Can I Drive My Parent’s Car Without Insurance in BC? [2023]

Can I drive my parent’s car without insurance?

The short answer is No. You – or anyone else – may not legally drive any vehicle, including your parent’s vehicle, if the vehicle does not have insurance. Every single car, truck, or van on the road legally requires insurance.

British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act – Section 24

(3) A person must not drive or operate a motor vehicle or trailer on a highway unless

(a) the person is insured under a valid and subsisting driver’s certificate, and

(b) the motor vehicle and the trailer, if any, are insured under a valid and subsisting motor vehicle liability policy evidenced by an owner’s certificate.

British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act Opens in a new tab.

ICBC Fines for Driving Without Insurance

As of March 2023, the current fine for driving without insurance is $598 and 0 driver penalty points.Opens in a new tab. You can see many more common fines on the ICBC fines and pointsOpens in a new tab. website. In addition, if you fail to produce insurance, you can be fined $81.

Carmen Cohoe

Carmen became a driving instructor at the age of 22 in beautiful North Vancouver, BC, and taught many drivers for almost a decade including brand new drivers, drivers from various countries, and seniors, using automatic & standard vehicles and a minivan. She created BC Driving Blog in 2012.

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