Q: New driver, Got a Ticket

Hi, I just received a ticket for 2 violations: driving too many people, and not displaying my N sign.

The latter has no points, but the former has 3.
Now that I have 3 points to my name, what does this mean for me?

Penalties are more strict for new drivers. You might get driver improvement program prohibition.  If you only got 1 ticket worth 3 points then normally the consequence would be an automatic review of your license by the superintendent, and a possible 1-6 month prohibition, but it’s based on the discretion of the superintendent. You can get all the details here on page 13 (but these too are just general guidelines).  I recommend driving on your very best behaviour for the entire duration of the N – and after that – as that’s the best way to keep out of all the different types of trouble that there are available.







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