ICBC Vehicle History Reports – Little Bits of Car History

ICBC vehicle history reports

What Are ICBC Vehicle History Reports?

ICBC vehicle history reports

If you’re considering buying a used, or pre-owned vehicle, ICBC vehicle history reports can help you to make a good decision and find out a little bit about the history of the vehicle.

You can get two kinds of vehicle history reports, and you can order them online:

  1. ICBC Vehicle History ReportOpens in a new tab. – $20.00 + GST
  2. CARFAX Canada ReportOpens in a new tab. $80.95 + GST

The difference between these is basically that the ICBC Vehicle History Reports show you claims information from British Columbia only, and the CARFAX Canada reports provide claims information from across North America.

The ICBC Vehicle History Report will show you:

  • Any vehicle damages that were claimed through ICBC
  • The date and dollar amounts of any damages
  • The primary area on the vehicle where the damage occurred
  • The vehicle status – normal, salvage, rebuilt, etc.
  • If the vehicle was imported to BC from another place
  • If the vehicle was possibly reported as stolen
  • Any restrictions that could prevent licensing and insuring the vehicle
  • If a safety inspection may be required
  • Claims for any extra items such as expensive stereos or wheels

The CARFAX report will show you all of the above items, the same as the ICBC Vehicle History Report, but also shows you the following:

  • Whether there is a Canadian lien
  • Canadian registration check
  • Any accident claims from Canada’s private insurers
  • A complete U.S. history
  • Odometer records from verified sources
  • Records from Canada’s Registrar of Imported Vehicles

Call for Your ICBC Vehicle History Report

call to get your ICBC vehicle history report

If you don’t want to order your report online, you can also get your ICBC Vehicle History Report by calling:
Lower Mainland 604-661-2233
The Rest of BC 1-800-464-5050
Monday – Friday 8 AM – 5 PM

For CARFAX Canada, call 1-866-835-8612 or email

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