Welcome to my lonely driving blog. My name is Carmen. I started this website in 2012 after many years working as a driving instructor. I became a driving instructor a long time ago in North Vancouver, at the age of 22. I had always wanted to be one ever since I was younger than 15 years old. When a driving school in North Vancouver hired and trained me, even though I was so young, my dream had come true. I completed an intense one-on-one instruction program on the road, as well as a course at the Justice Institute. I became a certified ICBC GLP (Graduated Licensing Program) Class 5/7 Driving Instructor.


I thought, that I would just tell the student driver what to do, and then they would simply do it, and that it would be a good time!! Wow, I couldn’t have been more wrong. But, after a few very awkward years went by, I finally learned to dance with the fact that teaching someone how to drive was as much of a fine art form as driving itself; just one with a much different paintbrush.


I worked with people of all ages and from many different countries. Sometimes there was a language barrier. Sometimes people had been driving in different countries on another side of the road, so when they came here everything was backwards, and that was hard to get used to. I taught people how to drive on standard and automatic vehicles, as well as a minivan and a small bus.


After a while I thought that maybe a blog would be a good way to ramble on about this subject while avoiding the need to do so on a one-on-one basis, which seemed a bit inefficient. Now I no longer teach driving lessons, but I think I will continue to work on this project as the roads are always changing, the rules change, and the technology changes. I hope that you can find these articles helpful.  So please enjoy And leave me a comment 🙂 P.S. This is in no way affiliated with ICBC. These are just my thoughts and opinions, so please, don’t sue me. 😉






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