Hand over Hand & General steering video by Eric L. (Driving instructor in North Vancouver)



Poor Steering Technique: Hooking


  • Hooking the wheel is when you grab it like this:





  • Some drivers use this technique before/while doing a turn.
  • This could be quite terrible in the event of a collision where the steering wheel airbag were to deploy – which does so at about 300 km/hr.
  • Arms could also potentially get stuck and injured in the event of a collision.
  • If you are seen using this technique on the ICBC road test you will not pass the road test, even if your driving is otherwise perfect.
  • And since you asked, let’s look at some other ways to hold the wheel/steering:


Poor Steering Technique: Palming


  • Avoid “Palming” the wheel as well as it is not good control at all:




 Poor Steering Technique: “12 and Stick”


  • Try and avoid the “12 and Stick” position as well.
  • Two hands on the wheel are much better control than one:


Steering 12 and Stick


Recommended Steering Technique: ‘9 and 3’


  • The #1 recommended way to hold the wheel for general driving is at the 9 and 3 position.
  • You can turn the wheel the most while keeping your hands on the wheel and it is the best position if the airbag were to deploy.
  • Many wheels even have thumb/finger grips to encourage drivers to hold the wheel here:



9 and 3




Steering Technique: ’10 and 2′?


  • 10 and 2 could be deadly in the event of a crash and is no longer recommended by professionals due to the risk of airbag injuries.
  • It used to be “the way,” but now that cars have airbags, it is going out of style.


CTV News – 10 and 2 Dangerous, say experts.



10 and 2


  • Back in the good old days when it was a rule that you had to have your hands at 10 and 2, there were no air bags inside of steering wheels.
  • Now it is Canadian law that all new vehicles are equipped with a steering wheel airbag (and many cars have airbags in additional locations).
  • Times change, and so must our habits.


Steering Technique: ‘8 and 4’?


  • 8 and 4 is acceptable in my opinion when driving for long distances on the highway/freeway.


Maazda 8 and 4


Steering Technique: Shuffle Steering


  • A good way to steer is to use the shuffle steering method:    



  • Do not sit too close to the steering wheel
  • Make sure you’re sitting no closer than 25 cm to the steering wheel.




 Do not put feet on airbags


  • DO NOT let people rest their legs on the dashboard unless they are fine with resting their legs on a bomb.




What else have you been doing wrong?  😆

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Drive safely!