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Welcome to BC Driving Blog! Since 2012 it has been the internet’s favorite place to learn how to drive and brush up on driving skills. Okay I made that up, but it sounded good didn’t it!

My name is Carmen, and I have been in love with driving since before I was born. As a kid I would watch the cars driving down the road from my window rather than watching Sesame Street.

I started this blog in 2012/2013 after deciding to resign as a driving instructor in North Vancouver. This was after nearly 10 years of teaching many different types of drivers for class 5/7 passenger vehicles, including using standard vehicles, mini-vans, and even a small bus.

I wanted to share my knowledge with the world, but teaching people how to drive one at a time was so time consuming. Why not turn my knowledge into a website, from the comfort of my own home. Who knew I would love blogging just as much as teaching driving?

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New To British Columbia

If you’re new to beautiful British Columbia, welcome! Don’t worry if you’re confused about ICBC, because this is normal. Check out a few of the articles related to this crown corporation that exists uniquely in BC.

Learning How To Drive / Teaching Someone How To Drive

While this entire site is about learning how to drive and could be helpful for teaching someone else how to drive, the following are highly recommended and recently updated articles.

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I’m not that good at social media, but sometimes I try! Check out any of the following and feel free to follow me. I have recently rediscovered dash cams and Go Pro cameras and have a renewed sense of excitement to make some new videos. So if that’s your thing, definitely check out my YouTube channel and subscribe.

For any comments, questions or concerns, special requests for a certain video or intersection, please email me at bcdrivingblog @

Hope you can find this resource helpful. And as usual, drive safe :)


Carmen became a driving instructor at the age of 22 in North Vancouver, Canada.

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