Hill Start Without Rolling Back – Reduce Anxiety Now [2023]

how to hill start automatic car

Hill Start Without Rolling

If you are wondering how to do a hill start without rolling backwards when driving your automatic vehicle, look no further. You definitely aren’t the only one wondering about this. Not all cars do this,Opens in a new tab. but the ones that do, can be a bit terrifying at times.

You aren’t the only one who has experienced this anxiety-provoking feeling. The one you get when you see a large truck behind you and you have to stop on a hill for a red light or stop sign.

hill start without rolling back in an automatic

You know you’re on a steep hill. Maybe it’s even raining or snowing. Maybe you know your tires might suck. The light goes green, and you know you’re supposed to take your foot from the brake and move it to the gas, but…

brake for hill starts without rolling backwards

The car starts rolling backwards, you give it some extra gas, and your tires spin, and of course, anxiety ensues. Don’t worry. We can stop the madness.

Hill Start Without Rolling Backwards – Yes Please

Hope you don’t mind some multitasking – you can use both feet

use 2 feet for hill starts

Normally, driving instructors everywhere teach people to never use 2 feet while driving. Your brain can become confused in an emergency and you may hit the wrong one.

In addition, people will fail the ICBC road testOpens in a new tab. if they’re using 2 feet on the pedals. It just isn’t seen as being safe.

However, for this particular instance, you could use 2 feet on the pedals. This is the only time you should use 2 feet with the pedals while driving an automatic.

How to Use 2 Feet on the Pedals for Hill Start Without Rolling

After you stop as you normally do, you can then move your left foot onto the brake pedal.

So, your right foot would stop the car with the brake pedal as usual, and then you can simply add your left foot onto the brake pedal at the same time.

It’s not that hard, just slide it on there, beside the other foot.

Then, move your right foot onto the gas. So, your left foot is pressing the brake and the right foot is just resting gently on top of the gas pedal.

At this point the car can remain stopped for some time while you wait for your green light, for example.

When you need to start going – gently apply pressure to the gas first.

After you apply a little gas, slowly ease off the brake. Apply a bit more gas, and you will feel the car trying to go. Then you can continue to ease off the brake gently until the foot is completely not needed, and away you go.

Put your left foot away now, onto the ‘dead pedal’ if you have one.

This does take some practice, but in no time you will be a pro.

*Do not use 2 feet on the pedals otherwise, as this can cause confusion in emergencies and lead to collisions.

Use the Parking / Emergency Brake for a Hill Start Without Rolling

If your car has a hand brake/emergency brakeOpens in a new tab. you could also use that.

Foot-type emergency brakes could also be used, but for some reason that seems like more of a hassle.

stop like you normally would

After you stop, grab the hand brake and apply it. In other words, pull it up.

Release your foot from the brake pedal and move it to the gas. The car should not be moving at this point; if it is, you need to pull the hand brake up more.

Then, apply the gas gradually and slowly release the hand brake at the same time, and away you go. This is a very good way to prevent rolling back.

Option 3 – Move

I think the only other option would be to move to Saskatchewan. Opens in a new tab.

no hills in saskatchewan

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    1. Yes it should be absolutely fine. It is a lot classier than rolling backwards in the rain and making loud tire screeching sounds. You can always ask the examiner before the road test just to double check; they’re pretty friendly.

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