How To Yield

Yield Sign

When you are facing a yield sign, you must give the right of way to the traffic on the thru road. (Right of way means “That space at that time”) You can enter without stopping if there are no cyclists, pedestrians, or vehicles already on the road. Slow down, stop if necessary and wait for a safe gap.




Upside Down Yield Sign


Upside down yield sign is basically a “Caution” sign. You may see it when trucks break down on the side of the road or during incidents on the road. It means basically – “Be careful, may be a good idea to slow down.” You will find these in emergency kits as the idea is to warn other people that you might be in trouble and/or having some kind of issues. There may be people wandering around on the road.




Notice how your “HAZARD LIGHT” button has the same symbol?


Hazard Light Corolla



Q: What kind of signal do I need for yielding?


Typically you are simply turning right (this is a right turn, isn’t it?), so simply use your right-turn signal just like you would for any other right turn.




The only time I would use a left signal would be after the right signal and only if I’m planning to go directly into the left lane.




Usually if you’re yielding while facing a green traffic light (if you know what I mean), you need to watch for  left-turning vehicles:




If you are yielding while facing a red light, you need to watch for regular “through” traffic from your left: