Spring & Summer Break School Zones in British Columbia


Do you have to drive 30 during spring break?

Umm, is it just me, I thought Spring break was actually in Spring?! Anyway, the short answer is No, you don’t have to go 30 km/hr in school zones during spring break. In summer, you only need to go 30 km/hr if you see a summer school speed tab on the school zone sign.

Question from a human: Do people still have to slow down in a school zone during spring break?

You aren’t the only one who has questions on spring & summer break school zones.

School Zones are For School Days

The true story is, school zones are in effect between 8 am and 5 pm unless different days/times are posted, during school days only!

During spring break, winter break & summer break, the speed limit is the usual limit for the particular road you’re on. This may be 50 km/hr in the city unless otherwise posted, for example.

Summer School

The only exception would be summer schools in the summer.

These are normal school zone signs but they have an additional ‘summer school’ tab posted right onto the school zone sign in a very obvious way.

So these would be 8 am to 5 pm on summer school days! Most likely Monday to Friday I reckon, but you just never know. If you aren’t sure, err on the side of caution.

More On Spring & Summer Break School Zones

spring & summer break school zones

Keep in mind, PLAYGROUND ZONES displaying a speed tab are in effect dawn till dusk, every day of the year. The sign looks like this –

Playground Zones speed limit

Also keep in mind that if you see a school or playground sign without the speed tab, then the speed limit does not change from the usual 50 km/hr (or whatever the speed limit is on that particular road.)

You are not expected to be psychic. Your job is to follow road signs. If there are no signs, carry on as usual.

You can always decide to drive more slowly if you see a good reason; and this is what this playground sign is all about. Use your discretion.

playground sign without speed tab

Read more here: School and Playground Zones. – BC Driving Blog

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Have a fun and safe spring break!


7 thoughts on “Spring & Summer Break School Zones in British Columbia”

  1. Actually in Vancouver, school zones are in effect 24/7 – no exceptions. So realistically the school zone may have been created for the students’ safety but it has now been hijacked by the City of Vancouver as a revenue stream. My belief is that if your child is outside playing at the school at 2am on a Saturday night, you are the problem – not the person driving in the school zone.

  2. I am taking my drivers test monday and its a pro d day, I’m not very sure if I should go 30 or 50 due to the fact that school is not in session but I also do not want to mess up and fail my test.

  3. I am taking my drivers test during spring break, I’m not very sure if I should go 30 or 50 due to the fact that school is not in session but I also do not want to mess up and fail my test.

  4. Is there a list that shows what specific dates school zones are in effect? ie: professional days, parent/teacher days,…

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