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All the Details on How to do Right Turn Shoulder Checks When Driving

Thank you to Eric L. for this article! Eric L. has been a driving instructor in North Vancouver for many years. He can be found at the North Shore Driving School. With ever increasing cyclist and pedestrian traffic on public roads, knowing when and where to shoulder check is a vital observation skill especially when turning right. A proper shoulder check …

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Learn About Why You Are Allowed Right On Red, But Not Left

Probably because when you turn right you only have to yield to one lane (one direction) of vehicles and when you turn left you would have to yield to both directions. And if the intersection were such a size, shape, design, or whatever that it would be safe to pull into the intersection if necessary while attempting to turn left …

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Q: When can I go into the Bus Lane before a Right Turn?

Pay careful attention to signs and pavement markings. Since it’s illegal to change lanes over a solid white line, make sure the line is dotted before you move. I’m not sure there’s a cut-and-dry answer for this. Do it sometime when it is safe, not crossing solid white lines, and not too far in advance that you are blatantly driving …

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