L and N Drivers in the USA? Yes, Go Have Some Fun (2022)


Wondering if L and N drivers can cross the border into our friendly USA neighbours and have an adventure? Yes, you can drive anywhere in Canada & in the U.S. with your L (learner) or N (new driver) license. You just need to follow your restrictions as usual.

L and N Drivers in the USA

ICBC Hazard Perception Ideas
ICBC Hazard Perception Ideas

The very simple answer to this is YES, absolutely.

Follow Your ICBC Restrictions When Travelling To Faraway Lands

Just be sure to follow all of the same restrictions printed on the back of your driver’s license.

For example, yours might say stuff like: must display the official L -learner- or N -new driver- sign, zero alcohol, passenger restrictions, restrictions around needing to wear glasses or contacts, etc.


What To Do In The States?

The possibilities are endless. I mean, you could start with a little day trip to Seattle or even the Seattle Premium Outlet MallOpens in a new tab. at TulalipOpens in a new tab.. Or if you’re really feeling brave and adventures, drive across the entire country. Or drive around in a circle. Let me know how your adventure goes!

Keep in mind our Canadian dollars aren’t worth quite the same, so bring some extra cash. And also remember that sometimes you may have to pay duty on the way back.

But I am sure it will be worth it.

Some ideas:

Can you drive in the states with a Canadian license?

Yes, Canadians can drive virtually anywhere in the United States, as long as your drivers license is valid. Drivers should be free of any medical conditions that would make it unsafe to be driving. You can drive on your Canadian license for up to three months when visiting our friendly U.S. neighbours. You can also rent a vehicle.

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