Q: How Can I Do ICBC Road Test ASAP?


Question : What is the best way to take your road test as soon as possible?

Is it more effective to call in to book your road test?

I have also heard that people go to a testing center early in the morning and if someone does not show up for their test, the person waiting can take the test in their appointment slot. Is this true?

Yes this is true. There are many reasons why a slot may become available (the vehicle might have a crack in the windshield or is unsafe, and then the test will not happen for that person… read this) or the person with the scheduled appointment may not be able to do the test for another reason. You can also book your road test online. I have heard a lot of people say they’ve had good luck with this if they check it often, a slot can potentially become available for the near future as it is always changing and being updated.