Insurance Question: Crashing Your Friends’ Car

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Crashing Your Friends’ Car?


Insurance Question: Crashing Your Friends' Car



Comment: Does insurance cover me if I crash my friends car if she knew I was driving it?


Hi, well that’s not nice! Good question though. Here is what I could find from ICBC on their FAQ Page. It looks like if you do crash it, it may cost your friend more money for her insurance.




ICBC – Lending a Vehicle


When you lend your car to your friends, they’ll be covered under your insurance, so long as they’re just driving for pleasure. You don’t have to worry about buying extra coverage or changing your policy—all you need to do is hand over the keys.

Please keep in mind though, if the worst happens and they get in a crash, your insurance rate could be affected. Even if they’re at fault, it would affect your insurance rate—not theirs.

If your friends are doing any business while they’re in town, make sure to check with your Autoplan broker before you lend them your car. Your policy might not cover them to drive for work or other business purposes.