Did you know that the colour of your car could have an affect on your risk of a collision?


Research has been varied and generally inconclusive and/or unavailable in Canada, but several common trends have been noted in different studies:


Black Cars


Generally the colour with the most collisions is Black (or very dark colours), and the most dangerous time is at dawn and dusk, when black vehicles can blend in with the background.


I know, I know… they are F$#&#@% Sexy…


Silver, Grey, and Red vehicles are not much better, especially in Vancouver. When the weather is dull or grey, some of these colours can easily blend into the urban backgrounds, asphalt, concrete road surfaces and buildings, almost disappearing to the eyes of an even slightly distracted or inattentive driver. Older vehicles without daytime running lights or any vehicle without lights on in poor weather/visibility conditions wouldn’t help.

Green and Brown can also blend into rural backgrounds.


The colour with the least amount of collisions is White.






Monash University Accident Research Centre


This doesn’t mean you have to sell your Black car tomorrow! Keep in mind, being a safe driver, making good decisions, avoiding drinking and driving, avoiding speeding, etc., will have a lot to do with your risk of a collision as well. Just something to think about.


Monash University Accident Research Centre