Is It Illegal if you car doesn’t have Windshield Wipers?


Interesting question!

Yes, motor vehicles that are “equipped with a windshield shall also be equipped with a device which is effective for clearing rain, snow or other moisture from the windshield.” (BC Motor Vehicle Act)

Motor Vehicle Act

What are some other things vehicles are legally required to have?

  • Muffler
  • Mirrors (at least driver’s side and rear- view)
  • Horn
  • An unobstructed view out the front windshield

And just for fun, this one:

“Riding in house trailer prohibited
(5) No person shall be on or in a trailer used for living accommodation while it is moving on a highway.” (Motor Vehicle Act)


4 thoughts on “Is It Illegal if you car doesn’t have Windshield Wipers?”

      1. MVA Regs section 7 state that a windshield can’t be impaired (7.05(1)) or obstructed (7.05(2)), must have wiper (7.05(3)), and must use safety glass (7.05(4)). 7.05(5) specifies the requirements for windshields new motor vehicles. All it says is that, when equipped with a windshield, the glass must be safety class. No where does it say that a new vehicle is required to have a windshield. Prove me wrong.

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