hi, I think you can listen to music because you are allowed to listen to the normal radio or CD player right? And as long as you are not “interacting” with it then you aren’t breaking any rules.

    • Remember that the word “use” means holding it in your hand in a position that would allow it’s use, actually operating one of the device’s functions, watching the screen of an electronic device or communicating orally with it.

  • Colton Doll

    This is the second time around on my N just wondering if the rules are the same as the first time because I was tolled I only have 1 Chance this time instead of 2 is this right

    • Hey what do you mean ?!?!? ?? ?

      • Colton Doll

        Well I’m doing my N over again Cuz I lost it do to to many points just wondering if it’s still the same amount of points as the the first time or not

        • Do you mean demerit points ?? They don’t have those anymore.. I wrote something about that search for it it’s called how to read and understand your road your road test results.

  • Draxelle

    I have class 7L from alberta which has expired last month. Can i renew it in BC since i moved here? I mean, if i can use that L(from AB) to upgrade to N(to BC) since i was holding it 13 months in alberta though. Whats probably the scenario?

  • Ariane Janson

    I have my N and I want to use a GPS (which I will preset before I begin the trip) to direct me via audio through my car speakers. Is this allowed?

    I feel like it’s WAY safer than me varying my speed trying to peer at road names or changing lanes at the last minute, etc.

  • Bsierrah

    I have my L and it expires this September and I’m taking my N test 4 days before it expires. If I fail my N test. Do I Renew my L drivers license by retaking the test? Once I’ve done that. Can I book another N test or do I have to wait another year to book my N?

    • Hi! Yeah you can just renew the L just like you got it the first time and then book the N test ASAP you don’t have to wait another year, they have a record that you have that experience already.. 🙂

  • idonotknowhatusernametochoose

    If I have my L license for over 18 months, does that automatically mean I’m an N (if I have had a valid driver’s years ago in a different province and had no demerits…that previous province’s license had expired and wasn’t renewed, so I took Learner’s here)?
    And whether the above is a yes or no, am I allowed to drive a different vehicle without displaying an L or N on/in that other vehicle? (like a work vehicle)?

  • lis.77

    is it okay if i drive with a supervisor after midnight with an L permit?

    • Hi no with the L you’re only allowed between 5 am and midnight..

  • Caelan

    I have my learners in Alberta, and have had it for over a year. I am moving to Van. Isle before I can get a chance to take my drivers test here in Alberta. Is it possible to take my drivers test in bc since I have my learners here, or would I have to go through the whole system L and N system in BC?

    • Hi I think you can but ICBC knows more than me, just call and ask them 🙂

  • Devon Tufts

    I’ve had my “N” 13yrs+, no tickets and no accidents (perfect record). I just haven’t had the money/time to take the test. Is there a clean record system that I could apply for to remove my N or is it only possible by paying the fee to take the test and a second fee once you pass to upgrade?

    • Hey yeah you still have to take another road test and pay the fees and stuff. Just do it!! 🙂

  • Rupinder

    Can I drive with my husband ‘s father and mother together or with only one.are they my immediate members to after marriage

  • Samreen Alam

    Hi . I need to know something regarding N liscence ! I have my N liscence, Can I drive car with my brother, mother and father as passengers ? And plus can j rent a car if I have N liscence ?

  • Xmus J. Flaxon-Waxon

    If I have been in two accidents a year apart can I loose my N, I have had my N for 5 years

    • Hi, did you get any tickets/points with the accidents or other tickets/points?? It’s more about the points than the collisions.

  • Jill Gerlof

    Question, If I’m driving in Ontario in a vehicle with Ontario plates should I display my N as I would in BC?

    • Do you mean you have a British Columbia driver’s license and you’re driving in Ontario with a vehicle that has Ontario plates? I believe you must still follow all of the restrictions that are printed on the back of your drivers license, yes, one of which is to display the N; wherever you are driving, across the entire country of Canada and the USA and probably most other countries as well. Here’s what I found on ICBC FAQ Website: (see pic attachment)

  • John

    If im driving my car on my N and I get into an accident with 2 extra passengers am I still covered for insurance? Is it true people get sent compensation collection letters after all the claims are settled which means that I will have to repay icbc for it

    • Hi I’m not sure about the letters. Yes your insurance is still valid, although you may get tickets/fines/penalties for driving contrary to restriction(s).

      • John

        So will they make me pay for the compensation given to my passengers ?

        • Are you talking about injury claims?

          • John


            • Oh sorry I am not sure about this. I have zero experience with this. But I thought that was why we have insurance… so that if stuff like this happens we just have to pay a deductible. And/or the rate for your insurance might go up.

  • 萩原, Tommy 冨 (百武)

    I am an N. Can I use GPS if I have a supervisor with me?

  • Shaun R

    Hey guys,

    my girlfriend and i are going to Maui soon and I only have my N. We were looking at renting a car but none of the websites state that an N licence isnt suitable to rent. Does anybody have any info on this?

    • Looking into it…

    • Hi I contacted a car rental company and they wrote me back this :

      What I found on the internet is that the class 7 drivers license is like a drivers permit here which no one will be able to rent to. Must be valid drivers license and 21 years of age to rent from us. Most places they must be 25 years of age. Don’t know where you could rent a car with that license.


      • Shaun R

        Thanks for your help, maybe we can rent scooters instead..

        • Hitchhiking used to be fun. Just make some new friends really fast and get a ride with them 🙂 good luck, let me know how it goes!!

    • Sherri Gillis

      From what i know from personal experience, you should be totally fine to rent a car. Class 5 and Novice are fairly similar and your restrictions dont prohibit from rentals. Give it a shot. Worst they can say is no. Best of luck but im sure it will be cool.

  • Eddy C

    Hey Carmen, I just wanted to say thank you because of your helpful tips, I managed to pass my N test in Surrey on my first try! Could I use a dash camera in the N stage as it does not really constitute as a “hand free/hand held communication device” as defined by ICBC? Thanks!!!

    • Hey! Congrats!! Yes I think a dash cam is for sure a handheld/hands-free electronic device. I think that you can use the dash cam, but you are not allowed to touch it or look at it while you are driving.

      Drivers in the Graduated Licensing Program Class 7 (New Driver ‘N’) and 7L (Learner ‘L’) are
      prohibited from using any electronic device while driving – including navigation devices, handsfree
      units, and “permitted devices” included in the section below.
      These prohibitions do not apply, however, if the GLP driver is safely parked and off the roadway
      or is making an emergency call to 9-1-1.

  • Logan

    So I have a camper in the bed of my truck and I wanna know if I can take my road test for my full license with it on my truck.
    I only have my N.

  • Is there somewhere I can go online that will give me the penalties associated with an L driver whose supervisor only has an N? I know it’s wrong and the L knows it’s wrong but the N keeps pushing to be the supervisor and won’t believe us when we say there are consequences if they’re caught. I’m assuming a fine, potential demerits and probation, and we’re both wondering if they can take the L away for that, and I’m thinking even the N driver might suffer some sort of consequence.

    • Hi I am not totally sure but you could get this ticket:

      Drive contrary to restriction (e.g., not wearing corrective lenses)

      Worth 3 points. And as soon as you get 3 points (or more) then the superintendent will automatically review your licence and might put you on a prohibition or give you a warning. Having said that, I know that officers have a lot of discretion.

      I also found this :

      “While you’re a learner, you’ll have to drive with a qualified supervisor and follow the restrictions that are printed on your licence.
      These rules are really important. Not following them could mean that you pay a penalty or extend the time you spend in graduated licensing. Drive safely—don’t get left behind.”

      I am not sure if there would be a penalty for the N, since it is up to the one who is driving (The L ) to decide if they will follow the rules or not. If they take their friends car at 3 am without asking, then no one can stop them and the consequences will be theirs; while driving with a supervisor who doesn’t meet the requirements and therefore breaks the rules is the same idea.. it’s up to the Driver to make his/her decisions about his / her driving and consequences. in my opinion anyway (I could be wrong)

  • Christine Destiny

    If you have you N and you get a ticket for running a red light, will your license get completely taken away? If not, how does it effect your license?
    Also, how long does it usually take to find out if you have a ticket?

  • Amrender

    Can I drive on highway with class 7N licence?

    • Yes unless it says you can’t on the back of your driver’s license. Just read the back , it will tell you all of your restrictions… !

  • Mikhail Pozin

    On ICBC’s website it states that if you take an ICBC-approved driving course in your L phase, it will reduce your mandatory time in the N phase from 24 months to 18 months. I neglected to do this and am now one year and three months into my N phase. If I take an approved course now, can I still get the six month reduction?

    • Ohh no I don’t think so.

    • Because I think the whole idea of the graduated licensing program is to be like… Gradual.. lol

  • Robert Marley

    Hi there,

    I’ve had my N for around 6 months now and i took driving school which i know takes 6 months off the 24 month time required to have an N before taking the class 5 test, but i recently received a ticket for not displaying my N on the back of my car. I just had a few questions: does this ticket mean i lose those 6 months? if so, if i find a way to dispute this, will i still lose those 6 months? could you give me some examples of ways that one might dispute this? How many strikes does this put on my license and how many do i have in total disregarding this ticket?

    Thanks for the help

  • zerio29

    Can i pull a trailer with my class “7L” license or the learners stage, provided i have a supervisor. the trailer would be about 1000lbs. so no restrictions there. If i could, where would i display the “L” symbol. on the back of the trailer, truck, or both

    • brent wadden

      did you ever find an answer for this? I’m in the same boat.

    • Hi, in the motor vehicle act it says class 7 can tow a trailer on a vehicle with not more than 2 axels , not exceeding 4,600 kg. Which in lbs if I google it it says 10141.26 lbs

      That’s a good question about where to put the L sign, I think wherever it is most visible to the drivers behind you, as that’s the idea, warning others that you’re new and to give you more space/patience. It would not hurt to have one on both but I would recommend at least the trailer part. because that’s the part that is clearly in front of people’s face while they’re driving behind you. that’s just my opinion.

  • Ryan

    what happens if you get into an accident with your N but you are overloading passengers, is your insurance completely void?

    • Hi there. No your insurance is not void. It is still good. You maybe would receive a ticket and/ or points for driving contrary to a restriction but your insurance is still good. There are certain actions which would void your insurance and I can’t remember them all off the top of my head but I think it’s things like committing fraud, criminal code stuff like driving drunk etc.

  • Songhyok Im

    I have a question about taking passenger. So, when i drive a car with someone. I can take one qualified supervisor age above 25+ and one passenger. However, according to ICBC restriction say,”Learner drivers can only have 2 passengers in the car; the only people allowed in the car are the driver, the supervisor, and one other passenger.” Isn’t mean i can take a family member or any of one friend?

    • Hi, Are we talking about the L ? For L, as long as you have the qualified supervisor in the front seat, then the other passenger can be anyone (friend, family, or a random person!)

  • Rajkarn Clair

    Hey I am a “N” driver and i recently got a ticket for “having my phone in plane sight”. I was waiting for a phone call so it was out so my friend could pick it up when the phone rings. Is it right for me to get this ticket or should I dispute it?

    • Hi I’m not sure but will try to look into this. I’m a bit rusty on the rules I’m afraid to admit.

  • Robyn Jackson

    I have my L but I am being told I have to wait 2 weeks to drive after I have a drink
    Is this true?

    • Hey. Well you are supposed to be under a strict “Zero” Alcohol condition when you’re driving. So you can drive when you’re absolutely certain you have exactly Zero alcohol in your system… If that makes sense.

  • Bouasavanh S

    Hi there! My boyfriend has his class 7, restriction 46 states “1 passenger only (immediate family members exempt) UNLESS accompanied by qualified supervisor age 25+. Last night he got a violation ticket for too many passengers but the 2 passengers were both over 25 and obtained class 5 licenses. When I told the police officer we were both over 25 and had our class 5 she said that only applied to a learners but I knew this restriction was also noted on the class 7 license. She took all 3 of our licences, so she knew in fact we had our class 5 and were over 25. When she returned the class 7 license we immediately read the back and in fact it stated unless accompanied by qualified supervisor 25+ and when I tried to clarify with her she refused to read it and said she would see us in traffic court and didn’t want to argue when we were just trying to clarify. Just wanted to get a 2nd opinion on this restriction. If you could clarify that would be great. As we were looking to dispute this ticket. Thank you for your time.

  • Jess

    Hi, I am an N driver. Can I drive with three friends? one friend has a class 5 so she will sit in a passenger seat and two other friends will sit in the back.
    Is it possible?

    • Hi. This only works if the friend with the class 5 is 25 years of age or more. Otherwise you’re limited to one friend.

  • Caity Nagy

    I recived a notice in the mail stating that my licence is under probation. I got a speeding ticked a few weeks back and I think this is a result of that. It just says “As a result of your driving offence you have been place on probation for the duration of your time in the Graduated Licence Program” My N licence expires is 2018, and on my licence card it says the earliest I can take my exam is Jan 03-2016. My question is, can I still apply to get my full licence or does this notice effect my ability to take my full licence test? Thanks!

  • Hermen Sahota

    One last question while tickets are being disputed can you still take your class 5 road test

  • Hermen Sahota

    And by the way of I’m in the middle of disputing tickets can I still take my class 5 test

  • Hermen Sahota

    Also the cop said if I dispute this most recent over passenger one and my driving record is clean I could get rid of it in court

  • Hermen Sahota

    I got a speeding ticket and over passenger both I believe are worth 3 points and I also have a over passenger ticket from before which I am disputing will I have to redo my N test?

  • Rachael

    Can I (an N driver) drive one friend and her newborn infant?

