BC Driving Blog Team

Meet the Team

Carmen Cohoe – Creator of BC Driving Blog

Carmen created BC Driving Blog out of a perfect storm of not wanting her “driving instructor brain” to go to waste, and her love of writing, blogging, photography, making videos & generally creating new things that, like, weren’t there before. When she’s not working on her website she enjoys making more websites, looking for UFOs, daydreaming, reading, writing, swimming, hiking, staring at cute dogs and pondering the universe over lion’s mane coffee, and maybe creating some art to which people look at, frown, and say, “What is it?”

BC Driving Blog Team
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abstract art
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James Not Bond – Shows us How to Not Drive

James Not Bond has been with BC Driving Blog for quite some time now and enjoys helping with demonstrations – especially videos – of how we should not drive. One hand on the wheel, not sure what to do when the light goes yellow, he has it all, and he takes his job not too seriously. The truth is that he is a professional driver with a BC Class 1 license who just likes to have fun. He’ll be drinking the hazelnut-flavored coffee.

BC Driving Blog Team
Contact James Not Bond james@drivinginstructorblog.com

Emily Yukon of the South Thompson

Emily is our South Thompson connection and provides valuable insight, beautiful photography, and fresh perspective from different parts of beautiful British Columbia. She has been called a free spirit and has been known to go camping in a tent in the snow in the winter, climb mountains randomly, stroll through nature in bear country in search of amazing natural hot springs, and will never say no to an Americano from Starbucks.

BC Driving Blog Team
Contact Emily of the Thompson emily@drivinginstructorblog.com