Red lights that stay red forever = Drivers must learn about traffic sensors!

Today I waited unnecessarily in a left-turn lane for 5 minutes !

Spread the word! It seems I will keep rambling about traffic sensors until the majority of people understand that they exist. If your traffic light is staying red FOREVER (Like in the video) it probably means one of the vehicles needs to move forward or move backward a bit so they’re on the sensor!!!!!! Spread the word, tell your friends and tell your neighbours.

In this instance the first vehicle had stopped on the crosswalk, instead of behind the white stopping line. In turn, the vehicle behind it left a nice amount of room between the first car and himself, so that there was the perfect amount of space in between the vehicles that the from the traffic sensors point of view, there were absolutely no vehicles in the turning lane whatsoever. Meanwhile, a line of 100 cars gathered behind, all waiting impatiently to turn left.

North Road and Lougheed Highway – note to drivers there must be only one rather picky sensor in this left-turning lane so if you’re the first (or second) vehicle be sure to stop in the correct position.







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