Failed Road Test Question about Speeding, Distractions, Hidden Road Signs, and Alledged ‘Tricks’ by the Examiner!


Are you blaming the result of your road test on the examiner? 


When a driver passes their driving exam, they either remark, “I passed” or “He/She failed me” … but never, ever, have I heard “I failed” … I find this very peculiar! 


Will the examiner try and trick you on the road test?



Failed Road Test for Speeding


J: Actually, this is how I failed my first ever road test when going from L to N. The examiner took me on a route where there was a hidden, unmarked playground zone. The playground was hidden down a hill, so it could not be seen from the road unless you already knew the area well enough to know it was there. The sign indicating that it was a playground zone was also missing completely. The examiner waited until we were back at the office before bothering to tell me I had failed, so I spent the 2nd half of my test following instructions and doing all the right things only to have him say “Sorry, you were speeding during your test, so you automatically failed.”



Speeding is illegal. We can not expect ICBC to pass people on a road test when they are speeding, even when it seems that most vehicles can be observed travelling a bit or a lot above the speed limit from time to time (or in certain cases, all the time).


Clarification on ‘Tricking You’



  • What I meant was they are not going to ask you to drive the wrong way down a one-way street or to do something illegal or unsafe
  • It’s a test, right? So they are not going to trick you, but they are not going to help you either
  • Their job to judge your unassisted driving skills for competence and safety 


Hidden, Unmarked, Playground Zone ??



If you’re in a “hidden, unmarked playground zone” (Where is that by the way? Street/City?) ) then the speed limit is not 30 km/hr, as all official playground zones where the speed limit is 30 km/hr are required to be clearly marked. So perhaps you went a bit faster than the speed limit some other time during the road test? Did you get clarification? Did the examiner actually tell you that you were supposed to be psychic and know that that was a 30 km/hr playground zone without a sign? Did you go exactly 50 km/hr when you were in a 50 km/hr zone?


Doing the entire road test, even if you fail at the beginning


  • Also, you pay for the road test at the beginning of the test before you go. So their opinion is that you may as well get your money’s worth and complete and whole test.
  • That way, regardless of if you pass or do not pass, you will still have had a complete assessment done on ALL of your driving skills, which means you will be able to receive feedback on ALL of the required skills; which means you have the opportunity to improve on ALL areas that may need it and become successful for your next attempt, rather than just receiving a partial review of some of the skills – ((that you didn’t pay only partially for)) – without the opportunity to improve on things that may need it.
  • At least you can’t say that you didn’t get your money’s worth out of the experience.




  • Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t distractions one of the main causes of vehicle incidents these days?
  • They don’t want to distract you by telling you that you did not pass in the middle of the test while you’re driving down the road as that, I would suspect would be highly distracting information.
  • They would like you to focus on the driving task so that they can complete their assessment in a fair and safe way.
  • They’re on a bit of a tight schedule as there are a lot of people waiting for road tests so it is more efficient to discuss the whole test at the end rather than to stop in the middle somewhere and then stop again at the end.


How is it logical that if you pass the road test, it’s because of YOUR excellent driving skills.

But if you fail the road test, it’s THE EXAMINER’S FAULT? 





4 thoughts on “Failed Road Test Question about Speeding, Distractions, Hidden Road Signs, and Alledged ‘Tricks’ by the Examiner!”

  1. Why I always failed in right turns ? The examiner said that i was too slow to look around , but I was looking for pedestrians and cyclist from other side. What is the best way to take right turn ?

  2. if i accidentally go over the speed limit will it be an instant failure? e.g. limit is 50km/hr and i accelerate to 52-53 but quickly got back to 50.

    • I don’t think you have to be perfect. Most examiners are pretty strict about it though since technically going 51 km/hr is illegal, so try to keep an eye on it. For sure if you’re going 55 km/hr for a while in a 50 km/hr zone I am pretty sure it won’t go well for your results.

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