Q: Driving With “Too Many Passengers AKA Over-Passengering”& Insurance (‘N’)

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Question: Does driving with more than one passenger on an N license void your insurance?

ICBC's L&N Driver Restricti...
ICBC's L&N Driver Restrictions Quick Guide

Answer: No it does not void your insurance.


{Say my son drives with an N and violates the “one passenger rule,” would he still be covered if he had an accident and the passengers were injured? What about the cost of damage to vehicles involved?
Unfortunately, young drivers are inexperienced and more likely to crash—which is why the “one passenger rule” is in place. If this situation were to happen though, your son will still be covered by insurance. However, he’d likely get a ticket or have his licence suspended for breaking the rules of the graduated licensing program. The rules of the program are in place to keep young drivers as safe as possible while they’re inexperienced.}


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