Parking Lot Turn Signals: What’s The Deal?


Everyone knows you’re supposed to use your turn signals when you’re driving forwards. But what about when you are going backwards? In a parking lot, for example.

If you’re wondering about this, you are not alone. Keep reading to learn about parking lot turn signals.

It’s really not that hard. Anyway, let’s dive right into our question for today.

Parking lot turn signals, a question: When backing out of a parking spot which way are you supposed to signal? The way you are going or the way your back end goes?

Considering the point of view of other drivers (which is the reason we use signals to being with; to consider ‘other people!’) I think that it makes the most sense to signal which ever way the rear is going to swing out to.

Once you’ve backed up enough and you’re about to drive forward, then usually it will be obvious which way you are going. If it isn’t, then use a new signal at that point.

Parking lot turn signals

If backing out to the left, signal left:

parking lot turn signals

If backing to the right, signal right:

turn signal parking lot

Drive away with appropriate signal (may be none, left, or right):

how to drive

How to use your turn signals – WikiHow

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