Emergency Vehicles: One of the many reasons you should look from Left to Right before you simply “GO” when the light goes green.



Sometimes we stop for green lights…



Proper emergency vehicle etiquette includes:


  • Pull over to the right (or technically the closest curb) and STOP completely (do this safely and watch the car behind to make sure you won’t be rear-ended)


  • If the emergency vehicle is going the same direction as you, or the opposite direction, you should still pull over and stop unless you’re on a divided road like a freeway. Sometimes the emergency vehicle drives on the wrong side of the road as this is the only available space in rush hour, for example.


  • If you can’t pull over, then just stop where you are. Being stopped makes you predictable for the emergency vehicle and they can plan a route around you. If you keep moving it will be difficult for them to figure out how to get around.


  • Sometimes you may need to get out of the way; for example if the vehicle is behind you and there’s a traffic jam, you might need to turn right to free the way for the emergency vehicle.


  • Use common sense