Dempster Highway – Isolated Mystic Beauty

dempster highway

If I ever go missing, look for me here

Escape from the city to… Dempster Highway, Yukon.

Hmm, 736 km long highway in the middle of no where with no gas stations till the end of the road? Better get some gas. Better bring some extra gas. A LOT of extra gas.

dempster highway
dempster highway sign
drive with headlights on at all times
dempster highway yukon

The Dempster Highway is not a very inviting or forgiving type of road. I would recommend to bring at least four extra tires.

We had 5 in total, and we needed 4 of them by the time we were done, although all 8 tires were ‘marginal’ to begin with.

Sometimes you’re 20-something and buy a $1,000 minivan with 250,000 km for a road trip into the middle of no where. These things happen.

Once you’re on the Dempster, you’re alone.

BCAA will not come and rescue you. And did I mention there are more animals than people?

So bring extra food, water, supplies, gasoline, and anything else you may need to stay alive all alone in the wilderness for many days.

extra tires

Camping near the beginning of the Dempster. Where to stash this gas while we sleep in the van? Oh yeah, anywhere.

camping van
side view mirror mountain

North! VERY VERY North. To the end of the road.

eagle lodge sign
mountain rainbow
gravel shale road
road and river
mountain dirt road dempster highway

Am I on Mars? Well, I’m cool with that.

road on mars
trees mountains dempster highway

Dempster Highway

dempser highway yukon
mountain range

On the Dempster, you can see if another car is coming about 10-15 minutes into the future because you can see the road that far ahead. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. But not by much!

alone on yukon dempster highway
dempster highway road
arctic circle sign

I like these ‘knuckle mountains’ as I call them.

knuckle mountains

Northwest Territories was very windy. Not very warm at all, and that was in June.

Apparently driving the Dempster gives you amazing opportunities to view wildlife. However we hardly saw any at all, and that is why I must go back.

When I say ‘The end of the road’ I’m talking Inuvik, NWT, but in the winter, you can keep driving on an ice road, even further. But it was June.

dirt shale road dempster highway
beautiful sky and road
beautiful scenery northwest territories

If you keep driving on the Dempster, you’ll have to take 2 ferries. The ferry rides were one of the most memorable experiences.  

They are free, but only run certain days/hours. Check ahead of time.

Dempster Highway Ferry

stop sign dempster highway
van waiting for ferry dempster highway
northwest territory