    • Hi. If your friend has a Class 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1 license (acting as your supervisor) then yes. If they don’t have a license or just have an N or L, then you aren’t permitted as those would count as 2 passengers (basically you’re only allowed 1 passenger, unless they are immediate family members or you have a supervisor as mentioned) and neither are immediate family members. I’m not 100% but I’m pretty sure a baby still would count as a passenger. They sure do look like passengers; not to mention can create a lot of distraction in the way of noise/screaming/crying etc. Hope that made sense.

  • Dale

    Is it possible that a class 5 could be reverted back to a L or N?

    • Hi, Not that I know of! Why would anyone want to do that anyway?

  • Dale

    Is it possible to lose class 5 and be reverted to L or N?

    • I know if you let your Class 5 expire and then don’t renew it for more than 3 years you have to do another road test, but then you’ll get your Class 5 back again.

  • Kimberley Haddock

    My friend has her N and got an inbound for excessive speeding. What if anything will happen to her license?

  • Xynical

    Hi, if I have a N, am I not allowed to have a GPS guide me while I’m driving? If that’s the case, aren’t they actually forcing me to be more distracted because I have to constantly try to remember where exactly in supposed to turn? And if an accident blocks the way I’m used to going, I’d have to try to memorize directions as I go?

  • Josh

    Can I drive my friends car if I’m an N and so is he?

    • As long as you have permission and the right insurance on the car then yes.

  • Lauren Curtis

    A friend of mine was confused and ended up getting 3 tickets in one go. He got a failure to display an L, running a red and driving against restrictions (his supervisor wasn’t 25) it totalled to 5 points. We are assuming he will get a 3 month suspension. Will he have to start his L over? He’s had it for 3 years in total…

  • Taylor Hatfield

    I have my N and i’ve gotten a ticket for for running a red light and speedingaround 3 months apart from eachother. Does this mean i will lose my N for a while?

    • possibly.. they usually review your license if it gets more than 3 points and then send you a warning letter or worse.

  • Tina

    What happens if you accidentally run a red light and a red light camera catches you? I accidentally ran a red light while I was very upset learning about my nieces terminal disease. I didn’t mean to but it was too late to stop once I saw the light was changing. I scanned and there were no other cars around so I proceeded instead of skidding and probably crashing. I have my N

    • I don’t think it’s the end of the world. I don’t think you get your license taken away for one ticket.

  • FQ2

    Are there any restrictions as to what kind of vehicles you can drive with your N? My work has a 1 ton flatdeck and a cube van, could I legally drive those (with my N) if I had to for some reason?

  • Megan

    When does a license get suspended ? I’ve had one suspension before and just received another ticket for distracted driving , I am an N driver , will it be suspended again?

  • Morgan Mackenzie Ross

    I got my first speeding ticket today. $196. How many points will I get? It says nowhere on the ticket. Will I get my license prohibited? I go for my full license in a month.

    • Hey, you can read about the penalty points online on ICBC here:

      Usually speeding tickets are worth 3 points. You may or may not be prohibited (superintendent will now review your file if 3 or more points get onto your record) and I am not sure how long that process takes.

      Most people recommend doing the road test ASAP. Once you’re a class 5 driver, you are treated as one.

  • Confused

    So two years ago I got coughs with a expires license my own fault! So I had to read write the test, the next day I did my driving rest and passed and had my N for the last 2.5 years no tix during that time. I got a speeding ticket n a ticket for not displaying my N sign. The officer said I won’t have to much of an issue if I get my full license in the next 30 days. Why is that? Am I paying for more points as a Novice driver? What is the difference as to the full lixense?

    • I’m not sure but I think it’s true, because if you get your class 5 before the government has a chance to get you your paperwork in the mail, then they will have to then treat you as a Class 5 driver, not a Class 7; and that’s a big difference. Anyone with an N should do the road test for class 5 ASAP and not delay, as N’s are treated much differently with stricter punishments for sure. With 3 points or more, your N license will be reviewed and possibly prohibited by the superintendent. Those exact same tickets given to a Class 5 driver just need to be paid, and won’t result in your license being reviewed or disciplined by the superintendent.

      So with the N = pay the tickets + points, + possible/likely license prohibition or probation, additional points will give you additional license prohibitions

      With the Class 5 = pay the tickets/points, additional points won’t necessarily result in license prohibitions

  • Rose

    I am currently 13 months into my N and I crashed my car into to back of another… Will my 24 months restart?

  • Rose

    I have an N and I had one crash, will my 24 months restart?

  • Josh

    How many points does it take to have your license suspended?

    • Suspensions are only for criminal code infractions. Maybe you’re thinking about being prohibited/probation?

      • Josh

        Probably probation. I’ve gotten two speeding tickets in the last month and the officer said something about license points and a “license review”.

        • The superintendent reviews your license history after 3 penalty points if you’re a new driver. Usually speeding tickets are 3 each, so you probably have 6 points. Which kind of license do you have?

          • Josh

            I have my N. The officer said that the ticket was only two points, but the icbc site said three. Do officers have the power to change that?

            • I’m not sure. What was the ticket for? Sometimes there are 2 different options for tickets for the same offence. For example drive without the N sign = 0 points. But drive contrary to restriction (which can include driving without the N sign) = 3 points.

  • joe

    my supervisor was behind me and my friend was infront is that illegal?

  • Ashton

    hey ! i got a ticket for over passengering the other night how many points is that on my license

  • Nigga we made it is retarded

    Hi there,
    My mom still has her N (she is class 7) and my friends say that it is OK if she sits next to me while I drive (I have my learners 7L)
    Is this true?

    • No. Your supervisor has to have a normal full class 5 license, (or 4, 3, 2, or 1)

  • stuart

    hi, have you heard of a “class 5” learners drivers license? since i came from another country with driving experience and a license, they’ve given me that kind of license.. am i allowed to drive on my own? is insurance valid in case of accident if I’m driving alone with my car?

    • Hey, yes I’ve heard of that! Which country did you come from? Have you checked out this link?

      • stuart

        I’m from philippines..yes i just read it but still I’m confuse..ive been here for almost 5 months and i haven’t used my 90 days of driving by myself.. is there any other way that i can drive alone? i need to practise and i have no class 5 license to help me.. i know i can drive well by myself but I’m afraid of accidents and also confuse if i can use the insurance incase that if i drive alone..thank you..

  • Neil Chowdhury

    Is it illegal for the supervisor of an L driver to be using a cellphone?

  • Bee

    Is it illegal to drive with an N displayed if you have your full license? My sister and I have been debating this for a long time since she is always taking my N off when she takes my car and never puts it back on.

    • No, It is not illegal! It is just weird haha, (It is much worse to drive without the N when you should vs. driving with the N when you have a full license…) I asked the cops and they wrote me an email:

      “Is it illegal to keep an N or L on the back of a vehicle all the time even if the driver is not in the learners or new category?”

      “The simple answer is “ no “it is not illegal, but keep in mind that you may be stopped if you are the lone occupant of the vehicle driving while displaying an “L” sign. The “L” sign requires the driver to be accompanied by a qualified supervisor. If an officer sees a vehicle operated by a lone individual while displaying an “L” sign the officer will more than likely stop the vehicle to ascertain if he/she is contravening the licence restrictions.


      A VPD Traffic Officer”

  • Raunaq Gill

    So, I’ve got two speeding tickets on my N will that have an effect on me getting my class 5

  • jay

    Hello I currently had my N and went to the ICBC office and the lady told me that they mailed out a letter of intent giving me 21 days to take action. At this time I was actually eligible to take my Class 5 which she recommended to help get out of the situation I was in. Took my Class 5 test the next day and passed with a perfect score. Is there any way to confirm that I get to keep my license? Do i need to bring the letter back to ICBC?


    • Oh man! I am not sure. I would just phone ICBC and ask them… Let me know how it goes. good luck 🙂

  • adriana

    My n is about to expire if I just renew the n do I have to retake the road test as I do not have a car can use and dont want to rent one

    • No you just renew it by paying a fee and get a new photo, unless it has been expired for more than 3 years, in which case then you need a road test again.


    Yes you can tow no more than 4,600 kg while driving a not more than 2-axel vehicle.

    I would place the N wherever it is most clearly visible to drivers behind you.

  • Alexander Calissi

    with your N are you alowed to have a trailer behind your truck. if so do i put my N on the trailer or the truck?

  • Dedaleus

    The N is just another money grab. I’ve seen more inept drivers with a full licence that are doing far worse.
    I’ve had my N for years and when I go to change it they ask why would I want to. I just say it’s an inconvenience and a pain to have dangling on my car. It’s unnecessary and doesn’t resolve the issues you face day to day from other drivers.

  • ColourBlends

    Just want to preface by saying this blog is a god send & helped me significantly with becoming a better driver, and passing my N test.

    I have a few questions:

    1) If I was hypothetically over-passengering and NOT displaying my N sign, and I got pulled over for no reason (didn’t commit a traffic violation or give any justifiable cause to be pulled over) will the offences be thrown out if I contest the ticket in court?

    2) Can a police officer search a car if you are pulled over for example speeding, running a red, etc? Or do they need reasonably evidence to justify the search of the vehicle

    3) Does over-passengering and not displaying an N sign affect the cost of insurance or cause any driver penalty points? Or are you simply paying for the cost of the ticket if that is your first and only offence.


    • Hey, Glad it helped.

      For 3) You can see the fines and points on the ICBC website here

      The drive contrary to restriction (display the N is the restriction) is $109 and 3 points, I guess you could get 2 of those tickets since the number of passengers is another restriction so you could get 6 points. There is another one “Fail to display N sign” that is 0 points and $109, so I guess you get lucky or not depending on which one the officer chooses to give you. It looks like 0-3 points per year is free, aside from the cost of the tickets lol, But 6 points in a year is an extra $300 on top of the price of the ticket. So potentially that could cost $518. And that is if those are the only ones you get for the entire year as they keep track by the year.

      I don’t think these tickets affect the cost of your insurance. I think that cost of insurance will only raise with the number of at-fault (50% or more your fault I believe) crashes that you have.. Your insurance should get 5% cheaper by the year with ICBC as long as you don’t have at-fault crashes, even if you get some tickets.

      I’ve forwarded the other questions to my colleague, as I am not really confident about how to answer them. Will let you know ASAP.

      But usually, police will only pull you over if they do see a reason to pull you over, otherwise they tend to leave you alone 😉

      • 1) The ticket would be valid. Checking a driver to insure that they are properly licenced, insured and with valid vehicle licence is always allowed.

        2) Police always need either permission from someone in lawful possession of the vehicle or a legal justification of some sort to search.

        • Colourblends

          So if someone is overpassengering or not displaying their N, that doesn’t count as legal justification to search a vehicle, correct?

          How legally speaking could a police officer ticket you twice for the same infracture (not displaying your N)? And if you get 6 points, the $300 added is a one time payment, correct? (if it’s your only infracture in a 12 month period)

          Furthermore, I was under the impression that police officers need probable cause to suspect you have committed a crime to pull you over, and that they can’t for example profile you because you look like a N driver who didn’t put their sticker on, who has extra passengers. Is it not a rule that they must have a reason to pull you over? Perhaps they don’t obey this rule but I thought it was at least fightable in court.

          • Hi
            I was thinking one ticket for too many passengers and one ticket for not displaying the N, those are 2 different offences right?? And yes the points you have to pay once per year I believe.

            Sorry, not sure about the other questions as I am only a driving instructor and not a police RCMP or affiliated in any way with them or with ICBC nor have any personal experience with tickets and points and court dates etc.

  • Grillerman

    My son has his N and got a speeding ticket a few months ago in BC. We paid the ticket has he admitted he was driving too fast. This summer he also received a speeding ticket in Saskatchewan, He has to pay by next month and has yet to pay it although will be paying it in the next couple weeks. This would be his second speeding ticket. Will he be reported to ICBC and have his licence suspended?

  • Steel

    I received a 90 day driving suspension and my vehicle impounded for 30 days. I can not appeal this as everything was done correctly. Approved screening test registered over .10. I was the driver. RCMP did all the required steps. I will honor the 90 day suspension and pay all fines and comply to the Graduated Licensing Program. I am not going to put in a claim with ICBC for obvious reasons. My car is in a towing compound for 30 days. They towing company says I can not take the license plates off. Does this mean I have to wait the 30 days to get my car back before I can cancel the insurance? Thank you.

  • Weesoc

    I recently got a lasik surgery. I don’t need to wear glasses or contact lenses to drive. How can I get the restriction 21 removed? And what are the steps and fees? Thanks.

  • Jane

    I’m currently a N and I’ve had it since 2012, and my licence is about to expire next year. Is it possible to renew my N license?

    Because I saw on the Fees information for Driver’s licence, that all licences expiring within 180 days are considered renewals and it lists First 5 year GLP N licence

    • Yeah you can just renew the N! As long as it has not been expired for more than 3 years .

  • dot

    I am on a 2 yr probabtion and have 6 months left. But i got just got a speeding ticket does this mean i loose my license again. The cost of the speeding ticket is $196.00 and under section 146 (3) on a highway.

  • It looks to be a $196 Ticket worth 6 points. Normally the new driver’s record will be automatically reviewed by the superintendent after 3 or more points. So, it does seem like you may be headed toward a prohibition of 1-6 months,

  • Lin

    I currently have a novice license and am about to sit my next road test, I was just wondering what happens if you fail the road test is your novice license revoked and do you start from scratch or do you receive the novice license back and simple book another test? The reason i ask is that i have a habit of getting nervous during road tests which caused me to fail my novice test 5 times..

