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Don’t worry about the name. BC Driving Blog is not only for British Columbians, and not only about driving. It is written by a driving instructor from British Coumbia who has experience with new drivers (Class 5/7 – regular size cars).

Read about the many different skills needed to drive by yourself. Or, look up something that can help you teach someone else how to drive. There are many resources here, and a few of the most popular are listed below.

Road Test & ICBC Stuff

BC Driving Blog

ICBC’S Learner and New Driver Restrictions – Get The Facts

Class 5 Vs Class 7 Road Test, Driving Test BC

ICBC Road Test Result Sheet

ICBC Canada Road Test – Endless Tips For New Drivers

ICBC Road Test With Check Engine Light

Tips For Driving And Road Testing With A Manual Transmission Vehicle

Turning Left – BC Driving Blog

Turning Left BC Driving Blog

Tips To Turn Left At a Traffic Light – Epic Safety Tips

How Many Cars Can Wait In An Intersection For Left Turns?

Left Shoulder Checks For Left Turns – Let’s Talk About It

Should I Pull Into The Intersection For Left Turns?

Can I Turn Left Across Solid Lines Into A Driveway?

Turning Right – BC Driving Blog

Turning Right

Turning Right At A Green Light – How To Be Awesome At This

Epic Guide To Turning Right On A Red Light While Driving

New Drivers – Thoughts On The Speed Of Your Right Turn

Right Turns Without Stop Signs

Right-Of-Way Rules When Turning Right

General Driving @ BC Driving Blog

General Driving British Columbia

Road Lines In British Columbia And Canada Explained

Turning Corners NOT Awesome? How To Stop Cutting Corners And Turning Wide

Driving Practice Areas That Can Be Non-Stressful – In Burnaby And Vancouver

‘L’ and N Drivers – Can You Drive In The USA?

U Turns In British Columbia, What’s The Deal?

Blind Spots In A Car

How To Change Lanes – Some Tips For Drivers

Hand Signals You Need To Know For Driving – Just In Case


Intersections How To Drive

Changing Lanes In An Intersection – Why You Shouldn’t

Right Of Way Rules For Driving

Stop Sign Vs Stop Line – Where To Stop Exactly?

King Edward And Valley Drive, Vancouver

Marine Drive And Kerr, Vancouver, Beautiful British Columbia

Left Turn On A Red Light – Can You Do It?


Reversing And Parking A car

Reversing A Car – The Ultimate Guide

Parking Lot Turn Signals – What’s The Deal?

How To Parallel Park The Car

How To Do Reverse Stall Parking (Backing Into Parking Spot)

Is It Illegal To Back Out Of My Driveway?

Signals When Backing Up

Parking Your Car In The Correct Gear

How To Safely Park Your Car On A Hill (It’s a Thing)

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