Shell Road And 91 East-west Connector Right Turns

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Shell Road, Richmond Train tracks and Right Turns at Red Lights

Question: Can I turn right on a red light at this intersection? It’s Shell Road and 91 East-West Connector?
Can I go through the first red light after I stop? And drive to the second white line/red light or do I have to stay stopped at the first line?

shell road and 91

Answer: Let’s review the basics. You can go right on a red light, after you stop and make sure it’s safe, as long as there’s no turning restriction sign. Simple.

In this case, there is no sign restricting the turn. Therefore, you can turn right after you stop; if and when safe, of course.

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The purpose of the two red lights is to give drivers sufficient warning. At higher speeds, drivers need enough time to stop their vehicles behind the first white line, whenever possible.

Drivers can also stop behind the second one, if necessary once the light goes yellow.

So I guess you’re supposed to stop behind the white line, but if for some reason you can’t do that in time, then you can stop before the crosswalk without anything bad happening.

Shell Road Train Tracks – Scan

The train tracks in this case have their own signal. It is always a wise idea to scan train tracks before driving over them.

However, often the lights and bars are not activated. In that case, you would normally scan, and then simply make sure if you’re stopping, that you don’t stop on the tracks or too close to the tracks.

Motor Vehicle Act

FYI, the motor vehicle act says that red means stop, and continues to say that if the red light is located at an intersection, a driver may then turn right as long as it’s safe and legal (no turning restriction sign.)

It also says a driver may then turn left if turning onto a one way street, and it’s safe and legal.