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Construction Road Signs you need to know about. Yes, you do! Road signs are the very important and (somewhat) universal language of, well, the road. You don’t even need to speak English, or another language to understand them.

Although maybe you do need to understand some kind of language in order to learn about them. Anyway, different signs have different meanings (duh). The shapes and colours of the signs all mean something. Orange signs are construction signs. Yellow signs are warning signs. White and black signs are the law. In this small article we will look at a few signs, one construction sign and a few object markers, otherwise known as obstruction signs.

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Remember that orange signs warn us about construction zones or construction information.

Yellow signs warn us about hazards.

Construction and Obstruction signs: Crew WorkingOpens in a new tab. Road Sign

There are many construction signs. Just remember that any orange sign you see is a temporary sign and has something to do with construction. Pay careful attention as there are often crews working on or beside the road. It is often a good idea to reduce speed, based on conditions or there will often be a speed sign as well. The construction road sign or ‘crew working ahead’ road sign will be orange look something like this:

Obstruction Road Signs Otherwise Known as Object MarkersOpens in a new tab.– Yellow and Black

These wonderful little signs help warn us – especially helpful at night time – that there is an object or obstruction on the road. It lets us know which side of the object we should stay to – left or right; or either way (just don’t go straight thru obviously.)

Need to brush up on your Road Lines, too? Check out this link here. Opens in a new tab.

construction and obstruction road signs

Now let’s see all these signs in a real example:

construction and obstruction road signs


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