Q: I have my ‘N’ – Can my supervisor be drunk?


Question: Hi, I have my “N”. Am I allowed to drive with as many people as the vehicle legally holds if there is a 25+ person with a valid class 5 license if they are over the legal alcohol limit?


Are you asking me if it’s Ok to mix driving and alcohol?





4 thoughts on “Q: I have my ‘N’ – Can my supervisor be drunk?”

  1. I strongly agree with Carmen. If a supervisor for an N driver is only required in situations where the driver may be more distracted (ie: extra passengers) and that supervisor’s job is to be there if the driver needs them (for advice, extra pair of eyes, calming influence etc) it doesn’t make sense that they can be legally impaired. What if they had to take over driving? How good are there decisions and advice going to be? On the other hand there is nothing preventing the N driver from giving someone a ride home, as long as that person is their only passenger.

  2. Hi,

    Sorry, but you didn’t answer the question. She wasn’t trying to mix alcohol with driving. You interpreted it to mean the complete opposite of her intent. Can she be the driver if her boyfriend/dad/friend is past the legal limit?

    • I just don’t get how a drunk supervisor offering drunken driving advice or driving decisions is not considered mixing driving with alcoholic fuelled logic. I thought the point of a supervisor was to supervise the driver. I just don’t get how a drunk supervisor would help a new driver.

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