Pass Your Driving Test Now! Endless Tips for New Drivers

(Last Updated On: February 3, 2017)


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Your DRIVING Test!


An exciting, necessary, and terrifying rite of passage (or something like that).

How to Automatically Fail

  • You’ll fail for doing anything illegal (speeding, lane change over solid white line, driving the wrong way down a one-way street, reversing into an intersection.) 
  • Or Doing anything unsafe (a pedestrian has to jump out of the way, a driver has to do evasive action in order to avoid you, you hit the wrong pedal and accidentally drive onto the sidewalk.)


Worrying About Being Perfect ? Worrying about Parking ?

  • You don’t need to be perfect (no one drives perfectly all the time, not even driving instructors.. we are all human); you can make some mistakes but it shouldn’t be the same mistake over and over; the examiner will then notice a pattern that needs to be corrected.
  • Most people seem to be very worried about their parking ability (or lack of). If you’re stressing more about the parking than about other things, then I’m afraid you’re too worried about things that don’t matter that much and not worried enough about other things that do matter more.  
  • You should know how to park, but you don’t have to be a pro at it.
  • You’re allowed to make corrections, fix it/readjust it if it doesn’t work the first time, or the second time for that matter. 
  • Examiners are not timing you and they’re not going to get out at the end and measure it to make sure the vehicle is perfectly between the lines and perfectly straight. Ain’t no body got time for that!!  

Perfection And Safety Are Two Very Different Things

  • It’s more important that you have good observation skills when parking and you’re looking in the correct direction when reversing. When you drive forwards you look forwards right? When you drive backwards you must look backwards! (Driving backwards in your car, still checking out that hot blonde pedestrian over there…?…. no good!) 
  • If your car is a bit crooked when you’re done parking, that’s not actually going to hurt anybody. 
  • Becoming good at parking can take many years of experience and examiners do not expect new drivers to be perfect: they expect you to be safe, and legal.

Driving At Intersections

  • If you insist on worrying about something more than something else, worry about your ability to safely turn left, right, and go straight at intersections.
  • Collisions happen most frequently at intersections. Probably one of the most important skills you will have as a driver is knowing how to properly navigate your intersections safely and confidently.
  • Turning left is generally considered dangerous and turing incorrectly or when it isn’t safe could  have very devastating consequences. 



Here are some common mistakes I’ve seen people make on the road test & some tips:


 Stopping at Stop Signs



  • Not completely stopping at the stop sign (“California Stop” = “Rolling Stop”) 
  • You don’t have to stop, take out your stopwatch and count to 10 seconds or anything like that, but do make sure that you indeed fully & completely stopped moving!
  • A lot of drivers don’t completely stop their vehicle, they just kind of, sort of, slow down type of thing; try to avoid this bad habit. 

Check out my eBook Intersections Illustrated: Stop Signs Edition (PDF or EPUB)


  • Not stopping for a red light on a right turn.
  • Many student drivers hear “you can turn right on a red light” and some don’t realize that you must stop first! If you just slow down and turn without actually stopping, it’s illegal. This is because if your light is red, it means someone else has a green light, and it’s your job to figure out who that is and to yield to them first before you turn. 


  • If you do turn without stopping, it will be an automatic fail because red means stop; so if you don’t, technically you are in violation of the law.
  • Yes, you may turn right on a red light if you stop first, and determine it is safe. But keep in mind, you do not have to turn right on a red light. It’s a red light, after all. Remember this is the reason why we have green lights and red lights in the first place! People with green lights can go. People with red lights have to let the people with the green lights go first. 

 Speeding – Yes Speeding On Your Road Test – It happens




  • Speeding: Technically, speeding is driving 55, even 51 in a 50 zone or 40 in a 30 zone. 
  • If the speed limit is 30, drive 30, not 35 km/hr.
  • Technically, going 31 km/hr in a 30 km zone is illegal and examiners will mark you accordingly (some examiners are more strict than others).
  • Do not keep up with speeding traffic flow, especially on the highway/freeway where drivers have a tendency to speed. 
  • I don’t really like how strict examiners can be sometimes because I would rather you don’t have to feel so paranoid about your speed you feel like you have to stare at your speedometer the whole time, but knowing the speed limit of course is a must.
  • If you have sufficient experience, you should be able to tell what 50 feels like without looking. You must show the examiner that you know what the speed limit is and are willing to accept and obey it regardless of the behaviour of other traffic. 

 Amount and Timing of Shoulder Checks & Unnecessary Stopping

  • Sometimes people have a problem because they have done Not enough shoulder checks and/or unnecessary slowing or stopping especially on right turns: (Not sure why I lumped these two topics together since they don’t seem related, sorry about that!) 

 Turning Right Without Stop Signs 

  • You must shoulder check every time before you pull over/pull into traffic, before lane changing and merging, and before you turn right (sometimes 2 shoulder checks are required before right turns).
  • Even if you know there’s nothing there, you must still shoulder check anyway. 
  • These checks are to ensure there are no vehicles, pedestrians, motorcycles, or cyclists, or any other road user in your blind spot before you turn.
  • Even if you are 99% sure there is nothing there, you must show the examiner that you are actively looking for road users who may be in the blind spot. 
  • Do not stop for no reason! For example, good reasons to stop would be stop signs, pedestrians, red lights. If you’re stopping, have a concrete reason as to why you are doing so. 

You Must Use Your Parking Brake

  • Use the parking brake every time you park.
  • Try not to be so nervous that you drive down the road for a while with the parking brake on! This seems to happen sometimes.
  • Many people don’t use the parking brake. You should use it because sometimes mechanical failure can occur (the transmission can slip into neutral, and the car may start rolling away by itself if parked on any sort of hill).
  • If you’ve used the parking brake, it will act as a backup plan.
  • Keep in mind, transmissions are meant for changing gears, not holding thousands of pounds in place on hills.
  • Parking brakes are connected to brake cables on the rear tires (usually), their whole purpose in life is to hold your vehicle in place.
  • When hill parking, you do not have to ensure the tire actually touches the curb, but you should turn the wheels the appropriate direction; and do not just turn the wheel a bit; it should be turned all the way

Nervous Wreck?!


Nervous man holding steering wheel over isolated background


  • Avoid being too cautious.
  • Yes, you can fail for driving like a granny!
  • Examiners want to see a confident and competent driver, not a bag of nerves that drives 20 km/hr under the speed limit and slows down for no reason at every intersection!! (Don’t worry. We’ve all been there). 
  • Of course, people are nervous on road tests and examiners know this.
  • Just try not to be so nervous that you stop where you’re not supposed to, drive way too slowly, or do strange things that you wouldn’t otherwise do.
  • Remember to breathe; this helps a lot.

Adjust Your Driving For The Conditions


car driving in forest with much snow


  • Drive for conditions: this means if it’s snowing and you’re on a side-street in a residential area, and there are small children running around in the middle of the road 1/2 block in front of you chasing each other in circles and you’re driving 50 km/hr, this type of thing may be considered TOO FAST even though yes, this is the legal maximum speed limit (yes you could be failed for driving too fast for conditions).
  • You should always decide what the safe speed is based on conditions.
  • If it’s a beautiful day and you’re on a main street, and you are driving 40 km/hr in a 50 km/hr zone “Just to be careful,” and there is a line of 50 cars behind you all freaking out because you’re not even going the speed limit — Don’t do that! It is TOO SLOW!
  • Show the examiner that you are an intelligent being capable of making appropriate decisions based on the conditions you encounter.
  • The same thing goes for strange situations that you were never taught about on your driving lessons.
  • If you don’t know what to do, think about it.
  • What would be the best, most safe, option? 

Reacting Properly To Pedestrians

Fotolia_95782031_Subscription_Monthly_M (1)


  • Pedestrian conflicts: Examiners want to see that you’re willing to help pedestrians, not fight with them over the available space.
  • This means if you aren’t sure if there’s enough time to go before a pedestrian, you should wait patiently rather than trying to beat them or cutting them off, or driving so close to them that you give them a heart attack.
  • You should stop for pedestrians in marked crosswalks and unmarked crosswalks (any intersection without white crosswalk lines).
  • Sometimes pedestrians are unpredictable and cross where they aren’t supposed to.
  • If you aren’t sure what to do, try to think of what the safest option is (keep in mind you should be keeping track of what’s behind you. We don’t want you slamming on the brake if there’s a semi-truck following too closely).   

Issues With Poorly-Behaved Pedestrians

  • Pedestrian conflicts with jaywalking or illegally crossing pedestrians.
  • Say you’re turning left at a traffic light and you’re waiting in the intersection because there’s a lot of traffic. Then the light goes yellow. You start to turn, but you see there’s a pedestrian starting to walk across the road where he shouldn’t.
  • In this case, you should start to exit the intersection and honk at the pedestrian, asking him to hurry up and get out of the way.
  • Student drivers often don’t know what to do in this situation and they may fail the road test for not dealing with it properly. Many will hesitate inside the intersection after the light has gone yellow and wait patiently for the pedestrian.
  • However, if the light is yellow/red by that point, that pedestrian has no right to be there and while you can’t run him over, you should be starting to leave the intersection and alerting him. 


 Steering Wheel, Hands On The Wheel



  • Steering issues: one hand on the wheel is not OK (not considered safe) 
  • hooking or palming the wheel are not OK (not considered safe) 
  • or improper use of the steering wheel when turning.
  • *Note: ICBC driver examiners do not care if you dry steer on the road test. However, if you do this habitually, your power steering components may wear prematurely and you may end up with costly repair bills.
  • (Perhaps they don’t care because you are using your vehicle, not theirs)

Dry Steering – Don’t Do It

  • Use hand over hand, or shuffle steering (either one is fine; the most important thing is that you are controlling the vehicle).
  • You must use two hands on the wheel at all times, the exception being when you are reversing in a straight line
  • If you’re driving standard, just make sure to put your hand back on the wheel once you’re done shifting gears every time.
  • Also, I got a lot of questions about if you can take your hand off for a moment to scratch something or move your hair out of your eyes – yes, you are allowed to be human!

Observation Issues


Girl squinting at you


  • Observation issues: not noticing yellow lights, not noticing pedestrians, not noticing playground/school zones, or not noticing turning restriction signs and turning against them (i.e. right turn on red light with turning restriction).
  • If you have these issues, you may need more practice/experience.

 Turning Problems : Turning Wide, Cutting The Corner, Sloppy, etc.


  • Improper turning: this comes from a lack of training or insufficient practice – cutting corners on left turns or turning wide on right turns. 

 Confused About Basic Rules of the Road?

  • Right of way confusion: not understanding which cars you have to wait for in different situations.


 Details : Leaving a Parking Lot, Lane, Or Driveway

  • Did you know that you’re supposed to stop completely and treat as you have a stop sign, before exiting a parking lot, lane (back alley) or driveway?
  • This may cover the part where you leave the parking lot at the beginning of the road test.

 Scanning With Your Eyes, Especially At Intersections

  • Lack of Scanning: You should be doing a left to right scan of intersections before you go through them, especially at 4-way stops, approaching traffic circle/roundabout and when you’re stopped at a red light and it changes to green.
  • Don’t just go through intersections without looking.
  • Don’t make the foolish assumption that just because there’s a stop sign or red light for the other drivers, that they’re actually going to stop and it’s safe for you to proceed through.

Scanning : Make It Obvious

  • Make it obvious on the road test that you are doing a good scan.
  • Turn your head and take a good look in each direction.
  • Is it actually safe to go?
  • Don’t just use the corner of your eyes because from the examiner’s point of view it looks like you aren’t looking at all.

 Driving Over Train Tracks


Close-up close-up shots of the tracks

  • Also if you’re going past some train tracks, even if they don’t have any stop sign or lights or anything, you should still scan and look for a possible train.
  • There probably isn’t one coming, but if you fight with one you will lose.  

 Is Your Lane Change Legal? Are You Sure?

  • Illegal lane changing: it’s illegal to lane change over a solid white line and while it’s not technically illegal to
  • change Lanes In An Intersection

  • it is definitely frowned upon if not dangerous. 
  • Here’s a video of an illegal (and automatic fail on the road test) lane change:


 Merging Onto The Freeway


car lights at night on the road going to the city

  • Merging on the freeway: You’re allowed to speed up to the speed limit that is on the freeway when you are driving on the acceleration ramp that leads onto the freeway.
  • Normally when your car passes the sign that says “If your vehicle can not do 60 km/hr, stay off the freeway,”, then that is considered the freeway ramp, which does not actually have a speed limit.
  • Just make sure you aren’t speeding up too early while you’re still in the 50 km/hr zone.
  • Match the flow of the traffic but do not go faster than the speed limit.
  • In other words, you generally do not want to merge onto the freeway at 60 km/hr (in good conditions) when the speed limit on the freeway is 90 km/hr. (This would be covered above where it says Do not drive like a Granny.)
  • Also, when you leave the freeway, generally you should not slow down while you’re still on it.
  • Wait until your vehicle is positively, fully and completely off the freeway and on the exit ramp Before you slow down, so that vehicles behind aren’t forced to slow down if they aren’t leaving.
  • Technically, these exit ramps do not have a speed limit either, and that yellow exit speed sign you see – since it’s a yellow sign – is a suggestion/recommendation; so you do not and should not normally have to slam on the brakes to get to that recommendation, you can slow down artfully or gradually.
  • ***** You do not have to merge onto the highway/freeway if you have your “L” and going for your “N” but you may (most likely) have to merge onto the freeway/highway if you are going for your Class 5 full license.*****

 Dealing With Emergency Vehicles


Fire trucks in a row,zoom effect


  • Know how to deal with Emergency Vehicles properly 
  • I have seen people fail road tests that would have otherwise been perfect because they either panicked or they didn’t act accordingly when an emergency vehicle was approaching.
  • New drivers don’t have much experience with this and it is a strange skill to practice for obvious reasons, so be sure to read up on it as much as you can and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Part of it is noticing the emergency vehicle (if it is coming up behind you and you have no clue because you never check your mirrors, then that’s a problem the examiner won’t be able to help but notice);
  • the other part is acting the proper way.

