‘Fake’ Right Lane on Canada Way & 10th Avenue


This ‘Phantom Lane’ has been bothering me

Ok the thing is, maybe it’s just me but there’s a FAKE LANE on Canada Way at 10th and I just have to tell someone about it since it’s not good to keep things inside. I’ve seen a lot of ‘almost accidents’ here, at ‘the Triangle.’

It seems like drivers thinking about turning right on a red light, beside the petrol station here, seem to think there is a magical ‘right lane’ for them to turn into. That is probably because from their perspective, it kind of looks like there is. In fact, there is a very mysterious and mischievous triangular space acting like a right lane. But don’t be fooled.. This is just a FAKE LANE. Don’t do it!

Fake Lane

I don’t know what you want to call it. A fake lane. Phantom lane. Or simply an optical illusion. But please use caution here as it seems to be a small problem at times. Drive safely!!


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  1. Something I’ve been noticing in recent years is the deterioration in maintenance of the painted lines on our roads. In part, this is due to changes to the composition of the paint, made for environmental reasons.

    But municipalities and jurisdictions don’t seem to have caught on to the fact that they now need to do far more frequent re-painting of these lines in order for them to remain properly visible to drivers.

    Want to see another ‘fake lane’? Try heading north on MacDonald, then turning right (east) onto W. 16th Avenue. It just ain’t the same as the other three right turns at that intersection!

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