Question: Can a Learner Driver in British Columbia Tow a Trailer?


You can drive anything with your L, that an N is allowed to drive, as long as you’re following all of the restrictions/conditions.


So, that’ means Yes, you can drive :


• Two-axle vehicles including cars, vans, trucks and tow trucks
• Trailers or towed vehicles may not exceed 4,600 kg
• Motorhomes (including those with more than two axles)
• Limited-speed motorcycles** and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs)
• Passenger vehicles used as school buses with seating capacity of not
more than 10 persons (including the driver)
• Construction vehicles and utility vehicles
• Three-wheeled vehicles — does not include three-wheeled
motorcycles (trikes) or motorcycle/sidecar combination

  • Does not include Class 4 vehicles or motorcycles





(d) Class 7L licence is a learner’s licence that, subject to the applicable conditions and restrictions under sections 30.06 (1) and (2), 30.07 (3), 30.072, 30.09 (3), 30.10 (2), and 30.11 (1), permits operation of a motor vehicle or combination of vehicles for which a Class 7 licence is required;




BC Motor Vehicle Act






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  1. Hello,
    Thank you very much for answering this question. But where would I place the L sign? On the car? On the trailer? Or both?
    Thank you.

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