How to Steer Your Car: Shuffle Steering Demonstration


It’s just steering!! (not)

In my opinion, knowing how to properly steer a vehicle is one of the most important things for new drivers (and all drivers) to grasp. Shuffle steering is just one way to steer, but it’s a pretty good method. Your arms never cross, so you never get your arms tangled up in a knot (which happens to people when they’re learning sometimes). Other reasons why I like it are that if the road curves more than originally anticipated, the driver can simply keep shuffling the wheel no problem. Also, it just seems easier and less work than hand-over-hand!

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  1. I’m a very new driver, just starting out (in my adult years). Very disconcerting is the fact that despite all my attempts to adjust the movement of the car by turning the wheel, the car still drifts from side to side. My instructors from the school I’m registered in have been impatient with me over this from the very beginning, and I’ve become frustrated as well. I’m in despair over my inability to keep the car in a straight line, and both instructors I’ve worked with have implied or directly stated that I shouldn’t be driving. I refuse to accept this as there must be some way I can solve this problem. And while doing this I also have to observe what is close at hand, so that I get all flustered and start doing one thing after another that is wrong. I turn the wheel the way they tell me and they insist that I’m not doing it. No, I am not crazy, but I am in despair over this because I do want to learn. I would love to set up a dialogue with someone.

    I watched YouTube videos over this problem, and they all advise one to keep looking as far forward as possible. If such is the case, why haven’t my instructors ever mentioned this to me or advised me to do this?

    Please, let me hear from someone who is really knowledgeable on this particular subject, for I am really anxious to both learn and succeed in passing my road test and getting my license. Thank you.

    • Hey thank you sooo much, I fixed it… I had a youtube issue and had to make a new account, it’s been such a pain in the butt!! so thanks again for the heads up, Really appreciate!! 🙂

  2. I hear you. It is apparent that not all driver training schools/instructors are created equal.

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