Important! Space Management And Defensive Driving


Firstly, cars are moving things and can be timed.


Time things so that you are not driving in the blind spot of another vehicle, nor right beside them. These situations are dangerous because drivers do not have escape routes (extra space) and possibly can not see one another.

Crashes happen when 2 or more vehicles try to enter the same space at the same time.


People don’t hit stuff they see, so if you make sure people know that you exist you will be in good shape.


We got eyes!



In addition, if you find yourself all alone on the road all the better. It is pretty difficult to have a collision with other vehicles if there are no vehicles anywhere around you. Even in heavy traffic you can time it so that you are in a safe spot.


In this pic, the black truck has no escape route (no extra space anywhere) except maybe in front. Try to avoid situations like this where you are stuck between vehicles and have no extra space anywhere.





Secondly, you should always assume that cars want to lane change. That is what cars do.


Expect drivers to lane change, regardless of whether or not their car is displaying a turn signal. If someone turns right, and then turns right, and then turns right, and then turns right, or left and then left and then left and then left, they would be driving in a circle (or should I say “a square”)all day.

Most people don’t want to do that. This means people will turn right and then mostly likely want to do a lane change sooner or later to turn left. You should expect this and leave room for it.

When the light goes green, hesitate for 2 seconds to get your following distance in front AND time it so you’re not in the blind spot or right beside other vehicles.


When turning, stagger it so when you’re turning there is a space beside you, not a car.

Remember you can have a large space in front of you AND go the same speed as traffic.


Optical illusions are no reason to follow too closely to the vehicle in front of you!


Avoid driving in “traffic packs.” If you simply hesitate for 2 seconds you can drive between the “clumps” of vehicles where it is much safer.

When going through the blind spots, try to pass through that area quickly and not a slow pass.

Here is a perfect example of staggered vehicles. Ahh, Beautiful.





This is perfect because each car can see the other cars in his/her mirrors (no one is in anyone’s blind spot), if someone wants to do a lane change it will be very easy, and everyone has their “escape route;” some extra space on the side they could use if need be. Try to drive like this when possible.



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