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When The Traffic Signals Are Out

Question: I was curious about the dark-traffic-light rule. Common advice seems to be to treat the intersection as a 4-way stop, but what should you do when NOBODY is stopping at all. I watched at Quebec and National as nobody slowed or stopped. OK, it’s a three-way intersection (four-way if you add in the Science… Continue reading When The Traffic Signals Are Out


Roundabout signals when driving

Roundabout Signals: Intro Are you wondering about roundabout signals when driving? Roundabouts are designed to keep traffic moving and improve safety at intersections. How does it improve safety? Well, first of all, drivers are forced to slow down before the circle. This alone improves safety because the slower you crash, the less it hurts. Secondly,… Continue reading Roundabout signals when driving


What Is Defensive Driving? 13 Rock Solid Strategies

What Is Defensive Driving – A Definition What is defensive driving? Defensive driving is using actionable driving strategies to eliminate or minimize risk – and help avoid crashes – by actively anticipating hazards on the road. 1. What Is Defensive Driving – Active Vs Passive Drivers It’s about being active, not passive. It’s about preventing… Continue reading What Is Defensive Driving? 13 Rock Solid Strategies


Start Here

Hello! Welcome to BC Driving Blog, which translates into British Columbia Driving Blog! It is an educational site meant for anyone who wants to learn how to drive, general driving tips, and general driving information in British Columbia. It may be helpful for anyone who is trying to teach someone else how to drive, too.… Continue reading Start Here

Reverse Stall Parking 101: Beginner Tutorial For New Drivers

Reverse stall parking, in other words, backing into a parking space – especially when it’s between two very shiny looking objects – is not something most student drivers get excited about. It’s hard enough trying to drive forwards! But, this is of course a necessary skill which can be made much easier by practicing your… Continue reading Reverse Stall Parking 101: Beginner Tutorial For New Drivers