Q: ‘Left Turn Arrow Delayed’ Road Sign

Question Time!

Question: Is it legal to make a left turn, when clear, if it says
‘Turning vehicles delayed arrow’?

‘Left Turns Delayed’

Right Turn Red Light - Illegal
Right Turn Red Light - Illegal

I’m not sure how to answer this other than to say this is merely a friendly yellow sign that offers you some additional information, basically to keep your impatience in check in my opinion, Whether it is legal, depends not on that sign, but on the traffic control devices at the intersection, as per usual.

Road Signs – Colours

Recap: the road sign colours mean something. White signs are regulation signs; Yellow signs are warning/’hazard’ signs.

In other words,  simply do whatever you would do if that sign weren’t there. That sign doesn’t tell you if you can go or not go, it merely states that there will be a delayed arrow/light as oppose to the advanced one that you might be more accustomed to.

Follow the usual rules for left turns while facing green lights, red lights, etc.  For example, you can legally turn left if you are facing a regular green light and it is safe and clear; if there’s nothing telling you to stay stopped, then you don’t have to. But if you are faced with a red light – or red arrow – then it’s illegal to turn left onto any 2-way street, even if there are no oncoming vehicles.

Hope that makes sense.

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