Learn About It Here 

 Left Turns at Traffic lights – Leaving the Intersection

  • Read this post on exiting the intersection on a left turn at traffic lights. Sure, don’t leave the intersection until it’s safe, but once it’s safe, don’t leave too slowly either:

 Shoulder Check Before Opening Your Door

  • You must shoulder check (left) before you open your door.
  • You are looking for pedestrians and cyclists of course!

 Driving Backwards

  • Improper reversing skills
  • Looking the wrong way while reversing, lack of 360 degree check before reversing, unsafe reversing.
  • See this post for more info. 

Reversing/Backing Basics

 Parking On Hills

 Parallel Parking Skills

 Reverse Stall Parking Skills


Underground parking with cars. EPS 10 format.


 Basics: Hand Signals



  • Make sure you know your hand signals as the examiner will check and make sure you’re aware of how to do them.
  • Hand Signals

 Defensive Driving

 Search This Website

  • There is a LOT of info on this website. Use the SEARCH Function if you’re looking for something specific! 

 Practice Driving

  • Practice DRIVING – (duh?) If you’re having issues, get some lessons if you can.

 Quality and Quantity of Practice

  • Don’t just drive to work/school/dance/soccer/whatever. Being a good driver is not about memorizing a route and then going on autopilot, it is about learning the necessary skills so that you can drive anywhere, especially unfamiliar areas, with confidence and with ease.
  • One of the worst things you can do (aside from not practicing at all) is to drive the same roads all the time.
  • Go the long way home, challenge yourself, and get lost – it may be one of the best things you can do to improve your driving.

Chances of Passing

*** About 50% of people who go for the Class 7 road test (“L” drivers hoping to pass the road test to get their “N”) actually pass the test.

  • Getting an assessment driving lesson from an experienced instructor at a reputable driving school before going is highly recommended.***

Examiners Do Not Trick You

  • Will the examiner try and trick you on the road test? 
  • What I mean is they are not going to ask you to drive the wrong way down a one-way street or to do something illegal or unsafe
  • Remember: It’s a TEST after all, so they are not going to help you either, and they shouldn’t have to
  • Their job is not to trick OR to help you, but to ASSESS your skills 

Q: Can you fail your road test for not turning right on a red light?



Here’s some tips from ICBC:

Happy Road Testing  :).


Many moons ago, Carmen became an ICBC-approved driving instructor at the age of 22 in North Vancouver, and has spent many years working with new and experienced drivers around the lower mainland. She can be found reading the Motor Vehicle Act for fun while receiving strange looks from others. May the quest for great driving continue!

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  • Novita

    I’m having my 4th road test tomorrow. I had zero confident after failing 3 times. Your blog gave me some confidence for tomorrow. Wish me luck!

    • Oh no worries, lots of people fail for like 8 or 9 times for various reasons including they just get nervous on tests so don’t sweat, it’s not a big deal, you will get it!!!! 🙂

      • Novita

        I passed my road test! Your website is really helpful 😀

  • Andrea

    Can I pass my drivers test if the only part I fail is parallel parking?

    • I don’t think you will pass if you clearly have no idea how to park whatsoever but if you park and it’s kinda Ok then you might pass the rest if the rest is good…. if that makes sense.

  • Yury

    Thank you so much for your articles! I used to teach driving in the 80-s and 90-s, cars, motorcycles and buses. Much has changed (not so much in actual driving, of course, but licensing and testing)! Now my son is working on his license (yes, with the help of a good driving school) – and your blog is helping both of us tremendously!

    • Hi! Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you’re finding it helpful. 😊

  • Keith Marvin

    Any tips for backing up? I got noted on road test papers saying unsafe grip, if thats only For backing up, does it mean that 10 and 2 positions is not right? Bacause i hold the steering wheel 10-2 for the whole time and 12 for backing up.

    • You have to have 2 hands on the wheel whenever backing up as well, unless your car is going in a straight line backwards; then (and only then) you’re allowed to have only one hand on the wheel (I’m talking about for the road test).

      • Keith Marvin

        Thanks, i wish you’re my driving instructor

        • Awww! yeah, I’m sorry that I quit teaching driving… but at least I made you a website 😉

  • Julia Martin

    Hi there! Going for my class 4 in a few days… wondering if it is possible to bring in some blank paper and a pen and when I start my pre-trip to write everything down from memory and then begin? It is just easier for me to write information down than to verbally remember it. Plus, I’ll be using a checklist in the real world anyway. Any thoughts?

    • Hi, i am not sure but I know that you will be timed, 20 min I believe? You can ask the examiner before the test or phone or ask ICBC prior to the test, i am not sure If they have rules about that.

  • drivingtomorrow

    Hello a few quick questions

    Will I fail for not shifting down into first on my exam? I normally shift down into second, and throw it into neutral as I sit to wait. Should I be shifting all the way into first and holding the clutch in at a red light or a stop sign?

    Can you shift in an intersection?

    Will you fail for too high RPM shifts?

    Thank you!!!

    • Hi
      Sorry I didn’t see this message for a while.
      No you do not have to shift down into first gear necessarily. In fact it’s better for the life of your clutch to just stop in whatever gear you are in. (Depending on the weather , road , and other conditions of course)

      Yes you can shift in an intersection. You kind of have to when the intersection is very large. I don’t know if you can fail for the RPM being too high but it will make it look like you don’t know what you’re doing if you do that.

      The only place it is illegal to change gears is while driving over train tracks. Which also makes no sense these days and was a law written a very long time ago when cars were different. Not sure how the police would notice or care about that these days anyway.

      I think It is fine being in neutral when stopped at red light. That’s my opinion, may want to double check with ICBC as I can’t remember if they have a different opinion.

  • Andrew

    Hi Carmen. I’d like to say thank you so much as I’ve been reading this blog (and the other ones you posted too) which helped me pass my N road test. I was so nervous 2 weeks before my test but as I kept reading your blogs daily, the nervousness disappeared every day. Again, thank you for writing these blogs for the beginner drivers who seek help!

  • Ildar Idrisov

    Thank you for the information.
    I want to ask, can I slow down a little while going straight throw an intersection where I have right of way? My instructor said that I must not press brakes if I have right of way.

    • I think that you should only slow down if there’s a reason to slow down.. You should not always slow down for every intersection if there’s no good reason to.. IF you think another car is going to jump out in front of you or a pedestrian might cross or there is bad visibility or something like that, those might be good reasons to slow down.. otherwise if everything looks good it’s a bit strange to slow down and might frustrate the drivers behind you and/or make you seem paranoid on the road test.

  • Even on roads that plows have touched, choose your lanes wisely.

  • T.O.

    Where could one obtain a copy of a Class 3 road test form, prior to testing? I see you have a very comprehensive overview of the Class 5 results.

    • Hi, I am not sure. I supposed you might ask ICBC.

  • yo mama

    Thank you so much for this. I have a question. Do the examiners care for what positon the driver seat is in as I like to be quite far from the stearing wheel and it does not affect my drivng

    • Do you mean you’re really tall and have long arms and legs or do you like being really reclined like a gangster or like how they do in fast and furious movie sometimes?? 😂😂😂

      • yo mama

        Yep.. the second But will it matter?

        • ummm yeah I think so, i think you should try and look at least kind of proper, lol

  • Bryan

    Thank you so much for writing this! My road test for N is tomorrow. Reading this helped me a lot in remembering what my driving instructor taught me.

  • sumedha sharma

    Hi there. thank you for this blog. Recently someone told me that driving using both feet is a direct fail in ICBC road tests. Is this true. In my case I am habitual to using right foot for accelarator and left for brake. I have a class 5 road test. Please confirm.

    • Yes they will fail people for that even if the rest of everything is all perfect.

      • sumedha sharma

        Thank you for your quick reply!

  • Sam

    Hi Carmen thanks for the blog, I have three questions.

    I’m preparing to take my N test i’m not really comfortable using one hand while backing up . Does it matter if i use both hands on the wheel and look through the mirrors after the 360 vision check?

    Can I purchase and insure a car with my L license?

    If I use a minivan when I park should I set the parking brake? If so how do I do it?

    Sorry for all the questions

    • Hey!! Yes you can use 2 hands for backing up in a straight line if you want and if you’re sure you can still keep the car actually going straight! (and always use 2 hands if you’re backing and turning the wheel at the same time). Yep after the 360 make sure you use a combination of mirrors as well as looking behind over your shoulder at the direction the car is going. Due to blind spots, you should never use *only* the mirrors when you are backing up unless we are talking about a large cube truck or bus that has no rear view mirror or something.

      Yes for sure you can buy a car and car insurance with your L. They’ll take your money! haha

      Yes always use the parking brake no matter what kind of car/truck you have. If it doesn’t have a hand brake like a small car does, then it will probably have the one you use with your foot. Some vans you have to press it and then press the same lever again to undo it. Other ones you have to press it with your left foot and then there’s a separate lever to “undo” or release it. You can ask the owner of the van or look in the owners manual or just look around where the gas and brake are, it’s usually to the left of the brake pedal and you use your left foot on it. Some vans also might have a hand brake like a car. Remember you can check your dash board if the car is on and look for the red brake light, the one that looks like a little exclamation mark, that means your parking brake is on.

  • maddie_fil

    Am I allowed to use my back car camera for backing up etc for my N road test?

    • This is what I found on the ICBC FAQ Page:

      If your car is equipped with a properly-installed back-up camera, you can use the camera to assist you in the maneuver, however you will still be expected to turn your head and look in the direction that you are driving.

      • Oh and also make sure you remember your 360 degree check too!!

      • maddie_fil

        Thank you!!!

  • Nelly Mckenzie

    The examiner failed me today for breaking during an advanced green to avoid getting hit by a car who decided to run a red light… At the end of the exam he said that I did everything perfect but for performing a “dangerous” act he had to fail me… I honestly don’t know what I should’ve done because if I didn’t break he would’ve hit me!! Now my next test is in October which sucks cuz I have a car and I’m not able to drive it. The examiner was like “oh you can just come back in two weeks because there will be openings” HAHAHA what a liar… I have tried so hard to get an earlier date and now I’m stuck doing it in October. Thanks a lot.

    • Did you know you can show up there in the morning (anytimeI guess but first thing in the morning seems good) with your car ready to go and then if someone else cancels or doesn’t show up OR something is wrong with their car like their headlight is burnt out and ICBC won’t take them, then you can take their spot if you’re just sitting there ready to go?

  • sophiexx

    just failed my class 5 today. it was so frustrating because there were no marks (AT ALL) on my paper..and it was perfect until i was doing my stall parking at the very end, and a car decided to try and go through as i was doing my maneuver. i noticed that the car was parking to get in the office to do her test and she seemed undecided as to where she wanted to park her car. knowing she has stopped at a good distance and that i have MADE SURE i did my checks, she decided to press on her gas pedal as i was lining up for the last time to back in my stall. as a result, my instructor had to warn me that the car was there.. and that was the reason they failed me. SO GUYSSS PLEASE be 150% aware of your surroundings especially when backing up because some drivers just don’t have the same intentions as you do and that no matter how careful you are, some will just want to have it their way and there are no if’s and but’s with the instructors also. OH WELL. better luck next time 🙂

    • Nelly Mckenzie

      I just hate how we are stuck waiting 2-3 months to try again… Where did you take your test?

      • Yeah it’s kind of painful waiting isn’t it. I hear you there.

    • oh man that sounds frustrating… everything was fine until the ICBC parking lot? ouch. I guess these things happen. I failed my road test too if it makes you feel any better.

  • Troy99

    Just failed my class 7 test (L to N) twice; the first time was because I wasn’t shoulder checking and scanning frequently enough and obviously enough (which I thought was fair enough), this second time I was failed because I was over-scanning and shoulder checking TOO frequently. Both times the instructor told me that my general driving and parking skills were excellent. But now I am very confused, how are shoulder-checks and scans measured, when is it not enough and when is it too much?

  • One of the worst things you can do (aside from not practicing at all) is to drive the same roads all the time.

  • David Zhang

    When parallel parking on a flat road with a curb, do you have to turn your wheel to the left before you set the car in park?

    • No you don’t have to if it’s flat. If it’s a hill we just do that in case the brakes fail and the car tries to roll away, then the tire will hit the curb and stop the car, but if it’s flat, then don’t worry about it as it probably won’t roll away if the brakes fail. Hope that makes sense. 🙂

  • Marlies

    Question: I just failed my road test. The instructor said I performed a dangerous action. It was on a quite narrow two way road, with a yellow interrupted line in the middle. There were parked cars on the right side of the road. I crossed the middle line during a second to be able to pass a larger parked car. There were no cars approaching from the opposite direction. I didn’t want to take the risk of him saying that I passed the parked car too closely, and with no cars on opposite lane I considered it safe and thought I was allowed to go over an interrupted line just a few inches to pass the car.
    I thought he was joking when I had -26 points for that action and he considered it to be a dangerous action.
    What is your opinion on that?

