One Hand On the Steering Wheel

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Is it illegal to drive with only one hand on the steering wheel?

No, it’s not illegal as there is no law written against it

At least, not in Beautiful British Columbia.

However, it is highly recommended to drive with two hands on the wheel for proper control of the vehicle.

This is especially important during sudden or unexpected situations or emergencies.

Often those two seconds it takes to get your hand onto the wheel in an emergency is two seconds too long.

ICBC will not qualify drivers on the road test if they’re driving with only one hand on the wheel.

And I am not 100% sure but if a traffic officer saw you driving down the highway with your knees, you could perhaps still receive a
“undue care and attention” ticket, or something like that.

Do you need to learn more about steering, so you can learn alternatives to one hand on the steering wheel?

See this post for more info: How to hold (and not hold) the steering wheel.


Carmen became a driving instructor at the age of 22 in North Vancouver, Canada and is an experienced writer, blogger, photographer, artist, philosopher, certified day dreamer and generally complicated human.

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