    • You just get your old license back so that you can keep practicing! You don’t “go backwards” and have your license taken away just for failing a road test.

  • Mama Luigi

    Will you need to display your L sticker when you’re driving outside of BC?

    • Yes you have to follow all of the same restrictions, the ones printed on the back of your driver’s license. Happy travels 🙂

  • Sx

    Hey so I got into accident 2 days ago and what happen was a spider got in front of my car and hung itself in front of me and I freak out so I crashed into a electricity pole (wooden ones) it was minor nothing big and car is fixable . I have my “N” currently for about overy 1 year. Do this mean I have to wait another 2 years starting now? I live in BC by the way. Thanks

    • This is what it says on the ICBC website. It doesn’t say anything about collisions:

      “Your earliest day to take your road test is on the back of your licence. You can take the Class 5 road test once you’ve been a Novice driver for 24 consecutive months without any driving prohibition.”

  • HP

    Hi, I have learner’s licence(Class 7) from AB and I am here in BC for 4-5 months. Is is possible to take driving classes with AB class 7 licence. I will be moving back to AB after this time period.

  • eddy

    Hi there,

    I just turned 16 a few weeks ago and I am keen on learning how to drive. My parents keep on telling me that along with passing the written and visual exam, I also have to train with a driving instructor in order to get my L license. However, I looked on the ICBC website and it just say that to get my L, all I have to do is just pass the written and visual exam. Is this true or do I have to hire a driving instructor?


    • Hey!! No you don’t have to have an instructor. To get your L you just go to ICBC and pass those tests as mentioned and then you get your L, then you can drive just with your parents or another supervisor. Having an instructor I would always recommend if possible but parents can also teach you. I never had a driving instructor when I was learning, I just drove with my mum!! Whatever works, you can get going right away as long as you have the qualified supervisor someone with a valid license sitting in the front helping you 🙂 Have fun and let me know how it goes!!

  • brendan


    I’ve been prohibited from driving twice and have at least 5 road infractions/violations to get my license taken away. Since then, I’ve paid all my dues and fees to get my license back and I’ve renewed my class 7 and started from the 2 years all over again, twice. My last infraction was over a year ago and the last one I had before serving my suspension of 3 months. Just a few days ago, I just recently got a letter from the superintendent of motor vehicles, explaining that they are going to prohibit me from driving again. Why? I don’t understand why they would prohibit me from driving if I haven’t made an infractions since my last suspension. Is it because of my previous record? I don’t understand…


    • Hey, I don’t get it either. I think best to phone and ask for more information. Let me know how it goes… all the best. It doesn’t sound like it makes sense..!?

  • Bobby joe

    Hi, me again.

    So in regards to that ticket, I was given a letter from the Motor Vehicle branch with a letter of intent to suspend my licence for 3 months, sweet!
    Now I want to appeal it, but the weasels that call themselves the ministry of finance say they will not review my application without a cool $100 attached, for the hard work they have to do in reading a letter.

    Do I stand a shot at having this letter of intent revoked? Or is it just another money grab they like to pull on teenagers? I feel I paid my dues already with a $193 ticket, and another $100 to not even have a guarantee at keeping my licence is making me quite upset.

    From your experience, what are my odds of having the letter repeal my prohibition?

    • I don’t know, personally I never had that because I was too well behaved. All I know is if you try then you may have a chance, but if you don’t try, then you’ll get the prohibition for sure.

  • Akash Sharma

    Hi my wife has class 5 learner licence and she was driving alone and during her drive there was emergency on road and she pulled over but ambulance was looking to get in the same driveway she reversed to give way to ambulance which in return just scratched the other vehicle on back which she didn’t realised…she started driving on her way home and other driver called 911 for hit and run .police came and took her statement . Wherein my wife never hit and ran. What will be the consequences ..please reply…

    • Hey, I think it’s still a hit and run. I am not too sure of the consequences.

  • smirnoff04

    Hi, about 10 years ago I had an N licence and had been through the waiting period and taken the road test to get my full license. I didn’t pass the road test unfortunately, and then circumstances took me out of BC for the next 10 years and I never was able to get back there to take the test again. Of course my N licence expired sometime during those ten years. Now I’m back in BC. What will it take to renew my N licence and try taking the road test again? Is renewal just a matter of walking in and paying the cost? Will I have to wait the waiting period again to take the test?

    • Hey, I think you’ll have to take the N Road test again. I found this on the ICBC FAQ page:

      Fortunately, if your Class 7 Novice licence has expired, you may renew it at any time within the next three years. After that, you’ll have to re-take the Class 7 road test. You won’t have to wait any additional time to take your Class 5 road test, provided that you’ve been violation- and crash-free for the last two years that you’ve driven.

      Hope that helps.

  • Ali Janjiana

    Hi I have my L and my licences got suspended for 24 hours , my duration for my l period is over, would the suspension delay me from getting my N

    • I think so, i’m just double checking, I’ll get back to you. It’s a good question.

    • I honestly have no idea… lol sorry
      ICBC’s web site mentions 12 months prohibition free for an N driver before they can take the class 5 road test, but just says minimum of 12 months of experience for an L driver before they can take a test.

      I guess I’d have to say that I’m not sure on this one….Phone ICBC and ask, please let me know what they say too. good luck.

  • Deziray

    Hi, I googled this everywhere and got different answers from everywhere I google. With my L can I pull any sort of trailer if it is under a certain weight? I thought no but my brother told me that I could. Just wanted to clear it up. thanks

  • Alexandra

    I’m a New Driver, and getting my license in November. I got a speeding ticket in November and got put on probation. Now I just got another ticket in July, so did I automatically just get my license suspended or terminated? And if I dispute the ticket, does that pause anything?

    • Hi, disputing the ticket might buy you some time, I’m not sure enough though. I wrote you here:
      All the best, 🙂

    • darby hamilton

      Exact thing happened to my boyfriend. He lost his licence for 4 months and we ended up hiring a lawyer and got it cut in half. Good luck. Oh. And his 2 yrs started over. This was dec 2014. Expect a letter in the mail. Theyll give u 3 wks from the date of the letter to go surrender ur licence

  • Jared Zissou

    If I try crossing the border to the US from BC with my N and more than one friend, will there be a problem?

  • bay

    Im curious as to what would happen if I was overseating and was in a car accident. If my friends were injured would they be covered by insurance?

    • It is my understanding that you will still be covered, however I do not work at ICBC. You are breaking a condition on your license which limits your passengers, and may receive tickets/fines for that, but it’s not like you are driving without a valid drivers’ license…People are still covered by their insurance after they have crash after speeding, or driving through a red light, right?

  • Krr

    Who do I call or complain if someone cuts me off or tailgate me. Icbc? It happened more than 6 months but I don’t know if I can complain.

  • Out of town

    Can your N license ever expire?

    • Yep usually after 5 years but it does say on the license, I think on the front.

  • Don’t Know what to do

    Hi, I have my N, and I recently accidentally ran a red light to go to a gas station. At this intersection to the gas station, there were red light cameras, so I am pretty sure I was noticed. What will happen to my current license? since I am a N driver, will my license be suspended or will I be put on prohibition? I know an impending fine is coming, with its driver penalty points, but will further action be taken? Thank you very much, hope to hear from someone soon… still freaking out over the incident.

    Edit: I also have never previously received a ticket that included points, but have received one ticket that included no points and was not issued from the government. But was just because I had parked my car in a restricted parking lot.

    • Hey, Are you sure you’ll get a ticket? Some of those red light camera flashes without you actually getting a ticket (not sure I’m supposed to tell people that)

      Don’t worry about previous parking tickets, parking tickets don’t have points, they just cost money.

      If you do get 3 points, your license will be reviewed. You may get a 1-3 month prohibition from driving, or a warning or a probation. Don’t freak out, it is not the end of the world. But do be careful and obviously learn from the mistake, Red lights are important. I am sure I don’t need to lecture you about it?

      take care 🙂

  • Help

    What happens if you got a 12 hour suspension for having very minimal alcohol in your body (it had been awhile since I had the drink so I thought I’d be in the clear ) and you need a car for work? I have never had any infractions or tickets before and I have had my n for over 3 years ( I just never bothered to get my full license), will I have my licence taken away? And if so what should I do with work? I am a delivery driver.

    • I think you are facing a 1-3 month prohibition from driving.

  • Ivan Kas

    Hello, I have my 7 class (N) can I use GPS, so far I understand that I am not allowed , anyway if my passenger will hold it? and tell me rout? What do you think? Thank you

    • David L

      I have called ICBC regarding this issue and they said class 7 drivers are prohibited from using any electronic devices including GPS even if it is pre-programmed. They treat this as a distraction.

      • Read this:

        New drivers are not allowed to use them, and “use” can also mean looking at the screen of something.

        So I guess if only your passenger can see the screen and you are never looking at it, then they can tell you where to turn and that would be okay.

        • Ivan Kas

          Thank you!

      • Madison

        So ICBC seems to think it will be less of a distraction to write your directions on piece of paper and to be always checking that, then having gps tell you where to go thru your phone which can be plugged in through the speakers, while your phone can be on the floor on the passenger side of the vehicle?

        • I know it seems not to make sense. I supposed they would like you to pull over to read the directions and then magically remember them while driving, or have an old school map and a navigator :/
          All the more reason to drive nicely and get rid of the N As Soon as Possible!

  • Alexander Foster

    Hi! In late may I received a speeding ticket (with my N) which automatically put me on probation and onto the Driver Improvement Program. A month later, I received a ticket for having tint on my tail lights, which comes with no points on my license. My question is: how likely it is that icbc will deem that this ticket, regardless of no additional points, is grounds to escalate my probation into a prohibition?

    • I think it goes by number of points. Tickets without points I think you can just pay it and move on. Not 100% sure though, but when I read the law it does have a chart which relates number of points to time of prohibition. So you may be off the hook…

  • Jonathan Frykberg

    i just recently found out that i had a prohibition back in 2006 when i had my N i have sinced moved to alberta and have now held a class 1 since 2008 in alberta.
    my question is… apparently my suspension in bc was never served? Is there any way i can have this removed or back dated as when i left bc in 2006 i didnt drive for almost 8 months ?

    • Hey!! Honestly, I have no idea. Please phone ICBC and ask, that will be the quickest. All the best! 🙂

  • Beth

    Hey, I have a kind of odd question. So I had my class 5 license but it was suspended when I started having seizures a while back (long story), and a couple friends and I are wanting to drive to a place about 5 hours away. Thing is, both of them still have their Ns, but I am 26 and figured that if I sat in the front and showed my license to them, assuming they didn’t swipe it and read that it was suspended, they wouldn’t know that it was suspended. Say, hypothetically, that they do though. What happens to my friend that’s driving, and my other friend and I? Especially if we’re in the middle of nowhere… does she just get points taken off her license?

    • Hi there, I am going to get the opinion of the traffic police on this one and get back to you. I am thinking that legally you might be out of luck, but will double check.

    • I emailed the cops, waiting to hear what they say.

  • Nicole

    Hi, I have my N and I got pulled over and blew a 0.012 and got a ticket for that as well as not displaying my N. I’m disputing it. I am eligible for my full license. I got a 12 hour suspension. I have never gotten any tickets before. Will I have to start my N over again because of this? Can I go get my full license while I wait for the court date?

  • Bobby joe

    Hi, I made a post under a new account, but I don’t know if it worked properly, so I’m just going to try again under this one.

    I was ticketed for not displaying my ‘N’ sign, and for too many people in my vehicle (not abiding by restrictions).
    The latter is the only one worth demerit points (3), and I was wondering how that will affect me.

    Is it possible my license is suspended? How long?
    Also, how long will this appear on my record? I have OCD, and the fact that my driving record may be permanently tainted by this incident is creating sleepless nights (It’s 2AM as I post this), it’s all I can think about.

    Thank you so much for your help.. I definitely learned my lesson.

    • Hey hey!! Not to worry… it is not the end of the world 😉 Points stay on your record for 5 years, not eternity. Also, don’t jump to conclusions. While your record may be reviewed by the superintendent, it’s possible you may receive a mere warning, or nothing at all in terms of prohibition from driving, or a short prohibtion (You will not be suspended, that is something different for criminal code infractions). Also put it into perspective. So, you broke some rules?! Join the club, lol. But you didn’t have a crash, you didn’t die and you didn’t injure anyone, right? Glad you learned something from the experience! Also, it’s likely you’ll get the chance to explain or write a letter explaining why you should not be prohibited, if it is pending. So just relax and take a deep breath.. I sometimes too, have to remind myself, that driving really is a privilege that I need to be respecting, not abusing and taking for granted. Remember that it could be worse, too. 3 points is equal to your one ticket. This means you are human. If you had 50 points on your license, well, that is a different story then!! 😉

  • Student32

    Hi, I just received a ticket for 2 violations: driving too many people, and not displaying my N sign.

    The latter has no points, but the former has 3.
    Now that I have 3 points to my name, what does this mean for me?

    • DeuceX

      you will have your license suspended for 3 months and the 24 months N period starts over when your license is returned. you will also receive a fine of approximately $100- 160 for each offence. Between the insurance rates surcharge and tickets you are looking at close to $1000 in fines and 3 months of the road. If you even get the slightest motor vehicle offence after that, you can expect and minimum of 5 months suspension. This system seems incredibly harsh as no driver with a Class 5 or lower can expect this level of consequence for such a minimal infraction. Good luck!

