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Hello! Welcome to BC Driving Blog, which translates into British Columbia Driving Blog! It is an educational site meant for anyone who wants to learn how to drive, general driving tips, and general driving information in British Columbia. It may be helpful for anyone who is trying to teach someone else how to drive, too.

It is full of BC driving rules and laws, educational, etiquette, instructional articles, how-to articles, videos, and much more, all written by an experienced driving instructor (me).

I’m Carmen, and I became a driving instructor many moons ago when I was 22, in beautiful North Vancouver, Canada. It was the perfect place to be a driving instructor, and I only truly knew how lucky I was until I tried to teach driving lessons elsewhere. It just has the perfect mix of everything you need in terms of stop signs, freeways, etc,. and the way it all fits together is rather magical.

You can read a bit more about me on my about page.

The main purpose of this site is to help people that may not have access to a driving instructor or driving lessons. Anyone that wants to learn how to drive, or learn about the rules of driving in British Columbia and beyond.

I no longer teach driving, but when I was resigning, I decided to start this site as a way to keep this “driving instructor brain” that I had, alive. Perhaps other people could find it useful. I truly feel like learning how to drive can be tough, and I wanted to share my knowledge with whoever may want to check it out.

Think of it kind of like driving lessons that have morphed into a website. BC Driving Blog has been a thing since 2012, and I’m excited to give it a fresh new life in 2022.

A few pics from my adventures

My favourite adventure was when my sister and I drove from Vancouver to Inuvik, which is basically “the end of the road” on the remote and beautiful Dempster Highway, in the Yukon and Northwest Territories. For anyone who doesn’t know, the term “midnight sun” is a literal reality; the sun was shining in the sky at midnight.

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Many of these articles started as a simple idea, a simple list, even, and somehow morphed over the years into the wild beasts that they are today. However, most have a table of contents that allow you to jump to a section, so feel free to use that function.

Here are some popular articles on the site.

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There are so many articles on this site (hundreds), many of which just answer a simple question. So feel free to use the search bar if you’re wondering something specific.

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