    • Hi where in the world was this?

    • David

      Whole ICBC road test is scam in bc to make more money from people , they just failed people to make more money and its not real test in real world is another government bc scam by monpoly insurance company such ICBC and etc… we should do something agiat ICBC scam road test fail

  • Rob Robin

    Hello when you turn right on a yield sign do you have to do your head checks to the right before you make that right turn on a yield sign? Thanks

    • Hi are you talking about a right shoulder check before going?

      • Rob Robin

        YES I’m talking about a right shoulder check before turning right on a yield sign.

  • Jackson Eun

    Hello, thanks for great information! I just want to ask you about some road signs. If there is a school zone or playground zone sign with out speed limit, what would be the ideal speed to pass the test? Thank you again!

    • It’s still 50 km/hr then unless it says something else.

      • Jackson Eun

        Thank you!

  • ktsvelasco

    Can ICBC get your foreign license if you fail the road test within 3 months of your residency in BC? I believe that a PR with a foreign license can use it for 3 months. I’m not sure of the treatment when you fail a road test within that grace period.

    • Hi i am not too sure, best to just call icbc and ask. I think it might depend on which country.

  • ktsvelasco

    What if you’re taking your road test during spring break, should you follow the 30km school zone limit when passing by one?

    • School zones are in effect on school days only. Playground zones on the other hand… are in effect from dawn till dusk, every day of the year. So make sure you know the difference. And be aware there is summer school in some schools during summer, and they have another sign for that which is usually very obvious.

      • ktsvelasco

        Thanks for the information

  • Reed

    Going for my road test on Wednesday the 23rd of March!… SUPER nervous. More so for the Parallel parking piece!.. a little of everything! haha

  • Jason

    Hey Carmen, I just failed my N test due to a “Dangerous Action” and not Shoulder checking when turning into the turn lane. I received the dangerous action when I was parking uphill with a curb. I thought you slowly reverse and position your wheel so that it touches the curb, apparently not I received a dangerous action because of it. So in the future do I just turn the wheel the correct way, because many say to reverse a bit until the wheels touch the curb.

    • I don’t really get it. What did you do that was dangerous??

  • Niro

    Hi Carmen! I have a question about freeways. I live in Metro Vancouver. I was wondering if you could give me an example of one of Metro Vancouver’s freeways (which I believe you mentioned has no explicitly stated speed limit).

    Is the Trans-Canada highway (highway 1) a freeway? I was under the impression it had a speed limit of 80km/h.
    Is highway 99 a freeway?

    Thank you!!

    • Hey! Are you asking what the definition of a freeway is?

  • Quincy


    So I haven’t visited this site for awhile but I just wanted to let you know that I passed my N test (2nd attempt) yesterday with 0 errors.

    I owe it all to this amazing blog with such great informative content and tips, and simply want to say thank you!

  • Tanja

    Hi, I had my road test a few days ago and unfortunately I failed due to parallel parking 🙁
    But, I had one question in regards to hazardous perception. I was stopped at a residential road with available two hour parking on the road. I was asked to name 5 hazardous perceptions. There was construction on both sides so I mentioned that, plus a danger of having parking and driving in the same lane. What would the other three perceptions be?

  • Hey!! Do you mean “when” should you speed up?

  • Anon

    There are no speed limits on ramps. You also know that highways are 80 km/h unless posted. If you fail to speed up to the flow of highways, you could be impeding traffic. Once you get onto the ramp, you should be accelerating until you get up to the limit of the highway.

  • Pug

    Hi Carmen, great tips for the test!
    I have a question about the playground zone speed limitation. Once I was driving around a playground in maple ridge, and the sign says “30km/h when children on highway”. I could see children playing inside the playground, but there’re nobody actually on the road or the shoulder, so should I drive at 30 or 50 ? Thanks!

  • Gurwinder Singh

    can i use my own car in test in surrey bc?

  • “Examiners do not Trick You

    Will the examiner try and trick you on the road test?

    Actually, this is how I failed my first ever road test when going from L to N. The examiner took me on a route where there was a hidden, unmarked playground zone. The playground was hidden down a hill, so it could not be seen from the road unless you already knew the area well enough to know it was there. The sign indicating that it was a playground zone was also missing completely. The examiner waited until we were back at the office before bothering to tell me I had failed, so I spent the 2nd half of my test following instructions and doing all the right things only to have him say “Sorry, you were speeding during your test, so you automatically failed.”

    • What I meant was they are not going to ask you to drive the wrong way down a one-way street or to do something illegal or something like that. It’s a test, so they are not going to help you either, and they shouldn’t have to; since that is their job to judge your unassisted driving skills.

      If you’re in a “hidden, unmarked playground zone” (Where is that by the way?) then the speed limit is not 30 km/hr, as all marked playground zones where the speed limit is 30 km/hr are required to be clearly marked. So perhaps you went a bit faster than the speed limit some other time during the road test? Did you get clarification? Did the examiner actually tell you that you were supposed to be psychic and know that that was a 30 km/hr playground zone without a sign? Did you go exactly 50 km/hr when you were in a 50 km/hr zone?

      Also, you pay for the road test at the beginning of the test before you go. So their opinion is that you may as well get your money’s worth and complete and whole test. That way, regardless of if you pass or do not pass, you will still have had a complete assessment done on ALL of your driving skills which means you will be able to receive feedback on ALL of the required skills; which means you have the opportunity to improve on ALL areas that may need it and become successful before your next attempt, rather than just receiving a partial review of some of the skills without the opportunity to improve on things that may need it.

      Also, they don’t want to distract you by telling you that you did not pass in the middle of the test while you’re driving down the road as that usually is highly distracting information. They would like you to focus on the driving task so that they can complete their assessment in a fair and safe way. They’re on a bit of a tight schedule as there are a lot of people waiting for road tests so it is more efficient to discuss the whole test at the end rather than to stop in the middle somewhere and then stop again at the end.

      Hope that helps.

      • This was in Kamloops, BC, just off Columbia Street. The guy told me that the playground zone was what caused me to fail, even though it was completely unmarked (I went back there on foot and spent a good while hunting for that sign because I thought maybe it was hidden by tree branches, but it just plain wasn’t there. I was highly angry.)

        Good point about why he wouldn’t want to tell me I failed in the middle of the test, though.

        • Oh. That sounds so weird. Yeah that would make me angry too. It doesn’t sound like it makes any sense.

          • If I were you I would go in there and ask the manager why you are supposed to be psychic,

  • Sanja Kc

    Hello! Please advise if any statute (the MVA, the regulations, etc.) or any ICBC driving booklet speaks to having to put a automatic vehicle into “park” gear or applying the park/emergency brake prior to exiting the vehicle. I know this is common sense, but I am looking to see if it is explicitly written anywhere. Thank you in advance.

  • Baiska

    Hello! I’m going to take the test soon but dont know how to deal with a situation on the picture. Which of the two cars has right of the way? Thanks for help!

    • Hi, I think those are meant to be stop signs not yield signs?? If so, this is usually treated as a 2-way stop situation and/or uncontrolled intersection(s). So whichever car arrived/stopped and then entered the intersection first should go first. If 2 cars arrive at the same time, the one going left should yield to the one going straight. Think of this as 2 different intersections.

      In other words, if those 2 got there at the same time, then the blue one has to yield because the red one is going “straight” (until he gets to the next “intersection”). If the blue one arrived before the red one, then the blue one would normally go first because he arrived/entered first.

      Of course, use caution as obviously it is confusing for many drivers and people may not know what to do.

  • shadownet

    My fifth attempt is tomorrow morning. I barely got any practicing done. I honestly am starting to care less about this now. If I pass, yay. If not, then whatever. I lose more of my pride and makes me look like a total loser.

    Any tips? I really want to pass but considering I had minimal practice…

  • Boo boo

    I’m curious. I usually end up being crooked when I’m done with regular parking. Is it okay to “readjust” during the road test in Nevada USA? Because that’s where I live. Thx

    • Hey I have no idea, but generally it’s Okay because that is what people do once in real life, driving alone with their full license, since we are all humans, we don’t do it perfectly. It is more important to do it safely and fix if necessary. 🙂 Hope that helps.

      • Boo boo

        Okay thx. That’s all I was really worried about. 🙂

  • Quincy

    Hi again,

    I have yet another question before I take my N test this coming Thursday!

    This question is regarding 2-Way Stops.

    If Car A is turning left and Car B is going straight through or turning right, which vehicle should yield to who? Does it matter which car arrived at the Stop sign first in this scenario?

    Of course, through traffic always have the right-of-way since Car A & Car B are both facing Stop signs.


    • Hey, There is a great article on this over at DriveSmartBC:

      Basically a driver must yield to which ever car “enters after stopping” (not necessarily the one that just stops) the intersection first , however , I find many people are confused about this situation, especially because they have to pay attention to the left/right traffic.

      So always be cautious and never assume you “have the right of way”

      Let me know how your test goes!! 🙂

      • Quincy

        Thanks for the clarification, I guess I will try to use my best judgment when it comes to 2-Way Stops

        And definitely will do! This site has been super informative and helpful.

        Hoping for the best tomorrow!

        • Personally when I’m driving I just see which car stopped first and which car rolled into the intersection first. Also sometimes it’s obvious that a car is really aggressive or they really want to go first, and other times you can tell the driver is terrified and they will pretty much stare at you and wait for you to go first, so just do your best and remember you are facing each other so it’s not like you’re going to sneak up on each other, just try to work together. Some people wave and tell each other to go but it’s best to avoid this to avoid liability in the case they go and get into a collision after you told them to go; so it’s better to tell them what you want by the language of your vehicle (Staying stopped at the white line and NOT inching forward gives them a signal that you are waiting for them to go first, as you are not even trying to look left/right for the other traffic or attempting to go, While if you do inch forward and are trying to look left/right also, it looks like you’re getting ready to pull a move, right?)

          Hope that helps..

          • Quincy

            Hey again,

            Unfortunately, I didn’t pass today as I realized I made some mistakes while feeling some nerves, even though the overall exam wasn’t too difficult.

            Here’s my results sheet but ‘m not too sure on how to read it, haha.

            • There’s a post about it just google how to read your ICBC test results… Looks like mainly The right turns were the issue.

              • Quincy

                Thanks, I’ll take a look!

                • Have you taken some lessons?

                  • Quincy


                    Yes I have taken lessons before which was a year and a half ago, and now I’ve only been driving and practicing with family now.

                    On another note, I was wondering what is the procedure for re-booking another road test after failing the first time. It says “Next Road Test (by appointment) not before 2 weeks on my results sheet. When I check online to book a test, the earliest one available is not until February.

                    In this case, do I simply go back to the ICBC office and tell them I didn’t pass the first time?


  • John

    After I make a turn, and my wheel is recovering, am I allowed to just loosen the grip on the wheel and let it slide back to the proper position?
    Thanks! 🙂

    • Yes you can, as long as you are controlling the car and your turn is proper, it’s fine.

  • Quincy

    Hi there,

    I have my 7N road test this Thursday at 8AM Burnaby Centre (first attempt). Feeling a bit nervous, even though I have driven for quite awhile now.

    I have a question regarding Right Turns on Red Lights for intersections. Can you fail the test if you choose not to do a Right Turn on a Red Light and instead wait for a Green Light?


    • No! But it is good to show the examiner that you do realize that you “could” turn right on a red, so if you do decide to wait for the green at least look towards the left like you are looking for traffic or inch the vehicle forward a bit if it’s safe rather than just blankly looking into space, lol. Then they know that you are at least educated about it 🙂 If not they might wonder if you are properly trained overall.

      • Quincy

        Thanks for the response, appreciate it!

    • (since most people do try to turn right on a red light if they can)

  • Greg

    Hi, I have my road test for my Class 5 in Richmond tomorrow (second attempt) and want to clarify some things when leaving the highway. Last time I failed because I was going too slow (apparently impounding traffic behind me) when I left the highway. I saw the yellow 50km sign way before and dipped down to 60-65 before the examiner told me I should speed up during my road test. My question is, when should I slow down when I leave the highway? The one in Richmond is a bit tricky (Exiting to Shell Road):,-123.1057105,3a,75y,140.17h,63.67t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s_TJzBk6O40tIMdLXOlNBqQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    Would it be appropriate to only start slowing down after the dashed line (bus lane merges onto highway)?

    The exit path starts way earlier than the Google maps shown (if you click back a bit you’ll see when the exit path starts to diverge and the 50km yellow sign appears). So even if I see that yellow 50km sign, should I still go roughly 90km/hr? Essentially I’m still on the highway, but have stones on my left dividing me from the general flow of traffic.

    • Hey

      There is technically no speed limit on the freeway exit lane/exit ramp, so usually there is no need to slam on the brakes from 90 to 50 when you see the sign. If it’s yellow sign then it’s a recommendation not a legal requirement. Usually you want to stay the same speed as traffic flow without speeding for as long as you are still on the freeway, you don’t want to make the cars behind or around You slow down if you don’t have to, when your car actually gets to the 50 sign you may gradually begin slowing or ease off the gas pedal or in some cases you may continue at highway speed for a bit, depending on circumstances .. When you actually are off the ramp and have turned into a new road then the speed limit might be 50 again or you need an otherwise good reason to slow down, for example you can’t turn a corner going 90 right? So look far ahead and determine the correct speed based on all of those things… Hope that helps.

