ICBC Phone Number Guide – Quick & Easy Lookup [2023]

ICBC phone number

Sometimes you just need the ICBC Phone Number. We have collected the most commonly needed ICBC numbers for easy reference.

Toll-free in ​B.C., Canada, and the U.S.

icbc phone number toll-free


ICBC Phone Number Vancouver & Lower Mainland

ICBC vancouver and lower mainland phone numbers

ICBC Roadside Assistance Phone Number

ICBC roadside assistance phone number

ICBC Driver Licensing Information Phone Number

ICBC driver license phone number
  • For questions about your driver’s license
  • Driver suspensions
  • Prohibitions
  • Medical requirements
  • The Interlock program
  • Vehicle impoundment
  • Driver licence replacement

Report an ICBC Claim

icbc insurance claim

You can report your claim online, or by phone. You can do this from anywhere, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

ICBC Phone Number For Autoplan Insurance

Discounts and Surcharges Inquiries

icbc autoplan insurance

Phone Number For Vehicle Damage and Claims History Reports

icbc claim history reports

Make an informed buying decision for a vehicle you’re thinking about buying. Or get a vehicle history report onlineOpens in a new tab..

ICBC Phone Number For Bills and Refunds

icbc bills and refunds

For ICBC questions about a bill, refund or money you owe. 

Paying a Ticket

icbc paying a ticket

You can pay a ticketOpens in a new tab. by phone, in person, or by mail.

ICBC Phone Number For Reporting Fraud

icbc fraud

ICBC fraud about a claim, driver licensing, insurance or vehicle registration is taken seriously.

All tip information provided to ICBC is confidential and anonymous.

Report a fraud tipOpens in a new tab. 

ICBC Phone Number For Human Resources

human resources ICBC phone

For inquiries related to job applications, employment verification or to learn more about working at ICBC. 

Get your ICBC Abstract Online

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