  • Dion

    Hello, I have an N, and I was just wondering – am I allowed to transport alcohol in my vehicle, like a case of beer? My blood alcohol level would be zero as I would NEVER drink and drive, but some of my family members said that with an N you can get a ticket for even having liquor in your car? I am legal drinking age.

  • Scott

    Hi I have had my n since 2005 I have lost my license twice due to 2 speeding tickets back in 2006 and ever since then I have had a clean record until the summer of 2014 I ran a red light which is 2 points. I quickly disputed the ticket and got my class 5 a month later! I went to court and now I’m found guilty of the ticket am I going to lose my license cause of this?

    • You will be treated as a Class 5 now that you are a class 5 I believe, and penalties are much less strict. I’m not working at ICBC or anything so I don’t know for sure but I think a Class 5 driver with only one ticket worth 2 points really has nothing to worry about in terms of losing license.

  • Heidi

    Can anyone tell me how many points are for over seating with an N license?

  • JOE

    I have my class 5, i just received a speeding ticket today, in total i have 4 speeding tickets within the last 3 years. One in feb 2015, april 2014 and apr 2013. What are the chances ill be suspended? I need my vehicle for work or i basically lose my job.

    • Hi… Looks like speeding tickets are worth 3 points each. So I guess you have 12 points in the last 3 years or 9 in the last 2 years, something like that. It looks like up to 14 points you’ll get a warning letter. Anything more than that, you would have to worry a lot more about a prohibition. slow down eh! (apparently these are just “general guidelines” so.. the superintendent may use their discretion…)

  • Rachel Zeu

    Hello, last year in July I was issued an excessive speeding ticket. (3 points and license suspension of 3 months). I got my license back an just yesterday was in an accident. I went to merge lanes and triple check. Midway when I was changing, a car ran the red light (I had ran the yellow), was speeding and hit the side of my car. If I report it to ICBC will my license be taken away? I have an N.

    • I guess it depends on whether you get a ticket or not. A collision alone does not necessarily mean you’ll lose your license..

  • nathaniel

    Hello, I was issued a ticket in mid May (Fail to yield to pedestrian). From what I understand, 2 points against a new drivers license could mean a suspension of 2-6 months. I have had my “N” for over three years, with no other tickets (points) against my license in that time. I also understand that it can take up to a month for a ticket to be processed by the superintendent, and points issued against your license. Immediately after being issued the ticket I scheduled my class 5 road test. I passed the road test and was issued my class 5 license at the end of May. Now that I have my class 5 license, am I exempted from the suspension I might have received under my class 7 license? Or is it still possible that I might receive a suspension, given that the ticket was issued while I still had my class 7?

    • Hi! No, if nothing happened in terms of prohibition before you got your Class 5, then now you are a Class 5 driver And will be treated as one. (If they’re too slow to hand you your prohibition before you get your Class 5 that’s their problem!!) (Also,, the superintendent usually reviews the New driver after 3 or more points, not a mere 2.) You’ll still have the ticket on your record, .. but a mere 2 points on a Class 5 license is nothing (well, until you get another ticket that is), compared to 3 points on a new driver license. Penalties are much more relaxed for Class 5. So, in other words, I don’t think you have anything to worry about unless you get many many more tickets and points! 🙂

  • creative

    Even though I am now an N driver am I still able to take a glp driving course to reduce my time or would it have had to be taken in the l stage

    • I believe it would have to be started in the L stage, so that it become an actual “Graduated” program! You can still take the course if you want to learn and improve your driving but I don’t think you’ll be able to speed up the process anymore. All the best,

  • Peter Fengping Shen

    Hi, I have gotten my N on August 16,2013. I was in an at fault accident that had insurance not under my name. I do not have any tickets. I was able to register for an exam on August 05,2015. Will I be able to take the exam?

    • Yes as long as your license is not prohibited or suspended. I am not sure about the date, it should say on the back of your license the earliest exam date.

  • Ally

    I also Just did the calculation and I got my last ticket the last week of June or the first week or July in 2013. And I received the speeding ticket today on May 17th, Will they be lenient because I only had a month till I reach the 24 months period? I am afraid to lose my license because I drive everyday to work. Thank you

    • Hey! Darn eh. I do not know for sure. They will use their discretion so I guess you just have to wait and see what happens (not sure if you can phone and find out). Let me know how it goes. They will for sure be able to see that it was almost at 24 months and may let you go. When can you get your class 5?

      • Ally

        Yeah I was going to call them tomorrow and ask but I guess I shouldnt. My earliest exam date is november 7th. So I was also wondering on top, if there will be a suspension, is it after I paid the fine? And also do I have to pay the fine within 30 days? or can I pay whenever. I was also reading all the comments and was wondering if I can pay the fine after my class 5 exam which isnt going to be until November! Please let me know 🙂 I just really need to drive around to get to work just for summer because I took a job an hour away from home just for this summer; if I can I would like to stall the suspension as long as I can just until the end of summer 🙁 thank you!

  • Ally

    Hi, I just received a speeding ticket which is 3 points. A year and 9 months ago I got a ticket which resulted in 2 months suspension, and restarting my N. I got in an accident this January, which ended up being 50/50. So far I have 2 points prior to the 3 points I have received today. I am just concerned about this ticket which might lead in to another suspension. I know its 2-6 points with prior probation in past 24 months. Would superintendent suspend my license again? It was really close to 24 months. Last ticket was a U-turn and it was about 21 months ago.

  • Tom

    I will have 6 points total if I pay this ticket for apparently speeding. it’s been 2 years since I last received a speeding ticket..

  • Tom

    hi there I was wondering I got a speeding ticket section 146 ( 1 ) back in 2013. I just got the same speeding ticket in 2015 I still have my N. will I lose my license ?

  • sean emerson

    i understand you are only allowed only 6 points when you are a “new driver”. does this apply to a certain time period or for as long as you have your “N”, even if you have it for 5 years? also are you able to pay the points off to make them not accumulate past 6? thanks for your time!

    • Hey, if you get more than 6 points you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a driving prohibition of at least between 2 and 8 months.

      Yep technically you are considered a “new” driver if you still have your Class 7, even if you’ve had that for many years (Go and do your Class 5 road test ASAP would be my suggestion, then if you get a ticket/points you are treated not so strictly). The superintendent can use their discretion and see that you’ve had a somewhat long history of driving safely and may take that into account when deciding your fate, but still it’s better just to get rid of the N as soon as you can to avoid these issues.

      “You can’t pay off the driver penalty points to remove them from your driving record. They stay on your record for five years. If you have more than 3 points, you’ll be charged a premium and will get a bill in the mail four weeks before your birthday.”

      “Depending on your situation, it may be possible to reduce your penalty point debt. If you give up your driver’s licence for one year, your Driver Penalty Point premium could be eliminated. You can surrender your licence at any driver licensing office.”

      • sean emerson

        thankyou so a driving prohibition will happen regardless if you pay the points off? also how often are you able to pay for points? thanks for your time

        • Yeah I think they are two separate things. The “driver improvement program” which is the office of the superintendent now called “road safety BC” I think, manages the driver prohibitions, and they can see your driving record with all the points and tickets I believe. But the penalty points are kept track of and will send you a separate bill in the mail. The prohibition may or may not happen, sometimes you will get a warning letter, or you will get a prohibition letter in the mail (then you have to stop driving)..

          “The Superintendent of Motor Vehicles can issue a driving prohibition if a review shows you have a poor driving record – this process of reviewing your driving record is part of the Driver Improvement Program. If this is the case for you, you will have received a ‘Notice of Intent to Prohibit’. If you wish to have the decision to prohibit you from driving reviewed, you have 21 days from the date of the ‘Notice of Intent to Prohibit’ – after which you will receive the final ‘Notice Of Prohibition’ that orders you to stop driving immediately and sets out the length of the prohibition.”

          I think you’re supposed to pay for the points within 30 days of getting the bill:

  • Paul

    I have my N, no prior tickets or anything. Got pulled over for excessive speeding (60 over), got impound for 7 days. Will I get my license suspended?

  • Karen

    My daughter was in an at fault accident last year. No ICBC claim. Last night she received a ticket for speeding and not displaying her N. Officer said that she was ‘very close’ to losing her licence. How will we know if she will actually lose it?

    • Hi, She may get a letter in the mail, and that may be a warning letter or a notice of an upcoming prohibition; but usually she will have a chance to explain why the license should not be prohibited. Whenever a new driver has 3 or more points on their license, the license will be reviewed by the superintendent of motor vehicles, and they will use their discretion to decide what to do. The speeding ticket is probably worth 3 points and the fail to display N is worth zero. Does she have anymore points, or just those 3?

      Read page 13 here :

      • Also the officer was a little bit kind, as the fail to display N is worth 0 points, but she could have received the “drive contrary to restriction” (display the N is a restriction) and that is also worth 3.

  • vien

    Hi I’m from Victoria . I just want to ask something cause I made a terrible mistake few months ago .. I am just Learners permit holder , and I drive without supervisor and carried 2 passengers with me .. So I got 300$ ticket and 6 demerit points .. My question is , when I paid my ticket , an icbc employee told me that I am goin to receive a mail from superintendent to tell me if I am going to suspended and how long it will be … But It has been 2 months and I don’t get any mails or letter from them , so I still have my license , and my earliest road test is on 19days from now.. So I don’t know if I am gonna book an appointment or no.. Do you think I am suspended ? And how long it will be?

    • Hi, I think you can still do the road test if the prohibition has not actually gone through the system yet (sometimes they are slow with the paperwork) I think if you get your N, you may still get the prohibition/letter in the mail and that will be applied to your N license. And that would normally be between 1-6 months..

      See page 13 on the “driver improvement program”

      Read also:

      • vien

        Thank you for quick reply … 🙂 some of my friends told me if I got caught .. I will be suspended within 2 years or more.. Is it true ?

        • Hey, got caught for doing what? You got a fine and points, But you still have your driver’s license right? The officer did not take it away? So that means you are still allowed to drive with that license and on those conditions until you’ve actually been prohibited. And I might be wrong about being able to do the road test, but if you go for the road test and they tell you you aren’t allowed because of this issue, then you’ll just keep the L until you get the prohibition. Sorry I really have no experience with this so I’m not sure. Just don’t make it worse by getting anymore tickets/points!! The superintendent can use their discretion to decide what they think is the best action. But normally if those are the only points on your license it would be between 1 and 6 months according to that document.

          • vien

            Uhmm I asked the officer that time , for what reason he pulled me over … And he said , it was just a random check , cause it was Friday night .. So guess who got lucky … :3 .. By the way thank u so much 🙂

            • Oh! no problem.. I thought you only got pulled over when you are somehow attracting attention to yourself. Anyway… drive carefully now eh!! 🙂

  • naomi

    I’m a N driver but have held a new drivers license for the past 4 years I just never bothered getting my full license..I just recieved a speeding ticket and a ticket failure to display my N…will my license get suspended?

    • Hi, Um.. I don’t know for sure but technically since you’re still a Class 7 driver the license will be reviewed by the superintendent, who may send you a letter and it could mean a warning or a prohibition. I guess you only got 3 points on the license for speeding, since the ticket for not displaying the N has 0 penalty points associated. But still.. It is best to take the class 5 Road test and get rid of the N as soon as you can. If you had been a Class 5 driver it would just be 1 speeding ticket worth 3 points and no review by the superintendent and no possible “driver improvement program” action. I am guessing they will take into account your 4 year history (are these your first 2 tickets you’ve ever had with your N?) and may let you off the hook. But I am not sure. Sorry I do not really know.

      See page 13:

  • Dwight

    Hey there. I have my N. I just got a 24 hour prohibition and I was wondering if I would lose my license for any extent of time other then the 24 hours if I just went in and paid the ticket rather then disputing it. Because I got a 90 day prohibition just over 6 months ago for blowing a fail. Thanks for any input

  • Dwight

    Hi there. I have my N. I just got a 24 prohibition, I was wondering if I would end up losing my license for any amount of time if I just went in and paid the ticket rather then disputing it and having to deal with going to court, because I got a 3 month prohition just over 6 months ago for blowing a fail. Thanks for any input

  • Ja

    Can I rent a car with an N?

  • ja

    I have an N. Can I use a trailer like a towing trailer loaded with lawn equipment ect?

  • Ch

    Hi there, I am a N driver, just got a ticket for using an electronic device. Will be license by suspended by the superintendent? (I also got a 3 month suspension for blowing a 0.3 last year)

    thank you

      • Ch

        thanks so much for the quick reply. Would you also foresee my driver’s risk premium to go up?
        Also, do you recommend trying to dispute the ticket and gamble of the original officer shows up?

        • Looks like you’re still okay in terms of the premium,

          You will pay a Driver Risk Premium if you have

          -one or more driving-related Criminal Code convictions

          -one or more 10-point Motor Vehicle Act convictions

          -one or more excessive speeding convictions and/or two or more roadside suspensions/prohibitions.

          I am not sure as I have no experience with disputing, but I think If I were you I would be tempted to dispute if it meant possibly my butt being saved, or something less bad! I think I read somewhere they allow you to write a letter to explain why you should not be prohibited? I would try to take advantage of any possible options.

  • Ira

    Can you get your license taken away for getting a speeding ticket if you have your L?

    • Hi, I don’t know, I think it’s the same as goes for the N, which is if you get 3 points (I think the speeding ticket is worth 3) then your file will be reviewed by the superintendent and they can decide to do nothing or give you a warning or something else or maybe a prohibition so I guess the answer is “maybe, but not necessarily”

  • Joe

    could that one additional passenger be a friend?

    • Are you talking about N or L.?

