Q: Problems on the Road Test for ‘Stopping Twice’ at a stop sign?


Question: Daughter failed her N test. Tester failed her because she would come to a full stop at lines at stop signs, then inch out until she could see clear to go. Didn’t creep out too far as to impede traffic or anything. He told her she shouldn’t have “stopped” twice? Should she stops past the stop line until she can see, or will the new tester tell her that is wrong too? Confused?

Were they all 4-way stops?

I’m wondering if there is something else going on here. Is this what your daughter told you or did the examiner tell you this? This sounds strange… assuming this was at a 2-way stop.

Of course it depends on the circumstance and intersection. If you stop at the line and have perfect visibility then you should simply stop and check for pedestrians and traffic, and go when safe.

If you don’t have visibility (blocked due to trees or parked vehicles, for example) then you pretty much have to stop twice more often than not.  Which location was the test done at? If the entire test was failed for only this behaviour then I am guessing it was failed for too many B4 on the scoring sheet which is a “gap” which basically means there was a safe opportunity to “go” and the driver did not take it (they were stopping again unnecessarily or being too cautious)

Is it possible she doesn’t know exactly where her front bumper is on the road, so she may have stopped well before the stop line, and then again near the line?

Do you have the road test scoring sheet?

In future, the best thing to do is talk to the examiner after the test if you do not understand something. That way, it is fresh in their mind and if you still disagree, you can ask to speak to the manager and he/she can figure out a better explanation or solution.

This is hard to explain what went wrong without having seen the driving.

Hope that helps.