Roads For Learner Drivers


Roads For Learner Drivers

Some people are wondering about roads for learner drivers. More specifically, are there any roads that learner drivers are not allowed to drive on?

This is a bit of a funny question from a driving instructor’s point of view. Mostly because from this perspective, we know that the only way to learn how to do something such as driving is to drive.

So it seems funny that avoiding any road would be necessary or required by ICBC or any other place.

But I totally get it. Personally I have seen some sketchy ass roads in my life. Some of them, I would be terrified to drive on myself. So I can understand why people might be wondering about this.

For example, Indian River Drive. Okay, it’s not terrifying -mostly beautiful and magical – but I would definitely have to be in the mood for it.

And I wouldn’t take a learner there if it were their first time driving. Especially if you don’t like the sound of hairpins on the side of cliffs.

Anyway I should answer the question before I get yelled at.

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Check the back of your drivers license

The first thing you should do is check the back of the driver’s license for the driver in question. This is there it will actually let you know if there’s a road or highway that is ‘off limits.’

It will clearly state all of your restrictions, including any particular road restrictions. Normally, “L” (learner) drivers may drive on any road that any other driver is permitted to drive on.

Yes, this means the typical “L” driver is allowed to drive on highways and freeways.

Sometimes people will be restricted from a certain highway or road, but I think it’s rare. And, I can’t really remember the reasons why this would be.

Learner Drivers Can Drive On The Highway

Unless your license says otherwise, learners can drive on the highway. Again a lot of people are wondering about this. But the highway is actually one of the easiest places to drive.

How often are there collisions on highways compared to collisions at intersections? Highways are really not your main concern with learners.

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If you’re looking for some relatively non-stressful areas for first-time learner drivers, around Vancouver & Burnaby, then check this out.

Carmen Cohoe

Carmen became a driving instructor in beautiful North Vancouver at the age of 22 due to some crazy people who agreed to hire her. After that, there was never a dull moment teaching many different folks from many different places how to drive using automatic and standard vehicles and a minivan.

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