    • Joe

      for L, could u drive your parent and a friend (2 passenger limits)

      • Yes!! Just make sure the supervisor is sitting in the front seat beside you and not in the back.

  • An Extremely Annoyed Mother!

    Hi there. My son is scheduled to take the road test to get rid of his N in July. He just got ticketed: speeding & driving with too many passengers. Will he still be able to take the road test? And is he at risk of having his license suspended? The Police Officer indicated that if he disputed the ticket, he may be able to delay long enough in order to take the test and get rid of his N and then the points would just be on his full license. Any comments?

  • Father of Daughters:)

    Quick question:) I am a parent of two teenage girls, one born in ’99 and the other born in ’01. My oldest was telling the younger that she will have to wait an extra 12 months (24 months in total) with her learners permit before she can take the road test for the ‘N – ‘. I have searched the ICBC site for any info on this, but I am thinking this could be an urban myth of some sort, but the oldest ‘assures’ me that anyone born after 2000 would be subject to this new regulation. Any truth to the rumor?

    • Hey Dad!! At this time ALL “L” drivers must wait 12 months before taking the “N” test. I’ve never heard of anyone having to wait 24 months with the L. There are always rumours going around!


      • I forgot to mention, if you look at their actual driver’s license it will actually tell you the earliest exam date, You might need a magnifying glass to see it (can’t remember if it’s on the front or back of the drivers license..) So make them take out their wallet and solve this issue!!

  • Brianna

    hi, I have my N and yesterday I got into a car accident… kinda crashed into the car in front of me’s bumper. Will i get my N taken away? I haven’t violated anything before or gotten any tickets. Thanks

    • Hi, I don’t think so. You might get other penalties (like higher insurance prices if it was your fault for one example) but usually you won’t get your license taken away unless you do something a lot more awful like driving drunk for example. That is why we have insurance… because unfortunately these things do happen, and this sounds strange but you are kind of allowed to have a little mishap. You aren’t the only one 😉

      • If you get tickets and points as a result.. then maybe. But if not, then I think you’re fine.

        • Brianna

          thank you so much for your reply! Today ICBC called just for some follow up questions and said that i would just be receiving a letter soon about how to pay for the accident. and yes they did say I would have higher insurance price!

  • dean

    I have my 7N and will take my class 5 road test to lose the N in July. If i take my learners knowledge test for motorcycles now, will it revert from 8L to 6L once i lose the 7N in 3 months? or should I wait until i actually lose the N before i take the 6L?

  • dean

    i have my N and i have booked my class 5 road test for july, then i will lose the n and be full licence class 5. my question is if i take the class 8L (motorcycles) will it revert to a class 6l after i lose my N or will i have to follow the procedures for an 8L with the year of L and 2 of N before i can take my class6 road test ?

  • von

    I have an L,
    Do you have to wait for a year before you can take a road test?

    • You don’t wait for a year you must DRIVE and practice to get mad skills and experience!!! But YA, you have to wait a year man.

  • sue

    can anyone use my car for a driving test

    • Yes just make sure it has the proper insurance (new drivers haven’t been driving for 10 years if you have that on your insurance, etc). Anyone can drive it who has your permission!

  • Scott

    Why can’t N driver rent a car? They can drive under restriction. Why can’t they rent under restriction? Just curious

    • I’ve been meaning to look into this as I get a lot of questions about it. I’m not sure if N’s can rent or not. If not I imagine it’s because they might be considered an insurance risk by the rental company.

  • Mikhail

    Well.. I’ve worked in the oil and gas sector for the last 1/3rd of my life, Im a 31yr old male with no infractions, in fact usually I drive a box truck around the maximum that a class 5/7 can drive.. . That being said, Ive got a descent premium off, even though I refuse to do a secondary road test; got almost perfect years ago, and I’ll not pay the price of a second test. It’s a money grab, I mean don’t get me wrong, their people who need such guidance. I can shift a fuller/eaton with the best of em floating the gears… who needs a clutch. Seriously though, why should I promote governmental anarchy and abuse of executive and fiscal influence by buying another test? I’m more qualified and equipt to deal with traffic than most,, try driving where I do eh, half the time its in the barely engineered backroads of the oil patch; the other half is in suburbia where most dont even pay attention.


  • slow Jo

    I had a Learners in Alberta about 10 years ago, and never renewed anything or had any other sort of licence. Now Ilive in BC and was wondering if I need to get an L here and then still wait the year before being able to get my N? thanks.

    • I don’t know, just phone ICBC and ask but I would imagine so since it was such a long time ago!!

    • J

      No they well just transfer the time and u can take l test then go straight for the N that’s what they did for me

  • Bailey

    So I have my class 7L, I was wondering, how the insurance goes like, Say I live with my mom, And since she is a relative and has had more than 25 years of the experience does she need a certain type of insurance so I can drive her vehicle, Or is it only other adults ( Non-family ) that I know that needs a certain type of insurance.

  • for real?

    • Joey

      i’m just wondering.

      • Hey Sorry!! I wasn’t sure if that was a trick question lol. I would say under no circumstances should they be going faster than a speed that they feel comfortable going. This might mean only staying on quiet roads for a while (as long as it takes) to reduce possible stress and minimize impact to other traffic. This might mean 5 km/hr for a while. As you get more confident, you can slowly try roads that have more traffic or are a bigger challenge. Hope that helps.

  • Kevin

    If you have your “N” License, and you’re driving with 2 passengers not related to you (Aka overpassengering) and you get into a NON-FAULT accident, are you still covered by insurance even though you are over-passengering?

    • YES you are still covered by your insurance even if the crash is your fault. You may get a penalty/ticket for breaking the rule but insurance is still valid.

  • Martin

    I’ve got a tricky situation I’m in regarding licensing. I doubt it’s completely unique but I don’t know what the options are:

    I never learned to drive and now I’m an adult, early 30s and don’t have any family (or friends – just moved here) to act as a supervisor when I get my Learner’s. Is that where a driving school or private instructor would come in? I don’t really see the practicality of that when wanting to drive (and learn) day-to-day. Or am I just crap out of luck because I don’t have family to help?

    • Yes that is a tricky situation and a lot of people are stuck there. It’s true your only options would be to pay a driving school for the complete process (and you need at least 50-60 hours of driving experience before you’ll be ready to drive on your own and that can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars at a driving school, do some research but i found one package for 30 hours was about $1700)) OR find some kind of person who Is willing to practice and/or teach driving to you. Could you meet someone new that would be willing to trade you driving practice for something you could offer them, like babysitting, fixing their house, or doing their accounting (whatever you’re good at?) That’s the only other thing I could think of… Sorry I don’t have a really good answer 🙁

      • Martin

        No no, it’s a good answer because it really points me in the right direction. Thank you. 🙂

        • OK great, all the best!! Let me know how it goes 🙂

        • smurf1174

          Fyi Martin, it is not mandatory to have 50 to 60 hours on the road.
          Nobody at ICBC checks this. You just need to be a confident, capable and safe driver.
          I have known drivers who are unable to practise, such as yourself, they take a few lessons with a driving school, and are very competent and pass their first time.

          • Oh yeah my bad!! That’s just the recommended hours (recommended by ICBC and most driving schools). Most people do need that many hours to build confidence and experience. But of course some people will be ready much quicker. I just worry about my little grasshoppers driving all by themselves without too much experience, makes me nervous. But I guess I have to let them go sometime.

  • meghan

    Hey how many points can you get with your N before your license is suspend?

    • If you get 3 your license will be “reviewed” by the superintendent of motor vehicles… so it could be suspended after that.

      • Brianna

        So if I crash into another car’s bumper, will I get my N taken away?

  • Jobee

    Hi there,

    I have a question regarding expiring Class 7 Novice driver license. I noticed that you had mentioned before to another user that once the license has expired, we can renew it within 3 years time and have to re-take the Class 7 Road Test.

    My question is, for example, if my license expires on October 20, 2015 and I don’t take the road test for Class 5, can I renew my license earlier (before it expires) and be exempt from re-taking the Class 7 Road Test again? Or it does not matter if I renew it earlier and I still have to re-take my Class 7 Road Test? I hope this make sense.

    Thanks in advanced 🙂

    • The only way you will have to re-do your class 7 Road Test is if you let the N license expire and then an entire 3 years goes past and the N is still expired (i.e. October of 2018) . If you re-new it anytime before then, then you just go to the ICBC and get a new photo & pay a fee (without doing the road test) to re-new the N. That is my understanding.

      • Jobee

        Thank you so much for your detail replied, I appreaciate for your help 🙂

  • Moh

    hey, what’s the consequences of getting in an accident with learner class 7 L license without having any supervisor? No police came by the other car just got picture from my license and registration and left

    • I don’t know exactly. You might get in trouble because you broke the restriction of not having a supervisor. But you will still be covered by your insurance. If it was your fault then your insurance will be more expensive.

      • Moh

        Are you sure about the insurance? because I though they won’t cover the expenses since I broke that law. Oh an what kind of trouble You mean? how bad?

        • Hey, by trouble I mean you might be getting a fine/ticket/points or a license suspension/prohibition (they take away your license for a period of time).

          I have read on the ICBC FAQ page (I can’t find it at the moment but I can find it again if you want) It says the insurance is still valid even if you don’t follow the restrictions. Yes you did not follow the rules regarding your restrictions on your drivers license… but you still have a VALID driver’s license, right? If you are driving a vehicle WITHOUT a driver’s license then that’s a different story..

          from the ICBC insurance booklet

          You may not be covered if:

          Your vehicle was improperly rated — for example,
          rated for pleasure use but used for a higher
          premium rate such as to and from work.

          The crash resulted from avoiding the police or
          using a vehicle for any illicit or illegal purpose.

          You were driving without a valid driver’s licence or
          when your licence was suspended.

          Your vehicle was driven by someone else without
          a valid driver’s licence or when their licence was

          You are found impaired by alcohol, drugs or other
          intoxicating substance at the time of the crash.

          You present a fraudulent or exaggerated claim.

          The vehicle was deliberately used to cause loss or

          Your claim results from acts of war, rebellion,
          insurrection or a nuclear energy hazard.

    • Steven D Skuce

      Possible impound. Possible arrest. Since you aren’t really covered insurance wise, paying out of your pocket for damage. Could be paying off millions for the rest of your life. It’s just dumb. Don’t do it.

  • Mitch

    If you are driving more than on passenger with a class 7n under the age of 25 are you coverd by insurance if you crash?

    • YES. You might be penalized for breaking the restriction but you will still be covered by the insurance.

  • mani

    hii i have my class7 n drivers license . i jst want to know that can i drive a 3ton delivery truck with it

    • Novice drivers can drive commercial vehicles, provided they do not exceed two axles. If the vehicle is three or more axles a commercial licence will be required. If this person is towing something that exceeds 4600 kg. they will also be required to obtain an endorsement 20 on their licence. A class four or five licence is required to do this.

  • mani

    hii i have my 7n drivers license i jst want to know that can i drive a 3ton delivery truck with it or not,

  • Vanessa

    Hi, I’m currently in Africa right now, and won’t be back for about a year or two and my n licence expires this month febuary or at least earliest test date, but when I go back to Canada can I still drive with this or what do I have to do

    • Fortunately, if your Class 7 Novice licence has expired, you may renew it at any time within the next three years. After that, you’ll have to re-take the Class 7 road test. You won’t have to wait any additional time to take your Class 5 road test, provided that you’ve been violation- and crash-free for the last two years that you’ve driven.

  • Colin

    Hi, I have my n and I recently got a 12 hour suspension for having consumed alcohol and driven. I blew a .04 and was given a 12 hour suspension to which the officer assured me I wouldn’t lose my license or anything by those means. But I am now being told by icbc I may very well lose it and that I can’t appeal or anything. I have driven with a perfectly clean record for 15 months before this incident. Do you think I will lose my license and is there anything I can do to protect myself from losing it. Thanks.

  • Riley

    I have my N and I had my license suspended 2 years ago for a speeding ticket. I am now able to get my full class 5 but I got a speeding ticket today. Will my license be suspended again?

    • If a new driver gets a ticket that has points attached (2 to 6) within 2 years of a previous prohibition, they will be prohibited again for a period of 2 to 6 months.

  • The immortal Silas

    can i drive with my dad as supervisor and my grandma as passenger i have my learners

    • Yep as long as he has a driver’s license and he sits beside you

  • Marcus

    How many driver points are needed to have for my “N” license taken away?

  • Charles

    Hi I have a couple of questions:

    1) What does it mean when it says “supervisor 25 or older with a valid class 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 driver’s license.” Like any adult as long as they’re at least 25 with a driver’s license? What’s the definition of supervisor in this context?

    2) Can you stay on “N” forever? When my license expired and I have to renew again, do I have to re-take the road test again or I’ll just pay a fee?

    Thanks in advance.

    • 1) Here’s the definition from the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations:

      (a) is at least 25 years of age or is a licensed driver training instructor engaged in providing practical driver training in accordance with Division 27,

      (b) holds a valid and subsisting driver’s licence, other than a learner’s licence or a Class 7 licence, of a class that permits him or her to operate a motor vehicle of that category, and

      (c) occupies

      (i) the seat beside the operator, or

      (ii) the seat or area immediately behind and to the right of the operator, in the case of a motor vehicle of the category designated for the class of licence issued in which there is no seat beside the operator.

      2) Yes you can just keep re-hewing your N Every 5 years when it expires and that involves going to the driver service centre and paying a new fee and getting a new photo taken. You will always be stuck with the restrictions though if you do not upgrade it by taking the Class 5 road test…

  • John

    I’ve got my N and i’m wondering if I can drive a company vehicle?

    • Generally speaking yes you can. Double check with the company and insurance to make sure it’s OK.

  • Mandy Le

    I just got a ticket this morning for violating the law by using my phone as a gps. Though i did not look at the phone. And i put my phone in the cup holder. So when i got pull over, i was turning off my music frpm my phone and then i put it on my lap. The officer gave me a ticket for having a phone on lap while using gps. can i argue in the court.

    • Um.. I don’t know. I think we are not supposed to even touch the phone unless the car is actually parked. Do you have your N?

  • Marbleyes

    My husband came from India last year. He had his India licence so he got class 5 here. Now he wants to take number one . Can he take number one now.

  • Alisha

    Can you drive an RV or motor home with an “N” drivers license?

  • random

    Can I get an Alberta license if I owe icbc

    • I am not sure, I think it depends on what you owe and what kind of license. Please phone ICBC and/or Alberta and just ask, they are pretty friendly.

  • random

    Hey, I already have my class 7 and am eligible for a class 5. But if I got a speeding ticket 2 years ago which put me on probation and got another ticket today for cell phone use. Will getting my class 5 before that ticket goes into my file help me escape suspension or prohibition.

  • random citizen

    If you have your learners and you go into driving school, does that take some of the required time off? Because I’ve heard that it takes 6 months off

    • Yep but there’s a bunch of rules like you have to complete the driving school theory and certain amount of lessons in the car, also the instructor has to say that you’re good to go, and then when you have your N you can get 6 months off so you can get your class 5 sooner, except if you get into trouble like speeding tickets when you are in your N then you will not get to keep the 6 months off bonus, you have to behave yourself!! lol

      • Citizen

        Hi! Got a question. I just got my L last Wednesday and I have a International License and proof of driving record back from my country, I asked them if I could get my GDL right away but the lady said I can’t because back and June it showed that I wrote the exam and she said I should have brought my papers back then before I did the exam but the lady who helped me before didn’t tell me that, when I came back the next day to do it again the lady asked me if I have had a license before and I said yes I showed it to her then she told me get a certification then come back so u can get you GDL right away and that’s what I did, but last Wednesday they told me I can’t use my driving experienced anymore from back home I have to start from L again w/o them checking my record back home the only reason they gave me was because I did take the written exam back in June I already have a file and they said they can’t change it anymore. Now I have to wait for a year before I can drive. Is there anywhere in Prince George BC I can ask for help regarding with my situation? Thats the only thing I am missing at work and I can’t stop working I am a single mom with 2 kids. I need to work.

        • Hi, I don’t know about this, but I will try to find out. Have you tried phoning ICBC and talking to the customer service dept? 1-800-663-3051

  • Curious

    Hey, just wondering my boyfriends L drivers license expired probably a year ago, can he renew it and go book a test right away or does he have to do the full L license rules again?

    • Yeah no worries.

      “I had a Learner’s licence several years ago and let it expire. Do the two years that I held the Learner’s licence count toward the time before I can take the Novice test, or do I have start the learner stage all over again?

      Yes, the two years your Learner’s licence was valid count towards your driving experience. You can take the road test right away but you’ll need to retake the knowledge test and vision test before you book your road test. And don’t forget to bring the right IDwith you.”

  • Taylor Liu

    Hi I am a driver with my ‘N’. Several days ago I got a ticket ‘speed relative to conditions’ from police. I am wondering if it influence my next full driver licence’s time? (I supposed to have it after 18 months, with this ticket lead to another 24 months waiting time ahead?) Thank you very much

    • Hi,
      When you can book your test

      Your earliest day to take your road test is on the back of your licence. You can take the Class 5 road test once you’ve been a Novice driver for 24 consecutive months without any driving prohibition.

      You might even be able to take it after 18 months, if you’ve taken an ICBC-approved (GLP) driver training course in the L stage and met all other requirements. (No at-fault crashes, tickets, or prohibitions for the first 18 months of the N stage.)

      So how long have you had your N ?

      • Taylor Liu

        Thank you so much for the prompt reply. I have been a novice driver for 6 months and would have my Class 5 road test after 18 months. Some of my friends said if I have a traffic ticket, the waiting time would restart and I would have to wait for another 24 months, which freaked me out… While I did not find any information about that from ICBC website. From your knowledge, do I have to wait 18 months or 24 months?

        • From what I can tell (someone correct me if I’m wrong) it looks like you would have to re-start the time only after a driving “prohibition” or “suspension”, not for 1 mere ticket. So if that’s your first ticket I think you;re OK but I don’t think you can afford any more tickets, because if you do you will start to rack up points on your license, and possibly receive a letter from the superintendent of motor vehicles,. Maybe you will have to wait for the 24 months now, but I don’t think your time restarts. I looked in the motor vehicle act:

          (3) An applicant for a Class 5 licence must

          (c.3) hold or have held a Class 7 licence issued on or after October 6, 2003, and have at least 24 months of non-learner driving experience that is uninterrupted by a prohibition or suspension

          • Taylor Liu

            Ya that is my first ticket. thank you for all the information. Really helpful!!

  • Ley

    Hi, I was just wondering something. I am a driver with my “N,” when it says no music players does that include a car radio? Aka can I listen to the radio while driving? Thanks!

    • Car Radio is all good!

      Note 2: Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) usage restrictions do not include listening to audio
      or music through the vehicle’s sound system but where the source is a hand-held audio player
      as long as that audio player is not held or operated.

      • Audio or music through the vehicle’s sound system: yes

        Audio or music through a hand held audio player that is not hand held or being adjusted/turned on or off or manipulated in any way: yes

        Audio or music through a hand held audio player being held in the driver’s hand or where the driver is doing something to it with their hands: no

        • Ley

          Thanks so much

  • Sam

    Am I allowed to take my class 5 road test using a friends car? It is insured for N drivers and I am eligible to take the test, however he is the principle operator.

    • Yes that’s totally fine! As long as you have permission lol

  • Harry

    Hi! I was just wondering, I’ve had my N road test postponed due to a few reasons in the past little while, twice due to weather conditions, and now my License expiry date is in just a few days and there are no available dates for me to attempt my road test. I was wondering how long I would have to keep my L before attempting the N road test again. I’ve had my L since 2013, and I know how to drive, it’s a shame that I havent been able to get my N.

  • Joe

    Hi, so I just got my license taken away due to a 12 hour suspension – alcohol related because I was an N Driver. If I wasnt, I would’ve been fine with the alcohol content I had in me still, which was basically barely… But unfortunately I didn’t my class 5 drivers as I should’ve earlier and could’ve acoided this whe situation. Anyways got it taken away for three months so I have to restart my N all over again. I just got my license back and of course I am
    Very cautious of driving and everything. However crappy situation is I got pulled over for speeding! I didn’t realize I was it was a 60 zone on hwy..(this hwy is completely downhill too!!) And I live on the hwy basically just pulling out of my driveway. I geared down to slow down but my car didn’t slow down fast enough for them
    To clock me at 70. The cop pulled a uturn to pull me over.. So I was just wondering if I’m going to get my license revoked again? I really hope not as I’ve definitely learnt my lesson… It’s just a really crappy situation that is worrying me.

  • Bjohns

    Question 1: if I am 25 with my N do I count as my own “supervisor”

    Question 2: if my 25+ “supervisor” is drunk can I still have extra people in the car

  • Gavin

    Honest question: and sorry if it is explained elsewhere but why can’t I drive 2 friends with my N?

    • Hey. No worries, it is a good question actually. It’s because new drivers have a history of crashing more if they have a lot of friends in the car. They get distracted.

  • Meesha60

    Just have a quick question… I have my N and was in a at fault accident I rear ended someone making me100% at fault.. Iv never had any tickets for points against my license and my full license test is next week, will they let me take it even tho I have a at fault accident?

    • When you can book your test

      Your earliest day to take your road test is on the back of your licence. You can take the Class 5 road test once you’ve been a Novice driver for 24 consecutive months without any driving prohibition.

      You might even be able to take it after 18 months, if you’ve taken an ICBC-approved (GLP) driver training course in the L stage and met all other requirements. (No at-fault crashes, tickets, or prohibitions for the first 18 months of the N stage.)

      It appears to depend on whether the driver has passed 24 months as a novice or not. If the collision was not reported, it may not figure into the calculation either.

  • Anne

    I did something stupid. Drove sick and tired went thru a red light. Saw the light flash so I know I’ll receive a ticket. I have my N. Will my license be suspended? I’m so worried about this…

    • Hi, I don’t think you will have your license suspended over one red light ticket. Just pay it off.

  • rod

    I have my N, and I yielded a stop sign about a month ago and got pulled over. Recently i received a letter saying I am on a Probation period. And tonight after work I accidentally backed into a trailor. Will this affect my license since I am on “probation”?

    • I’m not sure but I would think so. Just call ICBC and ask them, let me know how it goes.

  • Sirgarrison

    If you had your L and it expired when you get your L the second time can you take your N test right away?

  • llllllll_o

    I want to know, what if I take four people with my N sign and not display it on the car?

    • I don’t know I never did that! IF anyone knows, let us know. The police can use discretion and penalize a driver a variety of different ways.

  • Erin

    Just something I found quite ridiculous… They include FOSTER “relations” as immediate family, but not cousins? I think that is a little absurd. I mean, generally speaking, foster kids aren’t usually related to their foster guardians at all, but cousins are by blood/marriage. I don’t have any siblings or step/half relations, but I have 3 younger cousins who are pretty much my younger siblings, but I’m not able to drive with more than one of them (without a supervisor) after I get my N? I understand that the foster child/guardians live in the same household, but cousins are still more of a relation than fosters will ever be, and I think that novice drivers who don’t have the sibling benefit should be able to drive with their cousins. Any other thoughts? Just a little jealousy rant!

    • That for sure sounds frustrating! The reason I don’t think it has much to do with blood relations but more to do with the people who are actually living in the same house as you, as those people are probably more likely to want or need to go somewhere in the same car as you.. (i.e. someone’s mom might ask the new driver to pick up her sister from dance class on the way home,) as oppose to most people’s cousins who don’t usually live in the same house and usually have their own set of family members which it’s assumed they’ll go places more often with.

      It would be nice to be able to take your cousins in place of your siblings if you don’t have any though. In that case, I personally don’t get the difference between a new driver driving with 3 siblings in the car vs having 3 cousins sitting there. In terms of distractions (which we are trying to reduce, right?) what is it going to matter?! Having 3 of any people in a car can be distracting, no matter if you’re a new driver or not! It’s like they are saying that siblings are less distracting than cousins….!!!! Is this backed by scientific evidence?!?!

      However! The average number of kids people are having these days is something like 1.5. So this means a lot of people have 1 or 2 siblings. But how many cousins do people have? 5? 10? 30? You can see how if they allowed cousins, there would be a lot more new drivers driving with their car filled up the max number of seat belts in the car. And this would likely be more distracting to the new driver. New drivers are prone to accidents, injuries, and worse when the car has a lot of passengers, that is why we have these annoying restrictions in place… Basically to piss you off and keep you alive.

      Just put up with it, drive safely and get rid of your N as soon as possible, I guess that’s all you can do,..

  • Christina

    In theory, if someone with an N gets in an accident that is not their fault in any way, but blows over 0, but under 0.05, how will icbc handle this claim?

    • Hi sorry to hear. Honestly I don’t know the answer to this question. All I know is that N’s are subject to a Zero alcohol restriction. Aside from possibly receiving a penalty/ticket for breaking N rules, what that will have to do with your claim, I am not sure. Let me know how it goes.

    • frank

      i have been in an accident and what icbc does is pretty much nothing. you post your claim and then if your car needs to be fix depending on the dmg and your coverage, you will probably need to give them 300$ or what ever it says on your insurance. but if you don’t want to get your car fixed, you will not have to pay anything. But next time you renew your car insurance, it will go up by 5% because of it and it will not impact your 24 month period to get your full licence.

  • Christina

    Hi there,
    I was just in an accident that was 100% the other drivers fault; she even admits it. Unfortunately, when the police come, I was asked to take a breathalyzer test, as I smelt like alcohol because I had just come from work (I work at a bar). I did blow . 03, but I don’t know how as I haven’t had anything to drink today. My girlfriends and I went out last night, so I’m assuming it came from that? Anyway. What I’m wondering is how this will affect my icbc claim, even though it was 100% the other drivers fault and I was not drinking that day. I have witnesses to the crash, as well as witness to my not drinking.
    Thank you!

  • Stevan

    Is it legal to drive longer than two years with a learner’s licence and does insurance cover you if you are over the 2 year limit.

    • If your license expires then you have to renew it again. Check the expiry date on the license.

  • Sabrina McGillvray

    Can you drive an Rv with just a N driver’s license??? Or do you need a full license??

    • Yes with class 7 you can drive
      (iii) a motor home or motor home with towed vehicles if the towed vehicles in that combination do not exceed 4 600 kg,

  • summersoda

    Can i rent a car is Saskatchewan if I only have my N?

  • LukaTisus

    Ok. So I’ve got my L, but I work at 1am and my workplace is less than 3km from my home.

    Are there any sort of leeway for people who work at that time of night to drive? I’ve got a supervisor but I’m not exactly sure how I would get experience if he’s the one driving us back and forth to work the whole time as I sleep during the day and don’t get any experience in other than on weekends. :/

    Also should mention our town is a police officer training center, so we get all the uppity rookies with something to prove.