      • Greg

        Thanks for the tip. However, I’m still just a little bit confused on why I failed last time (and hopefully not for the same reason again tomorrow). When I slowed down, there was only one lane on the lane I was on (in other words, everyone behind me had to also be leaving since there were blockades on the left as shown on Google maps). So in essence, the lane I on was completely separate than the flow of traffic on the highway since we have a blockade. However, I’m still technically on the same road as them (the path is still vertical). So should I only start slowing down when my road starts curving out? I’m not sure if this makes sense, but if you have a look at the link I sent it might be easier to comprehend my situation. Sorry for the confusion! I just really hope I don’t fail again tomorrow for the same mistake 🙁

        • I am not sure why you failed since I was not there to see how you were driving. however, if you’re slowing down there should be a good reason. Slowing down for no reason on the highway can be dangerous and could cause road rage.

          • Petr

            So is yellow sign with 50km/h Slowing down for no reason? If it is, so why they put it there? And why there is statement in ICBC sign document saying: slow to advisory
            speed shown.

            I also didn’t pass in this exactly same road, cause I don’t know a road and after this yellow sign 50km/h is bridge so it looks like there will be intersection soon, after bridge is hill so you also can’t see anything in front of you so it made sense to me, that if there was yellow sign and I can’t really see where is end of lane I should slow down cause I don’t want to turn in 90km/s.

            I think this is just trap on students, cause if you don’t know the road you slow down to advisory speed, but you can’t know there is another kilometer of line, so instructor can say, you was driving too slow with no reason.

            • Hey, there’s good reason for those yellow signs. But because they are yellow in colour it means it’s a very wise idea (not necessarily the law) that you follow them. They are not there for decoration; usually there’s a good reason such as a curve, hill, blind driveway, or in the case of coming off the freeway, there will likely often times be a stop sign/ red light or intersection so driving around say 50 km/hr is much smarter than 90 km/hr, technically there are no speed limits on entry and exit ramps to the freeway.

  • Jenn

    Hi, is it okay to use both hands on the steering wheel when backing up in a straight line if I’m more comfortable doing it that way or no? I did it that way for my first driving test but the examiner never said I was wrong for doing so, however I’m not sure how other examiners would react to me doing it that way. Thanks

    • Hey, There is no law against it. I don’t see how it would be a problem as long as the car is actually going in a straight line and you are still turning and looking over your right shoulder in the direction you are going; those are the important things.

    • There is no law against it. The important things are the car is actually going in a straight line and you are looking in the direction you are going i.e. over the right shoulder. I think as long as those are happening then it’s not a problem.

  • Gabriel Prusinowski

    After a long battle and this blog i passed my road test in port coquitlam for my 7N today, very happy now.

    • Oh nice. Congratulations!! Enjoy 🙂

      • Gabriel Prusinowski


  • Guest

    Hi, thanks for all the tips! Super useful.
    I have a question regarding making turns at intersections with medians. For example, at the intersection of King Edward and Macdonald. If I am travelling down Macdonald wanting to make a left turn, do I drive up next to the median and wait there for a gap so I am essentially in the intersection? If I’m travelling down King Edward wanting to turn left, should I turn enough so the car behind me can continue straight down the lane, or do I just turn a little so the car behind me would need to go around me? Thanks!

    • Hellooo! I wrote about this here, Let me know if it helps:

      • Guest

        Thank you so much for the quick reply! That post is extremely helpful. One more clarification: in the last scenario (turning left onto Macdonald) would it make sense to just pull up past the second white line and wait, or so far up that I’m perpendicular to the median on my side of the road?

        • I would say to imagine the entire road chopped into 3 chunks and take 1/3rd. This way, if the oncoming left-turning vehicle also takes 1/3rd (or if there is no oncoming left-turn and then after a while one shows up) then there is still room for both left-turning vehicles to turn simultaneously OR for either one to turn when they choose to (when safe) i.e. you don’t get in each other’s way or hog/block the entire intersection.

          I guess in that case it would mean (depending on the size of your vehicle) your front tires roughly would be on top of the far white crosswalk line or just a bit in front of the line; your front bumper should be around lined up with NOT the yellow line on the road you are about to turn into, but the dashed white line separating the 2 lanes beside it for the opposite direction you are going.

          That’s kinda hard to explain , Hope that made sense!

          I wrote another thing about turns here:

  • Flaca F

    Hi! I found this website very helpful! I am gonna have my road test in 2 weeks; it is still not clear for me if i can use only one hand while backing up to exit the parking lot or if have to have both hands on the steering wheel and just look through the mirrors; also, if part of the test is in at the DMV parking lot, what is the appropriate speed i need to go?

    • Go very slowly! Use one hand on the top of the wheel if going backwards in a straight line, otherwise, use 2 hands whenever you are turning the steering wheel/steering. If going back in a straight line, turn and look over the right shoulder thru the back window. If backing right, look over the right shoulder. If backing left, look over the left shoulder. Whenever backing in general, do peak in the mirrors occasionally as well as looking backwards. Due to blind spots, we can not use mirrors only – we must also turn and look behind in the direction we are going. Hope that helps.

      • Flaca F

        Thank you very much! I understand much better now; i also, want to ask you what is the best way for shoulder check in terms of blind spots when changing lanes or making turns; for me , even i try to do do my best , i do not feel confident by doing that since i am afraid of losing control of the car!

  • Catherine♡

    Thank you so much! I passed my N on first try thanks to studying your blog and everyone’s comments 😀

  • yogeshsood

    This is great blog I would like to thank you for maintaining this website. I passed my class 5 road test today. Before test I opened this page and went through all of these points one more time. I must say this is nice summary for driving test. Regarding exam I would like to mention if you can control your nerve it is not as difficult as it may sound. Examiner gives you ample notice to change lanes etc , you can make out they are mentally going through most of the points mentioned above, left turn, right turn on red/green, school zone, 4 way stop, railway crossing , highway merge etc.

    • Congrat’s,!! Great to hear it, and, you are most welcome.

  • Aaron

    Thank you for posting this! I have my test tomorrow afternoon to get my N and I’ve already been twice before. I have a tendency to get nervous on tests, which resulted in me failing by doing ridiculous things that I would NEVER do when normally driving: went forward when I was supposed to go left because me and the examiner were having small talk and I got distracted very easily by that. In the same test, my examiner kept telling me I was palming the wheel when I turned, even though I always kept two hands firmly on the wheel and used the hand over hand method. She would poke my hands with her pen whenever I did it which seemed to be at every turn which was very distracting and annoying since I had no idea what she meant, I swear I was not palming in the slightest; other instructors have never pointed this out. I drive about 4-5 times a week (been driving for about 2 years) and always feel confident and comfortable but on my test I tended to get a defeatist attitude because I was afraid of getting even the tiniest things wrong. But after reading this I must say I feel more confident that I’ll get it this time. Thanks so much for this! These were really great tips!!

    • you’re welcome, glad they helped!! take care 🙂

  • csheidi

    Hi. I just passed my class 5 yesterday and I just want to say THANK YOU, this blog helps a lot on giving out knowledge and key points on passing the test, and most importantly it helps mentally! It seriously calmed my nerves down to know that I was not the only one feeling anxious about road test. Its great that new drivers can freely ask questions or simply share their feelings about driving or road test. YOU ROCK!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

    • Stop making me cry!!! Congrats on the license!! 🙂

  • Laura

    Hi, what is the difference between no stop sign with no arrows, no stop sign with left arrow, no stop sign with right arrow and no stop sig with both arrows?
    If there is a no stop sign does it mean it is effective just infront of the sign or for the entire block or for 100 meters distance?

    • Hey!! Are you talking about stop signs or intersections with red lights/traffic lights? I am a bit confused.

      • Laura

        I am talking about NO stop signs on the side of the road like below. Sometimes it has two arrows, sometimes no arrows and sometimes one arrow, What does the arrows denote here and till what distance this sign is in effect i.e entire block, 100 meters or just right infront of the sign board?

        • Ohhhh gotcha, I thought you were taking about something else I was so confused lol, will write you back tonight, good question!!

        • Hey my computer isn’t working at all, I will try again tomorrow I wanted to make you this long answer with a lot of pics!! I even took new pics, but anyway it just means do not stop like from the post that the no stopping sign is on until the next sign (or the next block, have to look it up) and the arrow just points to which side of the post you can stop or not stop on, like if there’s one arrow it means do not stop on the side the arrow is pointing to but you can on the other direction/side of the sign/pole, hope that makes sense!! Will try tomorrow with my computer lol 🙂 cuz a picture is worth a thousand words,,

          • Laura

            Thanks a lot..this reakly helps 🙂 ….i have another question, can i go in the reserved lane ( bus lane or bike lane) if i have to turn right? Also how will i know that the right most lane of the road i am turning to is not reserved lane, will it be ok if i turn into a reserved lane and then safely change the lane afterwards?

            • Hey sorry I didn’t write back, I will write a proper response in a few days! You are not supposed to cross solid white lines, So you usually just turn into the lane you are actually going to drive in (NOT into the reserved lane).. However there are times you might turn into a reserved lane because it’s only reserved during certain hours like Monday to Friday 3-6 PM or something, so in that case if it’s outside that time you should turn into it. I will write a proper posting with pics and things, as soon as I can. Thanks for the good question 🙂 and happy driving!!

  • You could also try to get onto a cancellation list on at a driving school, using a driving school car,Tell them you want to get a test ASAP and they might have a spot reserved for another student who you could get the spot if they decide not to do the test.

  • I’ve heard people just keep checking online because when someone cancelles or changes there it shows up as a free slot. You can also show up first thing in the morning at ICBC with a vehicle ready and if someone cancells or doesn’t show up, OR if their vehicle isn’t ready to go (They don’t realize one of their brake lights is burnt out or their turn signal isn’t working or crack in the windshield,) and you are sitting there waiting to go, then you can take their turn. Just show up and let them know you’re on stand by for the road test. I’ve heard people have good luck with this!! Let me know how it goes:)

  • megan

    sorry if you answered this question somewhere already but i was just wondering, when there’s a pedestrian walking towards a crosswalk are you supposed to stop for him or is it only if the pedestrian is stopped, waiting to cross? my driving instructor told me one way but i just wanted to be completely sure as that could be a pretty big error to make thanks 🙂

    • It is hard to say yes or no all the time, because pedestrians don’t have turn signals, and sometimes they walk toward the crosswalk but then they turn right so they don’t actually want to.

      However! I believe it is good practice to slow down and/or stop if the pedestrian is walking towards the crosswalk and it looks like they may want to cross.

      If you aren’t sure, then slow down and find out. The only reason the pedestrian stops before crossing the road is because they don’t want to get run over…

      If the car anticipated their actions and stops before they get there, then they can just keep going, and this would be ideal. Drivers are always supposed to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk and those who would like to be in the crosswalk.

      And it is better to stop and see if the pedestrian would like to go across rather than assuming they don’t, and keeping driving. It does not really hurt to slow down and/or stop and find out. Just make sure you check your rear-view mirror and make sure it’s actually safe to stop beforehand. 🙂

      Hope that makes sense. 🙂

  • John


    For a one lane road at an intersection I notice something but I’m not sure if this is illegal?

    The first car is going straight and the second car is turning right. So the second car creeps up beside the first car to turn while the first car is still waiting for the light to turn green. (only one lane obviously) Is this illegal?


  • Gabriel Prusinowski

    Is there an area considered easier to do your test at? I need my class 7N for work ASAP!! I just cant sleep thinking that i will fail 🙂 I heard from many people that port coquitlam was the place to do it. I hope to hear your opinion!! Thanks.

    • I heard through the grapevine something about Pt. Grey. Of course it helps if you familiarize with the area… even though, once in real life, you’ll need to be prepared and know what you’re doing in any type of unfamiliar area 😉 I really don’t know! PoCo might be easier because it’s in suburbia. Let me know how it goes!!

      • Gabriel Prusinowski

        thanks for the reply, I won’t rest well until I get that darn license 🙂

  • Mauricio

    I have a full class 5 BC driver licence and I will go do my full class 6 motorcycle road test in 3 days. I know that I will move to a new address at the end of the month. So assuming I pass the motorcycle road test, am I able to delay the upgrade of my drivers licence so that I can get a new driver licence card with my new address next month? I would prefer waiting to upgrade than having to put the new address sticker on a brand new licence. Thanks for responding

    • Oh I see what you mean. I am not sure that will work. The only thing is you don’t want ICBC to mail your driver’s license to your new address when you won’t be there to get it for almost a month. I used to resist those little stickers too. But they have new ones these days that are very small and stick onto the front, not like those silly ones that were on the back before. Just tell ICBC of your concern, I am sure they will have a solution that makes sense. Let me know how it goes 🙂 And happy motorcycling!!

