‘L’ and ‘N’ Drivers in the USA?

We are answering another question today. It’s regarding L and N drivers in the USA. It’s strange to answer this question because it seems like with the world pandemic going on, no one is going to be able to travel ever again.

Sometimes that’s what it feels like, anyway. So sad.

Anyway, the question is, are L and N ICBC learner and new drivers, allowed to drive across the border to visit our friendly neighbor?

L and N Drivers in the USA

The very simple answer to this is YES, absolutely.

I mean if the global pandemic ever ends, then the answer is yes. For now, I don’t think we are allowed, which totally sucks.

Follow Your ICBC Restrictions When Travelling To Faraway Lands

Just be sure to follow all of the same restrictions printed on the back of your driver’s license.

For example, yours might say stuff like: must display the official L -learner- or N -new driver- sign, zero alcohol, passenger restrictions, restrictions around needing to wear glasses or contacts, etc.


What To Do In The States?

There possibilities are endless. I mean, you could start with a little day trip to Seattle or even the outlet malls at Tulalip. Or if you’re really feeling brave and adventures, drive across the entire country. Or drive around in a circle. Let me know how your adventure goes!

Keep in mind our Canadian dollar does kind of suck, though. So bring some extra cash. And also remember that sometimes you may have to pay duty on the way back.

But I am sure it will be worth it.

I can’t wait to drive down the Oregon Coast. I’ve always wanted to do that and haven’t made it there yet.

I really hope the world will be open again soon.

Get more info about L and N drivers here

Are you itching for a pacific northwest road trip, through beautiful Washington State and Oregon?

By Carmen

Carmen became a driving instructor at the age of 22 in North Vancouver, Canada.


  1. I’m soon moving to New York state in the next 6 months for university and I just recently acquired a Class 7N license in BC with GLP. I have no plan of going back to Canada to complete the full license since I’m already an international student here and my student Visa will expire late this year. How will my BC class 7N license translate to a New York license and will I have to retake any road tests to get the license?

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