    • Oh! No that is strictly illegal after midnight and there unfortunately is no leeway. I recommend getting up earlier or try to find some extra time somehow to practice driving. No offence & I say this as someone just trying to help, but people don’t really learn that much anyway driving 3 km the same route back and forth! You will learn way more if you go for even half an hour to some roads you’ve never been on before and as dedicated driving practice rather than an exercise in memorization..; something driving should never ever be.

    • Moeteeee

      Yeah, if you have a piece of paper from your workplace stating that you work past midnight and that you have to drive , You will be fine. If you ever get stopped by a cop show him the paper, and he will let you off. ONLY if you were actually driving to or from work. If you use it in any other situation you will get in deep shit lol

  • mike

    Can a class 7 drive comersial vehicules

    • Novice drivers can drive commercial vehicles, provided they do not exceed two axles. If the vehicleis three or more axles a commercial licence will be required. If this person is towing something that exceeds 4600 kg. they will also be required to obtain an endorsement 20 on their licence. A class four or five licence is required to do this.

  • Katherine

    I have a question. I have my L from BC, but am living in Alberta temporailty before I head to university next year. I am taking AMA classes for driving and want to take my N test here, and I am just wondering if that is possible? Do I need to switch my BC license to an Alberta one first? Does it matter?

    • Hi! I am sorry but I really don’t know, please call ICBC and ask them! And then let me know the answer so I can tell the world 🙂

  • Cam

    If I buy a pickup with only one row of seating, three seats, can I put a passenger (not a supervisor) in the middle seat, and have my supervisor in the passenger seat?

    • I think I am not sure. It says that the supervisor must sit:

      (i) the seat beside the operator, or

      (ii) the seat or area immediately behind and to the right of the operator, in the case of a motor vehicle of the category designated for the class of licence issued in which there is no seat beside the operator.

      I think the point is that they can see stuff out the window but perhaps also in case they need to grab the steering wheel, so maybe they should be in the seat directly next to you. But I’m not 100% certain. Will try to find out.

  • Rj

    I was wondering if a person with a Canadian class N license, can drive outside US and Canada, as a normal international driver ?

    • Yes, as long as your British Columbia learner’s licence is in good standing (not expired or prohibited/suspended) you can drive in another province and/or the United States or another country. The same applies for the ‘N’ (novice) stage.

      The same restrictions under the Graduated Licensing Program here in B.C. would apply if you drive outside the province. However, you might want to check with the place where you plan to drive to see if they have different rules or restrictions that may also apply.

  • Elwin Cervantes Alpuerto

    N License expired. Will I have to take the test again to renew? or just pay fee?

    • Just pay a new fee and get a new picture, unless more than 3 years has gone by.

      • Bertha

        what if 3 years has gone by…what is the process and i have a fine.

        • ICBC Says: “Fortunately, if your Class 7 Novice licence has expired, you may renew it at any time within the next three years. After that, you’ll have to re-take the Class 7 road test. You won’t have to wait any additional time to take your Class 5 road test, provided that you’ve been violation- and crash-free for the last two years that you’ve driven.”

  • jenny

    Hi i got 3 tickets a couple of days ago. two of them get points taken off , 5 points in total. I live in Vancouver Bc would my license be suspended? for how long? and i read somewhere for novice stage you are allowed upto 6 points for license suspension !

  • Heidi

    Hi, as the parent of two drivers, one with an “L” and the other with an “N” I have a question. If an “N” driver has too many passengers in the car, and he has an accident, is the insurance valid? Thanks for answering

    • It is my understanding that the driver may receive penalties or fines for breaking the rules of the N stage, but the insurance is still valid in the event of a collision.

  • Dayne

    I have my (N) class license. If I were to drive in the states “over-passengered” would I still be able to get a ticket?

    • Yes. You have to follow all of the same restrictions that you have in BC; specifically the ones listed on the back of your driver’s license, whether driving here at home or in the states.

  • Ken

    I am an N driver and i was wondering if anyone knows how long you lose your license for if it is taken away because of speeding tickets.

  • had

    i got a speeding ticket and im wondering how many point do you have for N? thank you

  • Chocolate bears

    How long does your N last before it expires

  • Toni Montgomery

    Can a driver with an N have one passenger who is intoxicated, in other words, be a designated driver for one passenger?

    • Yes (as long as they are following all of the restrictions on their license… of course one of which is zero alcohol)

  • Dan

    does anyone know if I can drive a Moped (scooter) if i already have my Learners 7L licence?

  • Blank

    if some one could answer this that would be great 🙂 i have my N and i was driving through alberta and i got a speeding ticket from a cop for going 5 over and wanted to know if this counts as a strike? or does it no count because its a ticket out of province.

    • Not sure what you mean by “strike” Let me know .

      • Blank

        with an L you have one strike then you lose your licence and with your N you have 3.

        • According to who?

          • Blank

            the lady at icbc when i took my road test

            • I have never heard of that in my entire life..

              • Blank

                I live on The island on the east coast and everyone I asked about it there says they were told the same thing about the 3 driving infractions and you lose your licence when you have your N

                • Al

                  Once you exceed three points or have two or more violations on your records (while still on your n) you get it suspended

                  • Blank

                    But dose a ticket out of province count as a point??

  • Mari

    This may be a stupid question, but If my N sign get stolen off my vehicle while I’m somewhere, or I’ve lost it, can I make my own N sign? Or can I not drive until I get a new one?

  • Austin

    ICBC is the Kim Jong Un of Insurance, they are the supreme leader with no competition ever. Anywhere else you’d have your L for 6 months than your N for a year and a half or so. Also you wouldn’t have to have a god damn sign on the back of your car saying “ohh look at me I’m a shit driver, watch out I might run the car off the road for no damn reason”. The only reason we can’t get our N, which all my friends have now where I use to live, is because the insurance company makes all the damn rules. If we had multiple insurance companies it’d be different but because we must listen to the sumpreme leader we can’t get our N which restricts us from jobs and getting to school on certain occasions. I also hate how some kid who’s a shitty driver can drive before me just because he’s a few months older than me, we should be able to take the test as soon as we feel ready because if we can pass the test then aren’t we ready to drive? Is the test not built to view our driving skills to see if we are ready to drive on our own? This is bull shit ICBC, your a bunch corrupt communistic dorks. Burn in hell

  • rilo be

    I’ll tell you something that pisses me right the hell off. Now excuse me while I rant. I’ve had my N since I was 17 and I am now 26. The reason I haven’t gotten rid of it is because 1) I live in a small town that only does drivers tests 1 day a month 2) I work in Alberta for 3 weeks a month, am only home 1 week a month and always miss that damn day, and 3) I’ve got a great job that I work super hard at and have always been able to afford nice cars for myself. My first car being a brand new mustang that I bought MYSELF when I was 18, my second being a brand new BMW 3 series that I bought MYSELF when I was 22 and my third being a brand new Mercedes CLS that I bought MYSELF at 26. The reason I mention the cars is because I would get nabbed by the police for MINOR speeding infractions all the damn time (I’m talking 5-10 over the speed limit). I’m thinking small town po-po think I’m a damn drug dealer or something and nail me with tickets, resulting in losing my license and therefore having to start my 24 month wait period with my N all over again. (One for going 7 over the limit, and a second for going 12 over the speed limit)
    Haven’t had any infractions for 2 and a half years and I’m finally eligible to take my class 5 road test as soon as one of my weeks off fall on a day that they do road testing in the town I live. Here I am driving home yesterday from the airport and BAM I’m fucking pulled over for going 99 in a 90. Nailed with a ticket. Now I’ll be losing my license again and having to start my 2 years all over.
    What pisses me off the most is that I’ve always been a super careful driver. Almost a road safety Nazi if you will. Never have had a drink and drove in my life, never have partaken in any kind of racing or dangerous road activity of any sort and you would think with my record of losing my license that I was some damn fucking drunken drift racer.
    I whole heartedly agree that new drivers should follow and oblige their restrictions and pay the consequences if they don’t (as should all drivers), but at what point is making a driver with 10 years experience (I was that kid who got my learners on my 16th birthday) still pay the same consequences as a new driver strictly because they just haven’t had the time or access to a road test? I know MANY people with DUI’s and worse offences than going 9 over the speed limit get off a lot damn easier and a lot less inexpensive than me. And WHY? Because they’ve had the time to take a road test and I haven’t. I feel like that’s what it should say on the letter they send me notifying me that my license is revoked. “Your license has been revoked because you haven’t been able to take a road test to upgrade to your class 5”. Meanwhile Bob over there who has had a DUI, is constantly driving like a maniac and gets speeding tickets left, right and center is keeping his license because he had the time to take the test.
    Bite me ICBC!!!!!!

    • That sounds very frustrating.. You still do get 5% off your insurance per every year you drive without crashes though, right?! At least there is that.

      • rilo be

        Yes, and my insurance is cheap since I’ve never been in an accident. However, I do just fine financially and fortunately cheap insurance isn’t a concern of mine. What IS a concern of mine is that at 26 years old, being a hard working, mature, home owner and car owner I am still having my license revoked preventing me from going about my day to day life which driving is a big part of and which, as a responsible adult, I should be entitled to.
        Over minor speeding tickets. SMH. Ridiculous

        • Paelzer

          Look at this video; maybe that will make it clear to you why going even a little bit over the spped limit is dangerous and you should be ticketet for it. And since you seem to get tickets for speeding over and over again, why do you blame others for it and not simply go the posted speed limit; I thought you are so ‘mature and resposible’???
          Have a look:

    • John

      My 17 y.o. son feels like cray behind the wheel because my car is tuned but i always remind him don’t get carried away with the sound of your exhaust keep it in mind the speed limit posted be with it or a little bit lower is better your still young no need to rush.

      I’m sorry to hear and say that they revoked your licence but for my understanding this is what they’re doing now not just to you so that there will be less or no more BOB on the road.

  • Alexa

    I have my N. I had my lessons through a driving school so I get 6 months off of my time (so 18 months instead of 24 months). But I know you have to be accident and ticket free. Would I have to go back to my 24 months if I get into an accident but it is 100% the OTHER PERSONS fault?

  • Penny Hymers

    With my N can i rent a car in another country ( The United Kingdom)? I am over 20

  • Might be a stupid question since it’s already basically stated above, but if I have my phone plugged into my stereo for MUSIC purposes, and it’s in AIRPLANE mode, can I still get in trouble for that? And if the phone is mounted / not freely sitting on the seat next to me, etc. Just solely using it as a music player. ( I Have my N )


    EDIT: Nevermind, I read the law from the link posted below and we’re basically not allowed to use anything. I will have to find another way to play music in the car. Thanks anyway.

  • Jonathan Lukas

    Am I allowed to tow a camper/trailer with my N?

  • Jake Tupper

    Hi, I’ve had my N since June. And I’m wondering if there is driving Curfew where I have to be home by Midnight and I can’t drive till 5am. Like I did with my L. I’m wondering about this because I’m playing in a Rec-Hockey league that plays games late at night like in the 10pm to 12-am range. And I have to drive myself there. Is it still legal to drive after midnight is basically what I’m asking?

    • With the N you can drive whenever you want. Just look at the back of your drivers license to see your restrictions.

  • Lulu

    If I have my ‘N’ does my spouses sister count as ‘immediate family’ ?

    • No I don’t think so..
      “Immediate Family Member” means a spouse, parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, sibling, step-parent, step-grandparent, step-child, step-grandchild, step-brother, step-sister, foster parent, foster grandparent, foster child, foster grandchild, foster brother or foster sister;

  • driver

    Why is does bc have more restrictions then alberta for those in graduated licensing

    • I don’t know, BC has crazier teenagers?

    • Phil Ralston

      Because Alberta doesn’t love their kids !!!

    • John

      Every provinces has its own statistic records, most likely this is where they based the restrictions or maybe something else, like BC has a lot of immigrants that mostly don’t drive from their home country.

  • jeffy

    if I have my N and I borrow my dads vehicle insured in his name and I get in a accident is he still covered by icbc

    • Probably – knock yourself out. JUST KIDDING!!:P Better to check with ICBC to make sure you have the correct coverage.

  • hector

    Hi, it is necessary to complete the driving courses to get the six months off the “N” stage?

    • Yeah you have to do 12 hours with an instructor and also the theory class. Something like that.

  • celena

    well i had a probation letter sent out to me apparently i work out of town and now they said my license on probation but then they sent a letter saying its suspended??? what how and what happens to my insurance ? i cant have my license under suspention i cant work! please help

  • Holly

    For an ‘N’ license who exactly can be considered a “supervisor driver” ? Is it just those 2 requirements: over 25 years + class 1,2,3,4, or 5 licence? If I have a friend who is 25 or older with a class 5 licence in the car with me I can fill up the car with other people?

  • Mel

    Is music allowed while driving for an N licence? A few of my friends have had their parents told them that it’s not allowed (radio/cd playing in the car). Thanks!

  • Lisa

    Is it true the a persons insurance is void if they do not comply with the restrictions of their ‘n’? I am specifically referring to people who do not display the ‘n’ and drive around with several friends in the car. If in an accident, does icbc still cover them? And are the passengers covered?

    • I don’t know, but I found this on the ICBC FAQ: Say my son drives with an N and violates the “one passenger rule,” would he still be covered if he had an accident and the passengers were injured? What about the cost of damage to vehicles involved?
      Unfortunately, young drivers are inexperienced and more likely to crash—which is why the “one passenger rule” is in place. If this situation were to happen though, your son will still be covered by insurance. However, he’d likely get a ticket or have his licence suspended for breaking the rules of the graduated licensing program. The rules of the program are in place to keep young drivers as safe as possible while they’re inexperienced.