  • megan

    are you allowed to adjust your mirrors downward before you parallel park/ stall park or is that looked down on? thanks 🙂

    • Yes please do, this is why cars have mirrors, for you to use them, to help you! And it makes sense to adjust them down so that you can see what you need to see. Just remember when backing, to use the mirrors but also turn your head and look the direction you are going, too. Due to blind spots, we can not use mirrors only (unless you have fancy blind spot mirrors, even then, on the road test you must show that you’re looking in the direction you’re going as well as using mirrors)

  • Jamie

    I recently failed my roadtest due to some very specific things, like
    turning on a yellow light and not making a seriously obvious shoulder
    check although I did shoulder check and turn safely. Now I walk around
    watching the drivers in Vancouver. If these drivers were to be tested,
    most would fail miserably. Most drivers don’t actually stops at stop
    signs, hardly anyone properly shoulderchecks when turning, lots of
    people don’t bother to use their signal lights, and impatient fools are
    constantly speeding to the next light, and at least 3 cars turn on a
    yellow light with the last one trailing behind through the red light. I
    see all of this on the road and wonder why the traffic laws aren’t being
    enforced and why have all these drivers picked up such horrible habits.
    It’s really frustrating because I am a careful, defensive driver and
    always give the right of way/follow the rules, yet I failed my test due
    to a grumpy instructor, what I see on the road is absolutely ridiculous
    and downright dangerous behaviour. I can’t even imagine dealing with the
    traffic lights being out, what a nightmare driving here can be. If ICBC
    is so strict on their roadtest then how come as soon as people get
    their N or class 5 it all goes to shit and traffic enforcement is
    basically non-existent. Don’t forget the notoriously bad taxi drivers
    who “drive all day” so they feel like they can cheat and blow through
    stop signs etc.. What a joke.

  • Daniel

    Taking my Class 5 Alberta test tomorrow, very informative article glad I came across it!

  • I am so sorry I missed this comment and never answered!! Usually just stop and see what the other car does, They will either go around you – in which case you should remain stopped until they are gone – or they will stop behind you and wait patiently for you to do your thing… in which case, you can carry on with your maneuver. Hope that makes sense.

  • isabel

    Hi! If the cars are coming the opposite direction, then you let them pass first. However, if they’re behind you, you should be doing a 360 check anyways and you’ll prob see if they wanna over-take you. if you see them signaling to pass you, just wait.

    • Yeah, and a lot of people don’t signal to pass, they just go around you. It’s important to stop and wait for them to go because the front of your car will swing when you start moving.. Once in a while people are patient and wait for you, too.

  • Sonam

    Hi, I just took my class 5 road test today and passed! I really wanted to thank you , your blog helped with a lot of questions I had which no one really had a solid response for. Thank you so much!

    • Oh you are SO WELCOME!! I’m so happy, all of this work and writing article and working on those silly photoshop diagrams I stayed up working on for 10 hours all the time at 4 AM, has actually helped people, in the real world! LOL

  • Derek

    Hi, Are two and three point turns still on the “N” test? I was told they were no longer tested. Thanks

    • Hey, I’m not sure, Will try to find out for you.

      • Hey, 2 point turns not so much anymore, property damage and such became an issue… 3 point turns are rare for class 7L likely a u-turn in culdesac, more common for Class 7N. Hope that helps.

  • Jaspreet Mallhi

    Hi, I just had a question about where to park your car on the day of the test in surrey, can you park it in the parking lot or do you have to park it in the back?

    • Hey! Hm, I’m not familiar with the location. Usually there are designated spots for road tests, that way you’re close by and set for the designated route. But it probably doesn’t matter that much!! They will figure it out 🙂

  • Christy

    Has anyone ever had problems with the examiner not paying attention? I had my N test in Abbotsford today and did great on everything, except failed because she said I never shoulder checked. I did shoulder check every time, but I noticed that when I would do my shoulder checks she was looking down at her checklist. I just assumed she saw me turning to look but she did not. I was told I should file a complaint, but I am not sure if doing so would be in any way productive. It’s frustrating failing for something you know you did correctly.

    • Did you discuss this with the examiner? Is it possible you and your examiner have different ideas of when to do the shoulder checks?

    • Jackie Girard

      curious who your examiner was….my son just had one that was busy playing with her fingers and not paying attention. I did lodge a complaint and it was a big waste of time. But maybe if the same examiner gets enough complaints it will eventually help someone….

    • Jamie

      I had the same problem at the Point Grey location.. I shoulder checked on a right hand turn (red light), as I shoulder checked the examiner was looking down at his checklist.. then he claimed I didn’t shoulder check. It is so frustrating because the waitlist to take the test again is 2 months..

  • Jourdan

    Failed my class5 road test today in Burnaby, he said I was driving slow on hwy1 (80 and on the right lane) and should have ran 85-90. I asked him if that was my comfortable hwy speed plus I was on the right lane and there was a van behind me all the time and didn’t honked at me is that wrong? he just told me i was just driving too slow… now im confused

    • Oh! Sorry to hear it. It depends on the conditions too. If it’s a nice day then you should aim for the speed limit, which was probably 90? It does seem strange to go 10 km slower than the speed limit on a nice day, on a road test where you’re supposed to be showing confidence and knowledge. Just because someone doesn’t honk doesn’t mean everything is necessarily good. I think he just wants to see a bit more confidence. Hope that makes sense.

      • Jourdan

        Thank you, you might be right. also I also got an note for wrong turning position, what exactly does this mean? thanks a lot for your help

        • Was it for right turn or left turn?

          • Jourdan

            i got 1 for left turn and 2 for right turn. thanks again! been reading a lot from your blogs hopefully i’ll make it on the next one.

            • Hmm it is hard to say without seeing them. It could mean your car was not over to the right before a right turn, or you pulled too far forward or not forward enough or that you just stopped in a strange place before turning. lol sorry that probably does not help too much.

  • Justin

    Hi there, I recently got my class 7 license and have a lot of siblings. We were all planning to go shopping downtown and was wondering if a police officer pulls us over, how can I prove that i am with siblings, or do they just take your word for it? Thanks, blog helps a lot!

    • Hey, I always wondered about that.. it would be hard to prove certain relationships. Do you all have the same last name, and do they have a photo ID like even a school card they can bring with? I think that would help.. Even if they don’t have a photo ID, bring some kind of ID with their full name on, I think that’s all you can do.

  • DF

    With all the new technologies on newer cars are we allowed to use them during the N road test? The car my daughter is using has a backup camera and a side camera for when she changes lanes to the right. Can she use them or should we maybe put a cloth or something over the displays Thanks for your help it is greatly appreciated.

    • Hi, I find ICBC is pretty cool about this actually, and they realize it’s not the 1980’s anymore. I found this on their FAQ page:

      Can you use the car’s back-up camera during a road test (i.e. for parallel parking)?

      If your car is equipped with a properly-installed back-up camera, you can use the camera to assist you in the maneuver, however you will still be expected to turn your head and look in the direction that you are driving.

      I’m guessing for the lane changing, she’ll still need to shoulder check anyway. Just ask the examiner before the road test (or even phone ICBC if you really need to know right away!), they will be happy to clarify it, and perhaps practice also in a more simple car just to make sure she can drive any car and do normal shoulder checks too. Hope that helps.

  • denisse

    Hi there! Thank God I came across this site :). I have a question though what else besides houses on both sides makes a residential area, residential (30km)? I’m having issues with that. Does the yellow line in between make the difference ? Meaning if it has the yellow line is a 50km if not is 30km? Does this make sense? Some residential areas don’t have the 30km sign I hope you can help me with this.

    • Hey hey!! Oh, this is simple! The speed limit in the city/town is always 50 km/hr, unless it says something else. They just don’t want to have a million 50 km/hr signs on every road you know, cuz there are already enough distractions out there! So… if it doesn’t say anything, assume it is 50. If it wants you to go 30, then there will have to be a 30 sign. Remember that 50 is the Maximum for good conditions though! So, you can always decide to go slower if you feel it’s a good idea. 🙂 There are a lot of roads technically 50 but I would NEVER go 50 on, they are just too narrow, or too many kids playing, etc.
      Hope that helps!

      • denisse

        Thank you so much!!! This has helped 🙂

  • KK

    I had my test today in Surrey. It was my first try but unfortunately I didn’t make it. I did great on the things I was scared of messing up in but screwed up on the most obvious thing which ended up costing me the entire test because it was a “dangerous action” (which is considered an automatic fail). I was at a stop sign waiting to turn left and it was a very quiet area with lotssss of trees that were making it hard to see the on coming cars, especially from the right side. I was waiting to turn and my left side was clear of cars and I checked my right side, which was also clear but with a car that seemed pretty far (or so I thought it was far). Anyways, I went ahead and turned left and the car coming from the right was a lot closer than I thought and my examiner was saying stop stop and right then and there I knew I had failed. The trees blocked my vision and I thought the car was far-ish but it turned out to be a lot closer :(. My examiner was the nicest guy ever. When everything cleared up he was like you okay? and stuff. He was so so so open and understanding and yes they let you pull over to breathe if you’re really nervous .. just ask them right in the beginning if you’ll be allowed to do that and they’ll reassure you! Anyways, I never ever thought I would have messed up on a simple turn. Please be careful and slowly creep up if you can’t see that traffic properly, especially if there’s lots of trees/hazards around! They take points off if you wait TOO long as well and miss too many gaps where you could have went.. that makes you seem like a driver that isn’t confident. Also:

    1) I was freaking out about the speed because I thought that even if I went 52 on a 50 zone, it would take a point off but it turns out that it’s fine. He said as long as you stay under 55 it should be okay. Try your best to be at 50.. but staying exactly 50 is hard.
    2) I thought that you had to scan the intersection every time you passed through one but my examiner said that I only had to do it every time I was the first car waiting at a red light. Throughout my whole test, I kept doing the scans even if I wasn’t the first car. This was a little confusing to me because my instructor who taught me to drive, said I should do scans every time but my examiner said to only do them if you’re the first car in the lane. But I guess the examiners would know better since they’re the ones marking you.

    3) Don’t forget to turn your wheels based on if you’re uphill/downhill when you park.
    4) SHOULDER CHECKS.. super super important. Both on left and right turns. Don’t just look back because you’re “suppose” to and then turn, look back and ACTUALLY look and see if there is someone walking or a cyclist.. do them like a second before your turn and when you see no one there, turn. When turning left, shoulder check to the left. And when turning right, shoulder check to the right.
    5) Every time you’re about to reverse, full 360 checks. And while reversing, make sure you’re always looking back. A two second glance at the side mirrors shouldddd be okay! I have to look at them or I start thinking i’m about to hit a curb or something lol but 99% of the time always look back while reversing because you don’t know who could just come out of no where behind you.
    6) The examiner will tell you to pull over when safe and name some hazards. This’ll happen in a neighborhood-y area. You have to name 5ish things. I said – hidden driveways, kids playing around that I might not see, pedestrians, the area had large trees and so I was like “large trees can be hazards because they might be covering important road signs”, and stuff like that. By the way, they’ll never be like “pull over”, instead they’ll be like “pull over when it’s safe”. Don’t pull over directly in front of people’s driveways!
    7) SCHOOL ZONES DON’T MATTER IN THE SUMMER! Unless it says “summer school in session” or something like that underneath a school sign. But playgrounds do matter even in the summer break so make sure you slow down on those. You can fail if you don’t slow down. I think it’s considered a dangerous action. I was so happy because school zones was one less thing I had to worry about on today’s test but my next road test will probably be when school starts and so I have to make sure to watch out for those as well along with playground zones. I’m just so bad with speed haha
    8) Make sure you know how to drive around a cul-de-sac as well (I got a little confused there because I hadn’t practiced those much and so I wasn’t sure where to look/shoulder check. I just did this awkward drive in a circle trying to look around like I knew what I was watching out for haha). He corrected me on that in the end, but it wasn’t like a huge failing factor, just lost a point there I think.
    9) Make sure you actually STOP at stop signs for about 2 seconds and than slowly move forward to see the traffic. Even when turning right on red lights. STOP first and then slowly move forward if you can’t see traffic.
    10) I know I’m making this so long and probably repeating so much that’s already written on this extremely great and helpful page. My examiner said I was doing pretty good and that I might just have passed if it wasn’t for that one dangerous action. 🙁 Oh well, I learned from my mistake. When you reach the ICBC place you’re probably going to be feeling so nervous. I couldn’t even wait in my chair because my stomach felt so sick and I was just a nervous wreck.. but honestly, there’s NOTHING to be nervous about. Being nervous will make you mess up on silly things. I was so nervous at the beginning that I almost forgot to simply signal at a turn! The examiners all seemed very nice. Once I got in the car, I started feeling pretty comfortable. Remember.. it’s totally totally totally okay if you fail! (I keep repeating this to myself as well). It’s not the end of the world and you can have as many second third and fourth etc chances. Everyone makes mistakes and you will get your N when you are meant to get it even if it takes like 10 tries. It’s all good. 🙂 sorry I typed so much! Please correct me if I gave out any wrong info.

  • KZ

    When a pedestrain is crossing do you have to wait for them to cross all the way to the other side before you proceed?

    • Hey, awesome question. I have an article coming tomorrow about this. Hope it helps!! 🙂

  • Sam Bowen

    I took my N test today and was lucky enough to pass on the first try. This website was a huge help, so thank you so much for all of the relevant advice and videos!! As well, I was lucky enough to have an examiner who was more than willing to answer all of the questions I had, and told me without any prompting whatsoever about school zones no longer being in effect. Consequently, just remember to watch your speed (I was 1 demerit away from failing for driving too slowly)! Thanks again for all of the help!!

  • Vanessa Wong

    My N test is tomorrow but reading your blog is calming my nerves a lot!

