Road Test Prep Hub

Road Test Prep Hub

Whether you’re looking for detailed road test tips from an instructor or a student driver’s perspective, hazard perception ideas, or what you need to bring to the road test, this is your hub for everything that has to do with road test preparation.

What You’ll Learn

Must-have driving instructor’s tips for passing your road test. Hazard perception ideas.

The difference between the class 5 and class 7 road tests, and what to expect.

Car rental and car sharing options for when you need to find a vehicle to use for the road test.

8 Resources

  • Instructor’s Epic Road Test Tips
  • Hazard Perception Ideas
  • Class 5 vs Class 7 Road Test
  • New Driver Car for Road Test Options
  • What to Bring to the Road Test
  • ICBC Road Test Results Sheet
  • Tips for Driving a Standard Vehicle for your Road Test
  • ICBC L & N Driver Restrictions

What You’ll Learn

Get into the nitty gritty about about what it takes to have a successful road test.

Gain insights, tips, and experiences from real student drivers and learn from their mistakes.

Learn about what it’s like to sit beside the examiner and about some of the common road test characteristics.

6 Resources

  • Road Test Experience from a Student Driver – Part 1
  • Road Test Experience from a Student Driver – Part 2
  • Road Test Experience from a Student Driver – Part 3
  • Failed Road Test for Left Turns & Yellow Arrows
  • Failed Road Test for Being “Too Cautious”
  • Failed Driving Test for Not Honking Horn