  • bud

    If I have my N can I get my class 3 before my class 5

  • Jonathan

    What are the consequences of drinking and driving with your N?

    • Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) drivers who demonstrate blood alcohol content levels greater than zero but less than 0.05, or who police suspect have drugs in their system face the following additional consequences:
      Immediately receive a 12 hour licence suspension for alcohol impairment (24 hours for drug impairment).
      Have their driving record reviewed by the Superintendent and may be issued further driving prohibitions. For more information see the Driver Improvement Program page on this site.
      Will have to apply to reinstate their driver’s licence after any prohibition longer than 24 hours and pay the license reinstatement fee.
      Novice drivers will start over at the beginning of their 24-month (N) licensing period. Learners will reattempt all testing.
      Your driver’s licence is seized immediately, prohibiting you from driving for three days.
      The vehicle you are driving may be impounded for three days; and if so, you are responsible for all towing and vehicle storage costs.
      You are required to pay a $200 administrative penalty.
      You have to apply to have your driver’s licence reinstated and pay the licence reinstatement fee as well as any other outstanding debts to ICBC or the Government of BC if you wish to drive again.

  • Terry DuBois

    Can a driver with an N drive past 12:00 AM if they are coming home from work?

    • N drivers are not restricted to times of day. That is only for L drivers. you’re good.

      • Terry DuBois

        Good News, Thank You!

  • Coolguy123

    I know someone who got caught for drinking and driving with their N. What are the consequences they would expect from ICBC?

    • SmartDude

      they’re going to lose their license for at least a year. and good riddance.

  • hgjfv hgv,,

    I have my class 7L and can take a road test immediately. is it possible to get my class 5 and skip the class 7 stage?

  • me

    My step son won’t drive with his N showing. Half the time leaves his wallet at home too. He doesn’t get the fines or anything like that, probably because he thinks someone else will pay it for him. He borrows cars from his mothers side of the family and never seems to put the N on. Will they do something about it if he is stopped? I even offered him to take one of the four I have laying around. His dad of course won’t push it because the kid gets all upset and then doesn’t want to come down to visit.

    • If a GLP driver is charged under section 25(15) MVA for failing to obey a restriction, which includes driving without displaying the N, they receive a fine and 3 penalty points for the conviction. More often than not, this is usually discovered because they have done something to attract the attention of police. If a ticket is written for that violation as well, they will be prohibited by the Superintendent for points.

      Some officers will ignore a minor breach. If the driver is failing to display a new driver sign for instance, they technically cannot continue to drive until they display one. Discretion can be used to allow them to continue to go and get a new one.

      Maybe he will not learn his lesson until he receives points/tickets.

  • “N”

    Is there a gvw of a vehicle that cannot be driving by a person with a “N”….. Single Axel work truck around 8500kg?

  • I’m not sure because the police can use their discretion and decide to give you a warning or they could take away your drivers license for a period of time maybe 3 months or 6 months not sure what else. Of course the other things that could happen like collisions or hurting yourself or other people or being sued after you cause a collision are possibilities as well.

  • jdb

    What is the punishment if I get caught driving by myself with a learners license in bc

  • scannz0rex


    Thanks for this article.

    However, the legislation regarding electronic devices for the N class is impossible to understand.

    This document states that there is “complete ban on electronic devices” BUT “These prohibitions do not apply, however, if the GLP driver is safely parked and off the roadway”

    What does this mean? That we can’t use a GPS AT ALL while we are driving, or that we can have it on but just not fiddle with it or program it? How do they expect us to use it in this case? Stop on the curb, turn it on, learn the road by heart, turn it off and try to remember while driving?

    Also, it’s unclear whether a phone can be used as a GPS or dash cam on a stand (and not as a phone or communication device).

    Another question is raised when I read ” Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) usage restrictions do not include listening to audio or music through the vehicle’s sound system but where the source is a hand-held audio player as long as that audio player is not held or operated.”

    This sentence doesn’t make sense! Can a phone be used as an audio source, if not held or operated while driving?

    I asked ICBC directly, but they came up with a half-baked answer (essentially, they copied and pasted the content of that PDF).

    It would be great if you could help us N drivers sort this mess out.


    • This is totally confusing to me as well! If you’re going to be confused by something though, let it be the actual law; as in the BC Motor Vehicle Act) :

      It looks to me like an N driver is really not allowed to “use” a GPS (although I do wonder if they are allowed to listen to the instructions). Will try to obtain clarification for you on those other points ASAP.

      • scannz0rex


        I was at ICBC this morning and asked a driving examiner. He said it would be okay to have the GPS running but not to fiddle with it while driving. This said, you could still be right. I guess the legistlation IS messed up and it is open to interpretation and arguing.

        Thanks a lot for your input and thank you for this useful blog.

        • Well thats what I originally thought. But when I was at ICBC with a friend several months ago the lady who was issuing my friend her ‘N’ after passing the road test said “You are not allowed to use a GPS AT ALL.”
          But I found this on the BCAA Website (however, can not find the original source anywhere. I swear It was on that legislation PDF a few months ago. So did they change their mind, or are they just trying to make it as confusing as possible!?)
          Obviously no body wants drivers to be distracted, especially new ones. And looking at at the screen would be distracting. But listening to the voice may be less distracting since you can still listen to the voice without rear-ending the vehicle in front of you!

          • Does this sum it up?

            Restriction on use of electronic device while driving

            30.072 (1) Subject to subsection (2), a person to whom a Class 7 or 7L licence is issued must not

            (a) use an electronic device within the meaning of Part 3.1 of the Act while driving or operating a motor vehicle on a highway, or

            (b) without limiting paragraph (a), communicate by means of an electronic device with another person or another device by electronic mail or other text-based message while driving or operating a motor vehicle on a highway.

            (2) Subsection (1) does not apply to a person referred to in that subsection if the person uses the electronic device

            (a) while operating a motor vehicle that is safely parked off the roadway or is lawfully parked on the roadway and not impeding traffic, or

            (b) to call or send a message to a police force, fire department or ambulance service about an emergency.

            [en. B.C. Reg. 308/2009, Sch. 2, s. 1 (d).]

  • JP

    I have my N (8 yrs) and have never taken another test can they take it away from me

    • No not unless you do something wrong. You can renew your N and drive with it for eternity if you so desire

  • Nat

    My N Expired, will I have to take my N test all over again??

    • If more than 3 years has gone by then you will have to do the road test again. If less than 3 years since it expired, simply renew it at ICBC which involves paying a fee and having a new photo taken I believe.

  • nathan

    can a ‘N’ driver drive tow a trailer.

  • katie

    If I have my ‘N’ and drive with two friends regardless of the restriction, if we were to get into an accident, would we still be insured?

    • ICBC says this (from FAQ page) Say my son drives with an N and violates the “one passenger rule,” would he still be covered if he had an accident and the passengers were injured? What about the cost of damage to vehicles involved?
      Unfortunately, young drivers are inexperienced and more likely to crash—which is why the “one passenger rule” is in place. If this situation were to happen though, your son will still be covered by insurance. However, he’d likely get a ticket or have his licence suspended for breaking the rules of the graduated licensing program. The rules of the program are in place to keep young drivers as safe as possible while they’re inexperienced.

      • nick

        Why is the one passenger rule even a restriction to class 7 drivers?

        • statistically if a new driver has a car full of friends they are likely to get distracted and crash the car, causing injuries and even death to themselves, their friends, or other people

  • Aly

    I’m driving with my fiance (common law), and our son to a wedding which is in northern BC. We both have our N’s, but his sister needs a ride with her daughter which is his niece. The niece doesn’t count as an immediate family member. Are we legally allowed to drive her as well? How does the immediate family members work, is it either family members or one passenger, or if we have a couple family members can we have 1 more?

    • Updated this post w/pics for now.

    • The definition under section 30.01 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations defines a spouse as a person who was married to another person at the relevant time or who was living for at least 2 years immediately before the relevant time in a marriage-like relationship, including a marriage-like relationship between persons of the same gender.

    • deb

      If he drives. . Yes. . That would mean. . Your the spouse. . Your son is family . His sister is family. . Niece is then other passenger

  • kaysh

    Driving across the US border, my boyfriend (living together for 2 years – qualify as spouse?) is driving. He has his N. I also have my N. But we might need to drive our friend who has her full license (doesn’t own a car). We are all 21 and 23 years old. Will this be okay? Help please

    • I think it is only OK if the friend with the full license is the one that drives. ICBC does not define spouse, so I assume spouse means legally married, not “common-law” but maybe you should call and ask them if you really want to double check, otherwise you could be in trouble for having too many passengers. Or you could throw a quick wedding before this road trip!? lol

  • Madi

    So I got my L in arizona basisiy and I am going to be getting my full licence, but I’m moving back to b.c
    Would I need to take another test? Or do they just give me a bc full licence, I get my full licences in 3 months and I am 16

    • I have no idea; ask these types of questions directly to ICBC.

  • sara

    i had my L expire do i need to do that computer test over again or can i just renew it to get my N ive had my L reniewed twice. but i heard if it expires u can just reniew it without taking the L computer test

    • BCDrivingBlog

      I think you have to do the knowledge (computer) test and vision test and pay the fee again.

  • lynda

    being an L driver i know im allowed a max of 2 passengers including my supervisor but what if i have 2 kids am i not allowed to drive ? am i supposed to just leave one at home not everyone has people to watch there kids

    • BCDrivingBlog

      That’s correct.. You can not have that many people in the car while learning because it’s incredibly distracting especially if the children start crying/screaming/etc. Try to find a friend that can watch them while you are practicing.

  • clyde

    If I re-new my Learners after re-taking the exam do I have to wait one whole year again until I can attempt to take my N?

    • BCDrivingBlog

      No! Take it the next day if you want.

  • Tyler Douglas Lyle Sheepwash

    Can you pull a trailer with your N ?

  • Jimmy

    Can you drive as an N driver indivinately ?

    • BCDrivingBlog

      indivin what? If your N expires you can just renew it again and keep doing that for the rest of your life, if that’s what you mean.

  • Guest03

    Is it legal for somebody 25 and older to be in the front seat with a learner while they still have their N?

    • BCDrivingBlog

      NO!! Learner drivers can not be supervised by ‘New’ drivers. The supervisor must have a Class 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5; the ‘N’ is a Class 7.

  • Louisa

    Do out of province/country full licenses count as that “over 25 with a valid class #”? I have my N and I am currently shuttling around 1 person out of a group of 50 around the city. It would be nice to drive more instead of driving back and forth constantly to pick up one person. This group is from New Zealand.

    • Grant

      The MVA regulations don’t say anything about where the licence is from, only that it allows them to drive whatever vehicle you’re in.

      30.071 (1) Subject to subsection (2), a person to whom a Class 7 licence is issued on or after October 6, 2003 must not carry more than one passenger while operating a motor vehicle of a category designated in section 30.01 (2) for that class of driver’s licence unless the person is accompanied by another person who
      (a) is at least 25 years of age or is a licensed driver training instructor engaged in providing practical driver training to the person in accordance with Division 27,
      (b) holds a valid and subsisting driver’s licence, other than a learner’s licence or a Class 7 licence, of a class that permits him or her to operate a motor vehicle of that category, and
      (c) occupies
      (i) the seat beside the operator, or
      (ii) the seat or area immediately behind and to the right of the operator, in the case of a motor vehicle of the category designated for the class of licence issued in which there is no seat beside the operator.
      (2) Subsection (1) does not apply to a passenger who is an immediate family member of the person.

      • BCDrivingBlog


  • Vanessa

    do cousins count as family members?

    • BCDrivingBlog

      No unfortunately cousins aren’t included in the list of what constitutes an ‘immediate’ family member.

  • Jason

    Is it legal if I take my friend (non-family) and my brother in my car whilst I’m still in my N stage? It’s 2 passengers but it does state family members are exempt

    • BCDrivingBlog

      Yes that’s fine, it’s a good idea to always have ID for all the people in the car every time, just in case you need to prove he’s actually your brother!

  • jo

    I only have my L. I also have a baby. I have my fully licensed driver with me .. does my baby count as my one and only “1 passenger?’

    • BCDrivingBlog

      I believe so.

  • Jack

    Can you use your phone as a GPS?

  • Kevyn Ukoustoff

    Question with the whole Supervisor and and Passenger restrictions. If u have a person with their N driving her (2) Parents ( 1 being the supervisor) who are intoxicated and 2 family friends who are intoxicated, Is that legal to have a intoxicated supervisor?

    • BCDrivingBlog

      This seems like a grey area as it does not indicate the rules regarding this in any ICBC information. According to the superintendent of Motor vehicles :“That said, whenever someone is the qualified supervisor of an ‘L’ or ‘N’ driver, it is expected that this person not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs to help ensure they can provide any necessary assistance or advice to the relatively new driver,” he wrote.

      Read more here:

    • Anonymous

      I believe there was a case where a boy drove his intoxicated grandfather and they had to face consequences.

      • BCDrivingBlog

        Yes, that is where I got the quote from the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles from. Maybe it’s one of those things where there is nothing written but it’s supposed to be common sense. Like the whole reason to have a supervisor is that there is somebody responsible in the car who is able and whose job is to supervise (duh?) So if the supervisor is asleep, or drunk, or in the back seat watching a movie with their headphones on, can they still be a good ‘supervisor’ and say something to the driver if the driver is about to make a fatal error!? NO! NO They can’t!!!

  • Anonymous

    The process takes too long I think it’s past ridiculous. Learner permit no longer then 6 months is appropriate and 1 year with n it’s so stupid you don’t have a valid license when you are old enough to move out and go on with your adult life. What a joke.