    Thanks for helping us newbies out 🙂

  • isabel

    Hello everyone! So I took my road test yesterday in Burnaby but unfortunately I didn’t make it. Main reason was because I missed a playground and I went 46 on a 30 zone. Also, I didn’t do a full 360 when I did my straight reverse exercise. For anyone taking their road test for the first time this summer, especially in Burnaby, here are some tips:

    1. SCHOOL ZONES: they are NOT in effect UNLESS there is a sign underneath that says SUMMER SCHOOL IN SESSION. I drove around Moscrop Elementary school and that school zone is in effect. If you have been driving around for quite some time now, you should be familiar with what school zones look like so the extra sign underneath is not hard to miss. Also, make sure you also pay attention to where the zone ends! Just look for the back of the house-shaped sign on the left hand side of the road and once you pass it, speed up accordingly 🙂

    2. MAKE SURE YOU YIELD TO BUSES! Holy crap, the 28 bus was all up in my face during 65% of my test. NEVER overtake/pass a bus. Never. You never know when it’s gonna start moving again and if it’s only a one lane road (which Smith Avenue is), then you stay behind that bus and you yield!

    3. Always be mindful of EVERYTHING. I also went around Burnaby hospital and there was a car that was leaving the parking lot and he was on the driveway. Right next to the driveway was the bus stop, where the bus was currently stopped letting passengers on/off. I’m not gonna overtake the bus anyway. So I let him go. Mind you, I WASN’T mindful of everything because I missed that stupid playground… -___-

    4. Pedestrians: I never had problems with jaywalking pedestrians except for one. Again at Burnaby hospital. It was a little old granny and I saw her trying to cross the street. No crosswalk or anything but she was starting to edge slowly onto the road. LET HER CROSS. I just stopped (left her room and didn’t creep the road as she crossed, as if telling her MOVE YOUR BUTT WOMAN!). Made eye contact and gestured with my hands that she can go. I mean, you shouldn’t encourage jaywalking but assess the situation.

    5. Those of you concerned about your parking… LOLOLLL DON’T BE. One of the first things that I did was parallel park. I’m very confident in my parallel parking skills but I guess my nerves just got to me and I hit the curb TWICE and I went over the sidewalk OMFG. When my Examiner was telling me why I failed at the end of the test, he didn’t say anything about my parking. Yeah, I got points off but it wasn’t an automatic fail. SO DON’T WORRY!! And if you think you can’t fix it, do your best! I was getting really nervous because my boyfriend usually helps me fix my parallel parking if I screw up. But he wasn’t there so I had to do my best. MAKE SURE YOU PUT ON YOUR EMERGENCY AND PARKING BREAK EVERY TIME YOU FINISH PARKING!!

    6. EXAGGERATE YOUR SHOULDER/MIRROR CHECKS. Especially while parking/reversing/pulling out/pulling in parking spaces.

    7. NEVER turn right at reds without a full stop first. Never. Ever. You’re just asking to fail.

    8. Put your seatbelt on BEFORE you start the engine.

    9. Yield signs are NOT stop signs. Do not treat them the same way. Only stop at yield signs if you have to.

    10. The speed limit was 50 at all times outside school (if noted) and playground zones. However, there are a lot of hills in the area I took my test. Be mindful of your speed going down the hill between Moscrop and Price on Smith Avenue. There is a traffic light at the bottom of that hill. Be prepared to stop if the light changes.

    That’s all, really. It’s all about being safe, guys. I saw my best friend yesterday and she told me the reason she failed was because her examiner could tell she was nervous and it showed. It affected her driving. I know it’s normal to be nervous. But if you’re a nervous wreck behind the wheel, no one is gonna want to get in that car with you. If you want to conquer your fear of driving, then do what my boyfriend made me do when he was teaching me how to drive. Don’t just drive everywhere. Drive the busy roads that make you sh*t your pants during rush hour. My boyfriend made me get on Kingsway, Boundary (trucks everywhere!!), Willingdon… he even made me drive to Surrey and we took Patullo at 2pm on a Saturday. And then again at 11pm from Surrey all the way to Commercial. In the rain. He made me drive to Richmond too, through the Knight Street bridge on a busy Saturday afternoon. No.3 road is ridiculous by the way. Damn. Conquer your fears. The road test is nothing to be afraid of if you’re prepared and confident driving. The more confident you are, the more likely you will pass because you know what to look out for and what to do.

    Good luck!! 🙂

    • Brittany Nicole Roffel

      Anyone know of you have to parallel park on your class 5 lol? I’ve barely done it since I got my N so just wondering if I’ll need to brush up on that.

      • a lot of people told me they never had to do it on their class 5 or even much of any other parking, although officially according to ICBC you might have to. They are mostly looking for habits on the class 5,.since you already proved you know (or knew) how to p. park on the first road test. I would brush up just to be safe, as it’s not that hard, and you may need it in “real life” anyway 😉

        • isabel

          Richmond had a cancellation today and I immediately changed my Oct date to today. Got to richmond and I started to have have mental breakdown. I was so sure I would fail. My parallel was as horrendous as last time. But I was happy t were more busy roads than residential. In the end? I passed 🙂 only comment examiner had was inconsistent shoulder checks. Lol richmond, you ain’t too bad 😉

      • isabel

        i was tested on parallel parking. LOL i hit the curb twice, went over the curb and i wasn’t straight.. it was a nightmare!! but the examiner didn’t say anything about it when he was telling me the reasons why i failed lol

        • Oh ouch!! It happens.. Life goes on.. I think. lol
          Keep practicing young grasshopper 😉

  • Chris

    Hi there 🙂 I will be taking my Class 7 test early July – and I know that school is not in session, would it be wrong/would I fail for driving under 30km/hr when driving past any school zones at all? I guess what I’m trying to get at is, should I be safe and drive 30 or below, or should I assume that the school zone speed limits drive the speed of say 45-48 km/hr? Also, would it be wrong to ask my instructor before we start the test? Thank you!

    • Hi!! How exciting!!

      1) YES DO ASK your examiner any question before the road test. Examiners are actually really friendly. They just don’t talk to you during the test because they don’t want to distract you. It never hurts to clarify anything before the test.

      2) YES you will fail if you drive 30 in a 50 zone for no apparent reason!! They want to see what you are going to do once you are driving alone, in real life. Are you going to drive 30 in a 50 zone once you have your N? I hope not! If you do I will honk at you! 😛

      Remember that “Playground Zones” will still be in effect, though; and also you can go less than 50 if you have a GOOD REASON like you actually see kids on the road or beside the road or you have bad visibility or poor weather conditions. Drive appropriately based on what you encounter.

      School zones are in effect on school days only.. Summer schools count as a school day, and will have a “summer school” sign next to the sign. Otherwise, if it doesn’t say to go 30, or if it does but it ‘aint a school day nor a summer school day nor a playground zone, then it ‘aint a 30 zone 😉 🙂 lol

      Hope that helps!

  • Jeanne

    Daughter failed her N test. Tester failed her because she would come to a full stop at lines at stop signs, then inch out until she could see clear to go. Didn’t creep out too far as to impede traffic or anything. He told her she shouldn’t have “stopped” twice? Should she stops past the stop line until she can see, or will the new tester tell her that is wrong too? Confused?

    • I emailed you.

      • Anna Ye

        Hi! I have the same question

  • Anonymous

    I had my first ever Class 7 road test this morning and I passed! I definitely think this post had a lot to do with that. Thanks so much for all your hard work in putting it together!

    • Nice work!! Congrat’s, drive safely and you are welcome!! 🙂

  • Life of Pi

    Son was at a AT-Fault accident last night and he is on a 7N licence that is past its 2 year wait with zero problems. It was minor and not any damage to his vehicle. Police didnt attend as it was straight forward but the other vehicle will need some work done. Does his N get suspened or can he still go and get his class 5 tomorrow?

    • Hi there, Should be fine, normally you don’t lose your N just for that minor mishap. All the best,

  • FilipinoBroskie

    Didn’t pass the road test. Reason was, because I was turning Left with one-hand. She said I was turning Right with both hands, but turning Left with one… I don’t even think I realized I was doing that. But, she said for the Class 5 test your allowed to turn with one hand. That sucks… one mistake cost me. Everything else was fine.

    • Ah sorry to hear!! At least you know everything else is good 🙂

  • Gabriel Prusinowski

    Hi there, thank you for tgis vwry helpful blog, I have a road test this friday, would I get penalized for having a following distance more than 2 seconds? I get teal nervous so I hope i pass than you agin this blog really hrlps

    • No such thing as too much space, just make sure you aren’t travelling too slowly! All the best!!

      • Gabriel Prusinowski

        Thank you i really hope i can pass

        • Yea let me know how it goes!! Don’t be too nervous, just pretend that you’re confident!! hahha and just remember you don’t have to be perfect but you do have to be safe.. and legal 😉

          • Gabriel Prusinowski

            My Exam will be at 8am this friday in Newton Surrey, so thats pretty much rush hour, any tips or pointers for a test during rush hour, would this mean I will spend more time stuck in traffic and have a higher passing chance?

            • Hey, Sorry I was too slow! lol, How did it go/ I’ll have to think about that and make a list of tips for rush hour, I think that’s a great idea!! so thanks for that. Hope it went well 🙂

              • Gabriel Prusinowski

                Hi there, unfortunately I didn’t pass, main reason, When I was parallel parking, I backed up to the curve but the Tester Stopped me and told me she didn’t want me to continue backing because I was too close to the car in-front where I was close to hitting the car, I also missed scanning through a railway. I will try my luck in Port Coquitlam in 14 days.

                • Oh noes!! Oh well not the end of the world.. Just think of it from the examiner’s point of view, like you know that you will stop before hitting the car but the examiner doesn’t know right, so it’s best to be safe than sorry and make things very safe and obvious 🙂 Let me know how it goes!!! 😉 All the best,

  • Janice Hernandez

    I had a question .. So I failed my driving test because I didn’t stop for a pedestrian who was standing in a left/right turning lane I understand pedestrians have the right away however I’ve seen so many people who never stop for pedestrian who are standing where they Are not supposed to be .. so why did I fail ?

    • The pedestrian was in the middle of the lane, in the middle of the road?

  • Cel

    When backing out from a parking spot, do you have to signal which way the rear of your vehicle is going?

    • Yes that’s the idea! 🙂 then other drivers can hopefully understand where you are going.

  • Fiona

    Are you allowed to use back up cameras to back in to spots/parallel park on the Class 5 test?

    • This is what it says on the ICBC FAQ Page:

      If your car is equipped with a properly-installed back-up camera, you can use the camera to assist you in the maneuver, however you will still be expected to turn your head and look in the direction that you are driving.

  • Ryan

    When parallel parking, if you bump the curb but fix your park will you be penalized?

    • It is generally OK since it’s not dangerous or illegal (if you gently touch the curb when parking that’s one thing, if you hit the wrong pedal and drive over the sidewalk that’s a different story). Once I had a student hit the curb while parallel parking on such an angle, the hub cap fell off and she had to get out and pick it up and put it in the back seat. And she still passed because the rest of her driving was good 🙂 I was standing outside watching the world go by. I see the car go past with out the hub cap.. I thought it was very interesting! haha

  • Tiff

    Hi, I did it at Burnaby which I heard horror stories about, but I really just got lucky I got a really chill guy and we didn’t go far at all. We just kept driving in circles around the same area. When my brother did his he went all the way up to canada way so it really depends.

    • Think about the time of day too. 11 AM is pretty chill right? After school at 3 PM thing can be a gong show..

  • Anna

    Hello! How are you?

    I’m wondering, for parking on a hill, facing down/up, do you think on the road test the instructor would make you parallel park on a hill? Or would they just make you park in an empty space and see if you know which way to turn the wheel when you park the vehicle?

    Thank you so much for all of this information you’re providing for everyone!
    Have a great day/night!


    • Hey, Oh I am good and you are very welcome!! Hmm, I’ve heard some people have had to parallel park on a hill. I think they normally try to separate the parking though, like do the parallel parking (normally just behind one car, not between 2,) where it’s flat and then later on take you to a hill and just tell you to pull over and park, and then see if you turn the wheels the right way etc.

      If you’re parallel parking on a small hill and you don’t know if it’s steep enough to be considered a hill, put the car in neutral and see if it rolls. If it rolls, then technically you should be turning your wheels, and you can always start to do that and the examiner will tell you to stop if they don’t want you to do it then.

      But in real life you may have to parallel park on a hill, which of course can be obnoxious, but maybe a good thing to try and practice once you feel confident with it when it’s flat.

      Also the ‘instructor’ is someone who teaches driving, and the ‘examiner’ is the one who tests your driving but doesn’t teach you. Just sayin! Those are like apples and oranges 😉

      Also in Richmond it’s really flat. I don’t even think they do hill parking there? So I guess it depends on what area you’re testing in and what type of hills there are to work with etc.

      • Oh what about parallel parking on a speed bump?? that sounds awkward !! I don’t think you have to do that. hahaha

  • Tiff

    Hi, my class 7 test is in a few days and I am feeling moderately confident in my parallel and back in skills haha, but I’ve come to realize that its expected that you look out the back window while youre reversing into the space. I do the 360 check but then I rely on my side mirror to reverse and straighten my car looking at the curb and white line, with the occasional shoulder check out the back window maybe 20% of the time while reversing. Would this mean a fail on the exam?

    • Hey, Umm I think they are pretty strict about this because pedestrians of all kinds do tend to walk behind vehicles as they are backing up and if you’re only using your mirrors you may not see them due to blind spots, the only way to be sure is to look over your shoulder. (You could also not see a whole bunch of other stuff such as posts and other vehicles) SO I would recommend to for sure look over your right shoulder if you are backing in any kind of a straight line. Otherwise, for sure use a combination of mirrors and looking back, of course that’s why cars have mirrors, for you to use them!

      Have you read this one?

