The Road Test From Others’ Experience

The Road Test from Others’ Experience

Over the years, we’ve received a lot of valuable first-hand experience from student drivers and how their road test experience was for them.

Student Driver Road Test Experience #1

In this detailed post, written in their own words, a student driver recounts their experience on their road test, and offers practical advice for anyone about to go for theirs.

Student Driver Road Test Experience #2

This is another detailed post, written in their own words, from a different student driver’s road test experience, and their practical advice for you.

Student Driver Road Test Experience #3

In a third student driver’s own words, they describe their road test experience and offer actionable steps that you can take to become more successful on your road test.

Failed Road Test for Left Turns & Yellow Arrows

In this article, a student driver explains why they were not successful on their road test and it had to do with a traffic light that had a yellow arrow. Learn from our instructor about how you can avoid this mistake.

Failed Road Test for Being “Too Cautious”

Learners, new drivers, and experienced drivers can be too cautious. But, on the road test, you need to show at least a certain amount of confidence. Learn about how to find the right balance.

Failed Driving Test for Not Honking Horn

Many new drivers think that it is rude to honk the horn. However, sometimes it is necessary. Learn about one person’s experience of failing their road test because they didn’t honk.

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