      • Tiff

        thanks, I passed!, He did make some comments at the end about how i should check for hazards more often rather than checking the position of my car but it wasnt even marked down on the sheet, I only had 2 ticks, test was actually super easy

  • Zach

    Hi when you turn do you have to use both hands close together in the 10 and 2 position and when you are correcting after a turn do your hands have to be on the wheel or can you slide them until the wheel is straight?

    • Check out this very good video about this!! I believe it is OK on the road test to let it slide to return the wheel as long as the car is being properly controlled. In my opinion I strongly believe that people should be controlling the wheel with proper steering techniques (hand over hand OR shuffle, NOT sliding) But that’s just me!!!!

  • Tom

    Hi I’m new to Vancouver and my driving test is tomorrow! We are moving into an apartment and I have a small hired cargo van rented, is this ok to do a test in? I’m using my Irish licence currently which is valid for 3months

    • Check with the place where you rented it from. I would assume if your license was acceptable for you to rent it and drive that vehicle by yourself without supervision (?) then it would be totally fine. ICBC just requires you drive a vehicle that is in acceptable condition and one that you have proper permission and insurance to drive.

      PS. WELCOME TO VANCOUVER!! 🙂 Sorry in advance about all the rain 😉


    Hi, my test is coming up very soon and I had 2 quick questions. 1. At an intersection where it’s only 1 lane each way, theres is often room to create 2 lanes, so the right lane can turn right. I do this purely out of convenience but I assume is in fact illegal, right? 2. I have a bad habit of resting my hands on my lap at a red light at an intersection. Would I fail if I did this, because even though I’m not moving, my hands aren’t on the wheel at all times?

  • Bekibunny

    I’m getting very frustrated because I’ve just failed for the 3rd time. I am in a position where I have noone to practice with, so I’ve been buying lessons from YD. This was great to teach me, but I’m at the point where I need to practice more, and I just don’t have that option. Other than paying a school for lessons, or buying a car and paying someone to sit there while i drive (I don’t know anyone who’ll do it right now), are there any other options?
    I looked into car co-ops but noone will let me join until I am an N. No car rental company will rent to me (I do understand why).
    I feel like its a real Catch 22; I can’t rent or drive until I have at least the N, but I can’t get the N through lessons with YD alone.
    My question is, is there anything else I can do?

    • Unfortunately a lot of people have this problem. Would it be an option to find a different driving school that wasn’t as expensive? Or to meet some new people that you could perhaps trade driving practice for some service like babysitting or ?? One thing for certain is you do need the practice. If there’s a will there’s way!

  • Denise

    I failed the test the last minute due to left turn failure. I wonder if this is a negotiable move or not. I moved to the behind of the second white line front of me when the green light was on, I didn’t place the car in the intersection for the left turn. Oncoming traffic was very busy and when the light turned to amber there was a car turning right into the lane I was planing to turn to. Then I missed the light with a second and it turned red. Examiner warned me to move forward but it was too late, because I wasn’t inside the intersection and traffic could flow through. This caused me to fail. I am confused about this because I still think technically I wasn’t in the way and didn’t pass on the red light either. I am aware the rules but I also wonder what else could have been done ?

    • Are you saying you stayed behind the white line (or your front bumper was still behind the crosswalk lines) until the light went yellow and then you turned from that position, you went after the right-turning vehicle?

      • denizca

        I was the first car waiting to turn left. My front bumper was behind the white line. When the light was green I moved into the crosswalk but didn’t pass the second white line. Because of the oncoming traffic I waited for a safe gap to turn left. But I couldn’t do my turn due to that right turning vehicle the last minute. Right turning vehicle made its turn when the light turned from yellow to red for me. So I missed the light. And my car was behind the white line still so the traffic lanes wasn’t blocked when the light turned green to them. Naturally, cars started to move and they didn’t give me the turning right.
        I made my turn with the second lights.

        • Oh Ok I see. Next time what you have to do is move your car more forward into the intersection and then you have to leave the intersection (complete your turn) as soon as it’s safe and as quickly as possible (and that may be when the light is green, yellow, or red, before or after the right-turning car depending on whether the right turning car is stopping or not when it’s yellow – he’s supposed to). You can also take your foot from the brake pedal when the light goes yellow to prepare. If your car is rolling forward just a bit it tells the other car you are planning to go.

          What you did was not enter the intersection and you didn’t turn, so you showed the examiner in busy traffic you would just sit there all day 😉 lol

          Does it make sense??? 🙂

          • denizca

            Yes it definitely does. He advised me the same thing. To move my car a bit forward. I was hesitant to do that in the exam as previously when I was in a road test another examiner had mentioned me to move my car to the second line not into the intersection. But it was a year ago. So I was confused if this was a driving test thing. But I may as well be too further into the intersection that time I can’t remember. I had to clear the intersection for a left turn again.

            • Oh ya Sorry!! It is confusing. Some people tell the new driver a certain line because it works as a guideline. But what is the law is that if you don’t enter the intersection when ti’s green then you aren’t allowed to leave when it’s yellow. But what you should do is enter it and then leave it. So to define “entering the intersection” is difficult because each intersection is not the same size/shape as the next one… you don’t want to go too far forward or not far enough into it. Just try to move forward so that when you turn you have a nice and easy and normal looking, short and efficient and easy turn. Hope that helps …

  • Matt

    do you have driving school? just wondering 🙂

    • No! But I do think about it, One day I might like to have my own. A lot of people ask me for lessons and I tell them I’m currently Retired! lol I have my instructor license but I’m not teaching at the moment..

  • jayjay

    if there is a yield sign esp in turning right, do we have to stop even without pedestrian? please help. thank you.

    • Like this? Yield means you have to let the other vehicles go first IF they are there. If there are no pedestrians, bikes, road users of any kind or vehicles then NO you do not have to stop … sometimes you have to almost stop because you have zero visibility and you do have to be going at a speed that you are prepared to stop IF you see vehicles/pedestrians. but there will be other intersections where you can see just fine that there is nothing there in which case you may be able to continue at full speed or by slowing down only a bit…

      • jayjay

        Thank you very much… will be taking my road test soon, this is a big help. more power!

  • Niz

    Thank you so much! You are the reason thousands of us new drivers pass, you are really making a difference and I am very appreciative of your efforts!

  • Niz

    One more thing, say I’m coming to a intersection and making a right turn on red. After stopping at the stop line can I slowly start to creep forward? Can I slowly start to turn the car to the right? Or must I stay behind the stop line until I make the turn? What if I can’t see traffic when I’m trying to make a right and the only way to get a view is to creep up just a little bit past the stop line?

  • Niz

    Great thank you!

  • Niz

    Also I was wondering if I had to come to a complete stop when making a left or right turn “right specifically” when I have a green light at a intersection? Or Would I just need to slow down, signal, scan the intersection, Check mirror, and shoulder check then go?

  • Niz

    I was wondering if I could re-adjust my mirrors to help me parallel park easier during the N road test, they are electronically controlled so no need to roll down the window and push. I think if ur allowed to use parking sensors and back up cameras this should be the low tech alternative? Is it possible for me to do so? I don’t want to scrape the curb during my test!

    • Yes i think that’s fine. People do that in real life all the time. Just consider the point in time that you stop to adjust them. Times goes by then.. so before you back up again you may need another 360 check etc.

  • tony

    For Class 5 Merging on the freeway: What is the highway ramp? Is it the ramp that I can see the 80km/hr sign but I am still in the 50/km zone?

    • Usually you pass a sign that says ‘Vehicles not capable of going 60km/hr must not go on the freeway’ or something like that. after that point, you can speed up. Before that point, it is likely 50 km/hr.

      • see

      • disqus_ZRDFQK5wTU

        Often when I am merging I have to go a bit over the 80km to get on the highway…because of course everyone else is doing 90-100km. Will this be an instant fail on my Class 5 test?

        • Yep… This is an unfortunate circumstance, but yes examiners will fail driver for going more than the speed limit on the road test, even though it seems in real life like it is so much safer to simply adjust your speed to match the traffic flow. On the road test, just do your best and try to make your move as smoothly and safely as possible despite speeding traffic.

          • disqus_ZRDFQK5wTU

            Thanks. Also the ramp to the highway near the examining office doesn’t have a sign about speed limit. How do I know what the speed limit is if it isn’t posted? Is it still 50km til you get to the actual merging lane?

            • It is not always obvious. Which ramp entrance is this you speak of??! It is 50 km/hr unless otherwise posted, however the ramp to the freeway technically has no speed limit.

              • disqus_ZRDFQK5wTU

                Its the one off McKenzie ave in Victoria BC…thank you for your help! I’m kind o. Nervous about the whole merging thing for my class 5 test .

                • It looks to me like as soon as you turn off of McKenzie then you are on the ramp/acceleration lane and can speed up to match traffic (or up to speed limit and depending on conditions). They just want to see a safe, smooth and confident merge… !!

              • disqus_ZRDFQK5wTU

                Its the ramp to the highway off McKenzie Ave in Victoria BC. Thanks so much for your help…Im kind of nervous about merging on my class 5 test :0)

              • disqus_ZRDFQK5wTU

                McKenzie Ave in Victoria BC . Ramp onto Hwy 17.

  • Jackie Ye

    I have gone through three different driving instructors. And they all have different methods of turning right.

    -I kept my car straight with 1 meter away from the curb, and I turned when my bumper reached the intersection, but I was told that I turned too fast…which I disagree.
    -I was told that I had to turn my car to the edge of the intersection at 45 degrees, then turn at A WALKING SPEED(5 km/h – 10 km/h). I was not supposed to accelerate during the turn, only coast with the walking speed. Then accelerate when the turn is finished( wheel straight).

    So now I am confused as hell.
    The way I feel comfortable is keeping my car completely straight for most of the intersections and once safe to go, I accelerate steadily to the speed limit. During turn speed : 0 -> 10 -> 20, wheel straight: 20 -> 35…


    • Is it a right turn at a stop sign?

      • Jackie Ye

        Stop sign and red light.

        • Can you wait a few days,..? I can make you an answer. It is a long answer and also it is a difficult thing to learn and to teach, so try not to be too mad at the instructor! Most people when they turn they just do it, kinda wit their eyes closed –> they don’t even know what they’re doing, so to try and explain and teach it can be quite a challenge. Maybe I can make a Video that will help.

          • Jackie Ye

            Sure. Take your time. Thanks for replying!


            • I haven’t forgotten your question! Just letting you know

              • Jackie Ye

                Thank you for being so active to maintain the website! I truely appreciate your hard work! Thanks again.


                • No worries,! I may not be able to make a video until next weekend, but I can start working on the article. Is this a problem for right turns only, or also left turns as well? So the main issues are 1) What speed should you be going and 2) the position of the vehicle, correct? Seriously thanks for giving me a fresh idea!! It’s a good one too!

                  • Jackie Ye

                    Yep. And left turn too. I feel like the uncontrolled intersection is just intersection with Yield sign. The straight-through car always gets the right of way unless far away enough for you to speed up without burning your engine…

                    Even when the car that is turning has arrived first to the intersection(10 m distance, and the approaching car has the kind of situation like rushing the yellow light with that distance), the turning car always stops/slows down to wait. But in the handbook, it says it whoever is first gets to go! So, in this case, the turning car should be turning with the appropriate speed and the oncoming car should be slowino down!

                    I know not everyone follows the laws and rules of driving… (with everyone speeding every second…WHICH IS THE ROOT OF ALL ACCIDENTS.) but at least make the rules easy to understand.

                    Buuuut, just my personal opinion lol, and I wish everyone happy speeding!

                    • I made a right turn video of some turns that I did. Don’t know if it will help. This is the actual speed I went (video is not sped up or slow down).
                      I’m going to make you a turning video on the weekend anyway! 🙂

                    • Jackie Ye

                      Thank you for that. I look forward to it!

                    • I am not sure how to make a video about this yet but I wrote you something on the main page. Maybe I need one of those dash cam that has the speed displayed! Let me know if it made any sense. You have a good point about the uncontrolled intersections as well. I will have to do something about it too. 🙂 happy practicing, in the meantime

  • Hopeful

    What exactly will the Class 5 Road Test entail? Will there be parking involved as well or just driving?

    • Driving through intersections, turning left and right​, Angle parking ​Pulling out into traffic​, Parallel parking​, Pulling over and stopping at the side of the road, Stall parking (driving forward and backing up into a stall) Changing lanes, Two and three point turns​, Parking on a hill​, Merging on and off a highway​, Starting on a hill​, General driving (e.g., driving straight, driving on hills and curves) ​Backing up​, Knowing what to do around emergency vehicles​

  • Guest

    Im going for my test tomorrow im just wondering what questions would they ask me on my test. I know they ask you to display hand signals but what other questions would they ask?

  • K

    Does it matter if I drive a standard or automatic at road test?

    • No, they will give you the exact same test..(make sure you’re confident on hills, etc!)

  • Chelsea MD

    If it’s raining is there a certain limit I have to go … is 45km /h okay? Or do I still do the postep limit

    • the posted speed is the MAX for IDEAL conditions!! So go whatever speed is appropriate and Safe for the conditions, that may be 45 or 30 or even 20 in certain cases (snow, ice?)

  • Emily

    Hi! Thank you for the tips! I’m taking my test on Friday. and I’m freaking out a little. Reading this post has helped me a lot… I’m feeling a little more confident. Let’s hope for the best!

    • you’re very welcome! let me know how it goes, Try not to freak out too much!

  • Laura

    Hi, I’ll be taking a road test soon and I wanted to ask what’s the policy around two feet driving? I’ve drove for 15 years and always used my left foot to brake. I first learned driving on a standard car, as well as I’m left-handed so maybe that’s why I’ve always been more comfortable using my left foot to brake. Anyways, I’ve never pushed both pedals at the same time nor have I had any problem with that. I’m exchanging my international drivers licence for a BC one, and I was wondering if I tell the examiner in advance about this, would they still allow me to take the test. I know I won’t make any mistake with the pedals, maybe other things but not that. It’d be very unfortunate if not, because it’s not natural to me. Thanks for the advice!

    • You can ask them before the test just to double check but in my personal experience with this I find that they will fail anyone that does this. You may need to start practicing with using one foot only!

  • Qbert

    Is there a set amount of time, max amount of time that a class 5 test can take or do they just keep you going until they see enough to either fail you or pass you?

    • I think they do the whole test either way, because you have to pay for it before, so you may as well get your money’s worth and do the entire thing so that you can get the entire feedback at the end. So even if you fail in the first 5 minutes you probably won’t hear about it until the very end after you park!

  • Ella

    My class 7N test is on Monday and I’ve read all the posts on this blog. I’ve been taking 2 hour lessons every week with an instructor since May – here’s hoping I pass on the first attempt! Thanks so much for this blog, it’s such a great resource 🙂

    • You are welcome! All the best, let us know how it goes 🙂

      • Ella

        Ahh I failed 🙁 I did well on everything, had pretty much a clean sheet, but during one of the last left turns at an intersection I had a brain fart and failed to yield to oncoming traffic so my examiner had to use the brakes. I was pretty proud of my performance though other than that (my parallel parking was beautiful! not to brag haha) and am happy that this happened while someone else was in the car and not when driving by myself had I passed the test. There’s definitely no room for mistakes like that. But at least I know what to expect on the test and I’ll have more experience driving for my second try 🙂 just keeping positive now. My second attempt is in two months!

        • Great to hear you learned from the experience and are keeping a positive outlook. All the best! 🙂

  • Jay Cee

    if i get a panic attack or something, am i allowed to pull over for a min, and will it effect my result?

  • Ragavendra Nagraj

    I have my Class 5 tomorrow at Langley, I haven’t driven there before. This would be my 3rd class 5 road test. I am not sure if I would pass this time as well :p . First time I had a very rigorous test in Burnaby and did almost everything. Once I entered into a wrong way of a 2 way with intersection as I couldn’t see the correct way driving uphill and once I turned right after rolling stop of a red light. During my 2nd test in Burnaby again, I failed after doing a right turn and I avoided using the immediate right lane as I saw some triangle and assumed it to be reserved for bikes and later entered it. Not sure on what to prepare this time apart from the already made mistakes. I didn’t have to give my N as immigrated to Canada with a driver license from my country ….. I am being totally humiliated by my friends, relatives, colleagues for using public transit and not having a car …………

    • Hmm sorry to hear this. It sounds like you could use a brush-up driving lesson or two. A few driving lessons can go a long way to get a lot of those details clear.

      • Ragavendra Nagraj

        haa, I failed this time too after about 2 lessons. Changing lane missed vehicle in blind spot (vehicle in grey, just like cloud) when descending right turn down the road even after shoulder check and I had to change to left center lane. Wow how often can that happen, God? Missed the 50 speed marker and slowed to it late from 70. It is so unbelievable. I am sure most of those people with Class5 will fail the test ……

        • ConcernedCitizen

          I think they are failing you for a reason. I’m not trying to be harsh, but with all the mistake you are saying that you made, it is not safe fo you to be driving on the road. The only way to truly pass the test, is understanding how to drive. Looks like you may need some more classes, if you didn’t pass. Good luck!

          • Ragavendra Nagraj

            correct, that’s the problem. I am not safe to be driving on the road and so is many on the road with the drivers license. Honestly nobody is a safe driver, and the word safe never has the same meaning. I agree I need practise but getting practise doesn’t come easy. I am being tested for class 5 same as the people with N are tested for. People with N can drive by themselves but not me and I have to take paid lessons. It is not easy for Canadian new comers with no immediate family members here to get easy or free practise. The instructor told me that I should have taken L instead of showing my country’s license and preparing for class 5 road test and he recommends to other new comers about this. I had already got my intermediate license before approaching him for lessons. Besides it was in news too long time ago that BC road test is one of the toughest and I assume that this attempt the road test was tougher than my first attempt. I have rode on bikes to work here and have witnessed how easily I could have got hit too.

            • sorry to hear that is so frustrating…

              • Ragavendra Nagraj

                no worries, thank you guys for all the valuable inputs, help and information. Hopefully one day soon I’ll pass the road test and let you guys know about it …. 🙂 ……

                • yea for sure let us know. also just keep trying, never give up and keep looking around to find someone that you can drive with! 🙂

  • Grant

    Thanks for all the great resources on your site! I’m going for my class 5 soon and one thing that isn’t super clear from icbc is the vehicle safety requirements. I always feel safe in my truck but the fact they say no cracks in your windshield makes me want to double check. I have a bit of play in my steering wheel (maybe 10° or so), are they likely to cancel the test from this or is it OK (it is an old truck)?

  • Hellawack Shiznit

    Going for my Class 5 today! Thanks for the advice!

  • Sajid

    Just want to share my experience. Had a class 5 test yesterday, passed!!!
    Drove for over 30 minutes. This test is not only about demonstrating the procedures, it is also a test of concentration and nerves. I was quite confident initial 20 minutes but then I felt stress taking over and I think I made a couple of minor mistakes too.

    My advice is before going for the test, get a instructor and ask him to do a mock road test in a very serious mood. No chatting along.

    Another thing, google and download the ‘Tuneup’ guide. It has step by step procedures for all maneuvers, excellent resource.

    Good luck to all.


  • very nice blog and a lot of good tips, especially for the young drivers.
    I am trying to post some information too and hope people will find it useful.

  • Please read these (sorry they are slow to load):

    You always have to stop if the light is red.
    If the light is green, then you do not necessarily have to stop but you do need to yield to pedestrians (and shoulder check) before you turn.

  • David

    During my N test, when I parallel park, do i need to put one hand on the back of the passenger seat and one hand on the wheel as i look back OR can i put both hands on the steering wheel and just watch the mirrors?

    • You can only have one hand on the wheel when you are backing in a straight line. If you’re steering, then you need 2 hands on the wheel and look over the right shoulder and also use the mirrors, but don’t just only use the mirrors because there are blind spots, so best to use a combination.

  • Amber

    Hi there,
    I was just wondering if you knew of any special requirements for the Class 4, restricted, road test? I’ve passed the knowledge test, and I have heard that there will be a pre-trip inspection, but I don’t really know much else.

    • Did you get the book for driving commercial vehicles? the info is in there. or you could take some driving lessons to learn it.

  • Brandon Anderson

    Hi there, I’m taking my N test this Friday. I have a quick question about reverse parking! Say if I back into my spot and I’m a bit out of place, so I pull back out to straighten my parking job and then back in… Will that cause a deduction of marks?

    • No it won’t, That is totally fine, people do that in real life all the time, just be sure to do another 360 check before you back up and look over your shoulder when reversing, etc. 🙂 Happy road test to you as well!!

  • Andrei

    This was incredibly helpful and I’m beyond delighted to have come across your blog.
    Just a quick question, am i allowed to adjust my side mirrors when I’m reverse parking into the bay? Thank you for your help.

  • Sharon

    Can I fail the test/lose a lot of marks if I brake when I make a few turns?

  • Ash

    I wonder if there is any difference between the Class 7 and Class 5 road test? I’m taking the Class 7 one in a month, but people told me they won’t test me for highway merge since it’s Class 7. Is it true? Thanks for answering! (Btw, I love your blog and your youtube videos, they are such a good source for BC driving tips!)

    • Thanks;) Yes this is true. It makes no sense to me, since you can then drive onto the freeway all by yourself with your N having zero freeway experience. But ya. They are pretty similar tests. Just the people taking the 7 are new at driving and the people taking the 5 are not as new and may have developed ‘bad habits’ over the years.

  • Alexa

    So the easy answer when they ask you how do you park uphill would be turn your steering wheel towards the curb and then put the emergency break?

  • Jane

    After you pass your N test, do you get your hard copy of your driver’s license of the day of or does do they mail it to you?

    • no you get the paper one until you get the real one in the mail, it is pretty quick though

      • Jane

        If I were to drive alone on that same day, would that paper copy be valid as a temporary license?

        • Yep it is all good. You just won’t have that piece of Photo ID in case you need Photo ID for some other reason… But the paper is a perfectly valid license to drive with until you get your proper one.

          • Jane

            sorry just a random question, when do you do 360 degree checks besides reversing?

            • Just before reversing is good. For all other maneuvers you can just do shoulder checks..

  • David

    Do they test you during your N test by making you drive on the highway? Mine is in a week and I’m nervous if they do cause I’ve no experience on the highway yet.

    • No you don’t go on the highway to get your “N” But you go on when you’re about to get your class 5.

  • Sherri

    Will I lose marks for driving below 50 km/h in residential areas?

    • Not automatically/necessarily. it depends on the conditions/circumstances. driving at 50 may be too fast indeed. not all ‘residential areas’ are equal, though. 40 makes more sense in a lot of cases especially if it’s a narrow road or has a lot of pedestrians/children.

  • K

    Are U-turns illegal in BC?

  • Kristen

    Thank you so much for this! My test is today and it was a fantastic review of everything ! Its hard to read the manual over again but this really helped with some of the key important things I wasn’t too sure about 🙂

  • Tyler

    Hi there,
    First of all let me say that i love this site and it is very helpful 🙂
    My N test is on July 4 in Abbotsford, BC. I am very nervous. I have taken lessons but i still feel like i will fail even though i know i am a good driver.
    I have a few questions.
    1) Do you know the Abbotsford route?
    2) Do you know what automatic fails are
    3) What are the examiners very picky about?

    Thank you so much 🙂

    • Hey, Thanks so much, glad it’s helpful to you! 🙂 No I don’t know the route and I do not believe in people learning routes. After a drive can drive by himself he will never learn and practice any route before driving and he may drive alone across the entire country and USA as well and will never be able to practice the route beforehand. He must be able to drive correctly and safely on the fly on roads and intersections he has never before seen in his entire life and must be able to navigate them proficiently based on his knowledge and skill as a driver. This is why it is good to practice driving on roads you’ve never gone on before and also why people learning the road test route beforehand makes me nervous!
      You either know what you’re doing or you don’t. Learning a driving route before a driving test will only set you up for disaster should you pass based on memorization and then drive somewhere by yourself the following day really having no clue what you are doing.

      Automatic fail will be for something dangerous or illegal. So, speeding is illegal (i.e. 35 in a 30 zone or 55 in a 50 zone). Changing lanes across a solid white line is illegal. Not completely stopping for a red light when you’re turning right is illegal. Not noticing a pedestrian and the pedestrian has to jump out of the way of your car in order to not get run over is Dangerous. Not shoulder checking on a lane change and almost lane changing into another vehicle is dangerous.

      Examiners are picking about pretty much everything.. lol 😉 Try to relax though!! All the best,

  • Alicia Tuzzi

    great help! Is there places other than icbc that i can take my N test?

  • Ehende02

    Thank you!!

    • oh you’re welcome! there used to be so many comments on this post then they all got erased when I had comment system issues..! lol

  • Hi Elisa, Congratulations, Enjoy your new license! Glad it helped… 😉

  • Elisa

    Hi there , I passed my road test today 🙂 I am sure without your blog I couldn’t feel confident and prepped. Was great trips… Thank you so much xxxx 🙂

  • Thiago

    I read ICBC and my mind when straight to inter continental ballistic…Anyway, great tips, I feel way more prepared for my test now, even though it’s not the ICBC. Thiago |

    • BCDrivingBlog


  • carmenac

    Testing… 123.. Please work.

  • Mark

    Yeah, the granny driving is the bane of my existence. I’m planning on retaking my Class 7N test next month because I failed my previous driving test. The reason for this was being so nervous. At the T intersection, I was on the left lane (going into the main road), which is a left turn lane. For some reason, I froze up and waited for the examiner’s orders on whether to turn left or right… the examiner ended up telling me “ummm… what are you doing? You can go now.” She was a bit harsh, but now I totally understand where I failed miserably. Here’s my tip, be confident. Know that you have practiced enough to be able to do well. It may be counterintuitive to drive into an intersection where cars are going at 50km/h (It’s definitely primal instinct to be nervous about potentially dangerous situations), but you should remember that as long as you are fully immersed, you know the right of way, you follow the rules of the road, and are responsive during your driving test you will be fine. All the best to those who are taking their driving exams. Stay safe.

    • Mike

      Hi Mark. If you plan to take a brush up lesson or two before the test ask your instructor to limit his/her coaching during this time. They should encourage you to make decisions on your own and if you make a mistake they should pointed out after. When I teach I ask my students about scenarios they are about to encounter to ensure they understand the proper way. For example if we parallel park, when stopped, and I know next turn to the right will have a right turn only lane, i will ask if told to go straight what they need to do!

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah, watch the granny driving!

  • Anonymous

    This was super helpful, wish I had read it before my test. Granny driving is a true curse.

  • Fred Meyer

    This is BS. It doesn’t matter how well you drive, the mood of the tester is what counts! How can you fail for checking your blind spot too carefully or resting your your Elbow on the armrest. Totally random stuff!

    • Anonymous

      totes agree with you.